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Time to face the Facts - and Question Them

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 02:43 AM
I should start by saying I am very scepticle of all these thories about weather modification, Nibiru approaching and other such explanations about what is going on in the world. But I have to finally accept that something might be going on.

It seems we are having a worst of everything type period: The worst tornado's in 80 years hit the states, The worst earthquake in Japan, the worst cyclone in Austrlalia, The worst snow storms accross North America and Europe, the worst earthquake in Christchurch, the worst oil spill in the gulf etc etc, the list goes on and on.

So, what's that all about?

At the same time we seem to see an emergence of spirituality, of all kinds, in the world. There is talk of the new conciousnes comming, new psychic powers, Aliens due to put down in plain view for a chat, magical allignments of plantes, moons, suns and even the centre of the uiverse.....

So, Whats that all about?

2012! Myan callendars, acient predictions, more alians!

So, Whats that all about..... and is there a connection between the 3?

Is "something going on", or is this just part of the natural cycle of things? The sun is going through it's cycles, and there are a hundred theories out there about that, and what impact it will have on the earth. The earth is going through it's cycles - possibly driven faster, or subtly altered by the behaviour of us horrible humans! Perhpas even the whole solar system has cycles we have not even thought about yet? We are all familiar with wave forms, and how they can add and subtract to either cancell each other out or add together, perhaps there is a natural synergy between these cycles which will amplify each and cancell each other in the same way depending on the interaction beween them? Are we seeing a period of amplified effect/change?

Perhaps I am talking rubbish?

So Lets speculate, debate, ponder the possabilities, or at least just realise that things are a little out of the ordinary at the moment, and see where that leads us.

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by Shamatt

The thing you must remember is that we on this website, and other similar sites are a minority of people who are aware of these things. But the majority of people are not even aware of what is going on, so while all these things might seem disconcerting to you, even troublesome, remember that the majority of people are oblivious to it all.

This however does not mean that all of this is not real, it just means that only once everyone in the world becomes aware off what is happening, then these things will have reached a new level, and then there would really be cause for concern.


posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 03:03 AM
Personally I hope for a very targeted apocalypse in 2012 that will clear up parking spots downtown.

I hope for a limited pole shift so all the top heavy fat bastards that hold up side walk traffic and weigh down aircraft(the number one reason for plane crashes) fall into the oceans causing sea levels to rise whereby completely destroying the useless parts of California, like LA and SF, as well as the useless parts of the East coast like New York and Washington DC(and New Jersey as an added bonus. That'll teach them to put their "culture" on TV ever again!).

I hope for widespread power outages in heavily populated urban centers just long enough for me to hit the Wal-Marts and stock up on ammo, guns, diet Coke, and Dinty Moore canned beef stew(yum!).

Most of all, I hope that it all happens on my 28th birthday, which is coincidentally in 2012.

I hope George W. Bush gets elected again and we go to war with Iraq on the Moon(It's 2012 anything can happen)!

I hope we elect Barack Obama so we can start a "not war" with Costa Rica in Australia

I hope the British people put on as big of a show of the Royal Divorce as they did the Royal Wedding

I hope the Federal Reserve learns how to ACTUALLY transmute lead into gold.

Most of all, I hope that it all happens on my 28th birthday, which is coincidentally in 2012.

You people are F'd.

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 03:06 AM
For those of us that have been paying attention, I think it would be safe to say that 2011 has been a year of great significance so far, and it all started on 1/1/11 with the mass bird die offs, everything since then has been quite chaotic. I don't typically buy into the '2012' specific stuff, but I feel like we are at some sort of tipping point. It will be really interesting to see how the rest of this year pans out!

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 03:11 AM
Whether I want to fully accept or not, something is going on, bigger than is supposedly known. I'm more on view of it being from the current polar shifting. The planetary lineup of 2012 and the "we will return", stories, myths...what have you, will just ad to it all. Only time will tell.

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 03:29 AM
Shamati - hebrew for "what I heard". I take it that you know already that everything is interconnected, so of course it has meaning. It is a time not just for 'waking up', but to realize that we have all been simply dreaming what we thought was reality. When imbalances reach the critical point, correction will come. In all of nature as well as the spiritual realms you will begin to see this manifested. Those who know the past, know the future. It is a cycle that people will confront openly and willingly or they will eventually have to 'evolve' into. The answers are all around you as well as within. Trust the promptings of your spirit. Remember the Shema.

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