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Pros and cons for the existence of a diabolical global elite?

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 03:41 AM
I was thinking about this, in a strange way, it's actually appealing to believe in the new world order/global elite. Think about it - it's much better to believe there is a small group of evil people who are responsible for most of the evil in this world, than it is to believe our government is actually just our incompetent friend, and that the average person, along with criminals and lame villains such as terrorists are the main cause of suffering in our world.

The reason I think it's more appealing to believe in a global elite is because if such a group exists, taking them out of power would leave us free to build a utopian Earth.

If there is no such elite, and our problems are really the fault of average human evil and things like terrorism, than the chance of a truly peaceful world are close to zero, unless we find the technology to actually change human nature for the better, and try forcing that on people.

I'm not saying the new world order does not exist - I think there's a very high chance it indeed does, but I'm starting to wonder, do we WANT to believe in a new world order? Is the reason we believe because of the evidence, because there is a lot of evidence, or is it because we want the world to be a fairy tale, an epic battle between good and evil where justice prevails and there is a happy ending?

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by descartes90

That's basically how I see it.

There is no excuse for our stupidity with our technology, unless it's all staged of course.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 04:05 AM
There is nothing to believe or not believe this isn't fairy-tales. The new world order does exist and those of you that deny its existence are fools. Turn on the tv, turn on a movie, all you see is masonic and demonic signs. Its sad that so many people think this is all a joke. I pray for you lost souls to wake up every night. GOD BLESS

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 04:09 AM

they do what they want, how they want, when they want, and YOU MUST CONFORM.
its not our fault the world is falling apart
its not our fault gov'ts cheat and steal from their citizens
its not our fault some families are homeless and hungry and other families drive cars that cost more than an average house
its not our fault we fight in wars around the world in an effort to keep peace...
its not our fault....
its not our fault....
its not our fault....
its not our fault....
its not our fault....

we start blaming our problems on ourselves and take responsibility for our actions....
which may not be a bad thing

either way, in the simplest form there is a man behind every curtain in life and its time we as the people stood up and took care of each other instead of trusting the needs of many in the hands of so few.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 04:39 AM
Look, i think I see where you're coming from when you phrase the question as "Pro's and Con's..". and you're not even talking about pro's and con's of that life style, you're speaking of pro's and con's of that being your perception as to the mechanics of the world around you. Two VERY different concepts, I feel...

Man, if you truly thought, or knew this was going down, or even considering the possibility realistically and you come to the conclusion that "maybe they're Innocent.", I'd be most saddened as I'm 21 years of age which means you aren't far off... Now, they may, or may not, be Cult people or devil/demonic worshipers. I don't care; what i do care about is the effect they're having on the world. Go get your worship on in the quite silence and safe distances of wherever you are. It's that with these thoughts, they will take your God given Right to choose, for yourself; and gain or suffer for it... Not so much about killing them or destroying; it's about taking the power out of their hands (which I'm sure some would rather kill themselves)... and waking people up to the "tricks of the trade" for the "Game of Power", as quoted by Robert Greene in the ATS THREAD: 48 Laws of Power (I'm not your mommy, I don't type 48 laws of power into and obtain links for you) is part of how you take that power; by awaking the people. I feel a great majority of the poeple on Earth feel love for each other, compassion and desire to help but circumstances "neutralize" us. If the people can wake up and SEE, that's your best chance. I have no care to make this world what I desire it to be, I desire only to put the opportunity to choose in the hands of the people of this Earth; without force, coercion, bribery, manipulation, intimidation or anything for that matter, despite social status, race, age, gender, sexual affiliations - to freely and rightfully choose their future and work towards it, united and in peace and harmony.

