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Secrets of the pyramids

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 05:13 AM
This information was derived from The Convoluted Universe Book 1 & 2.

With new interest in the pyramids sparking up, and me just finishing both books, I feel it important to share what I have learned for maybe the 1 or 2 people ready to hear this stuff.

Now in no particular order...

The pyramids [of Egypt] were not created by slave labor. Not even close.
They were created...essentially by the mind.

They used a certain type of mental telapathy to change certain energies and manipulate molecular structures. This enabled them to take enormous stones and basically mold them like clay whatever way they pleased.
They also used a system of tones / sounds in order to levitate some of these objects into place. [444hz - perfect circle of sound] This was done in a sort of ritualistic ceramony.

There is also knowledge encoded into light energy which was put into each one of the blocks which make up the pyramids.
They are alligned to certain focal points in the sky in order to harness certain energies from the moon, sun, stars, and star systems.

I had never heard of this part until I read the book, but there are apparently shafts or skinny tubes that go up to the tops of the pyramids that noone could understand what it was used for.
This is in place to allow the souls / energies of the ones visiting, to enter / exit back out to their star system. They would not do this with the physical body, just their soul / energy / conciousness would go through.

They were built as a place of healing and focal point of energy and knowledge.

Now if that doesnt piss you off and make you stomp your foot and go, "No way! Telapathy?! Light energy?! Yeah right, Iversusvs#headI." Then this will do you in.

The pyramids also act as sort of a marker. Under EVERY pyramid on this earth is a system of caves.
These caves are an entrance to what is called middle earth. Yes, the Earth is hollow. [Alex Collier got some great photos of the entrances at the poles if youre interested. ]
I never believed it myself. Actually, I used to laugh when I would see people talk about a hollow earth, but believe it or not, that is actually the standard design for the planets in the universe.
The ground we live upon does not reach the center of the earth. it is about 800 miles deep. This is where the volcanos and tectonic plates are at.
Below that, there are civilizations living in this middle earth, around what they describe as a central sun.

I dont like to advertise because I feel it takes away some validity of the information, but I encourage everyone to pickup Dolores Cannons work, The Convoluted Universe, and indulge yourself.
She has been specifically chosen to be given this information to. It is information that has been specifically withheld from the human race for ages. Now it is time to learn what our reality truly is.
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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 05:15 AM
Great lecture and incredible information. Photos of the poles can be found here.

444hz and the perfect circle of sound.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 05:55 AM
why dont people go down there then?
why hasnt someone offered a flight to the centre of the earth?

why dont these people come up to the surface??
why are they so advanced but content with living inside a planet?
why dont they travel to other star systems? why are they essentially just living in a cave
why if they are there why arent they affected by earthquakes?

i want to believe u, but just saying things and then saying oh theyve held it back from us proves nothing.
why dont people go down there with ropes and all that stuff, jetpacks,hover boards?
not one person has come up nor down and told their story with any evidence at all

its probably the hardest of all the conspiracies to believe to be honest
aliens in an infinite space yeah i can believe that
but ancient civilisations living 800miles under the ground
please help me believe
help me leave the surface to go underground like a maggot
ill be a maggot if need be

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by questcequecest

People havnt gone down there, publicly, because they havnt known about them to do so. I wrote this after seeing a few threads on people JUST discovering caves underneath the pyramids, so give it time, Im sure someone will.

A flight to the center of the earth? How is that going to work when this has been purposely hidden from us? We'd need to have full disclosure before we go offering commercial flights to these very special, ancient, alien esque places. Thats just kind of a silly question when you think about it, im not really sure how to answer. We can't get people to realize theres life in space, try telling them theres life beneath their feet.

Why don't these pople come to the surface? ...have you lived on Earth?

Why are they so advanced but contect living inside a planet? Its not like they are lving inside of a desolate cave. Again, have you lived on the surface? Earth is a beautiful being, but life on earth is pretty much #.

They probably do travel to other star systems. I dont have all the answers, but I beleive Mrs Dolores Cannon. But yes, Im sure that they do travel in an out.

Watch the Alex Collier presentation. I think some of your questions will be answered.

And a hover board would be #ing sick.
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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 06:20 AM
I've read up on Hollow Earth Theories and such, the pictures of the "entrances" are fascinating at most. I don't exactly believe it, but I can keep an open mind on it.

As for the Pyramids, I've heard many different ideas on it, from the stuff you said, to ancient aliens building it.

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