On a side now but continuance to what i"m saying; OUT dilemna lies therein that we can't just go "stroll the streets" or "post up in parks" and just start presenting facts, evidence, spreading Truth or "disturbing the public" as you'd soon be arrested for. Yet, you can't really start a covert operation, for the stakes are just worse. So, you're forced with option 3, THEIR way; slow, grueling, bi-partisan, buerocratic.. and say we even GET close, I don't know that even that large a number of Awakened people can stop their Technologies. And do NOT start a thread asking whether the Government (YOU'RE Government I'm talking about) is 100% forthright about it's currents level of technology. Indeed, no offense to our Brother Jesus (forgive me of other religions, I know no stores to compare), but Jesus' experience will be a walk in the park. You will be either shown an example of people who "disobey" and don't participate by Force or you will bow down, keep quite, keep working, and paying your taxes and hope they give you a little extra next time.

People ask me why I have a cold look in my eye... didn't Harry Truman ( or someone?) once say, "There is a conspiracy so huge that the individual is handicapped upon sight of it."?? Or something like that... that's how I feel. We really need to grow up, completely trust each other, our Will, and our Hearts and make a stand or Human kind will forever (most likely at least). In my opinions of Power and psychology and Service to Self orientation ( not chosen, but tempted by), the next 65 years at BEST will see this subtle turn hit become noticeable and they will have SO much less than us to work with....

Sorry for the rant.. frustrated, confused, and un-sure... it's hard having a big heart in a cold world. What I'm saying, man... is don't let their ignorance be an excuse, let their be NO excuse. I insist that you read 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. In fact, I advise everybody to HOWEVER - I warn. This is a tool book for service to self entities, at which point it becomes a weapon and source of information for service to others. Don't stoop to their power/child tactics, Follow you heart when you read it and soak it up. I've found few defenses as effective and subtle and helpful as some offered in this book. Excellent for spotting these "power players"...

Good luck and don't fall Fool, you know how the Snake works.
edit on 11/19/2009 by RadiatorOfTheLight because: Got soft and linked an ATS thread on 48 Laws of Power anyways - lol

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 04:49 AM
reply to post by descartes90

descartes90 you may a good point; the NWO theory gives a convenient common enemy to focus upon and blame as the enemy of the common man, the oppressing ruler.

the odd disadvantage mankind has is the lifecycle. whether the reigning problem is NWO, government or religion, or a combination of those three and probably more, the long term control of the masses puts commoners at a major disadvantage. people that have to focus on putting food on the table and paying rent or mortgage as first priority have a limited opportunity to rule the world.

most everyday people have to overcome a lifetime of lies and mis-guidance to see through the large illusion we live. there are so many traps that wait to claim us as we walk through life that can dominate the outcome of our personal paths: marriage, military, career, drug/alcohol abuse, acquisition/debt cycle, etcetera. i think most people find themselves knee-deep in things, playing the game of life, before they even realize things are terribly wrong.

meanwhile the sons & daughters of wealth & power are raised in completely different environments. private schools, tutors, travel, the finest foods in abundance, the inside connections for the best jobs in the career of their choice - if they choose to work at all. while common families are concerned with paying the rent or mortgage, the well-to-do purchase buildings that will provide them additional income. huge differences, huge advantages.

whether or not there is one controlling force or many, and IMHO it seems there are many powers working in concert, the average working/unemployed class is pretty much screwed all their life. sadly, we are under the thumb of people drunk on power & wealth who are discontent with their own lot in life. jaded, spoiled, entitled and more, those with the most will never have enough.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 05:00 AM
reply to post by RadiatorOfTheLight

RadiatorOfTheLight i first became aware of The 48 perhaps a year ago. i would recommend reading it so that one is aware it exists and has familiarity with the thoughts contained within. it is good to be aware there are people who think like this. but to apply The 48 into ones own life, to make these the touchstones which one lives by, i think one would turn into the exact person they once loathed.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 01:33 PM
I agree but morals aside, if you know that there's a monster controlling us, which there is, one who wishes to actually do something, actually effect the beast, is mostly tempted to consider using its weapons against it and numerous other perceived "deceptive" acts. I'm not condoning all of the book, but just because the word "power" is in it, doesn't mean it ought not be given its due credit. I think people need to understand, it's ALL about power; every move anybody ever makes can be put down to laymen terms of power. So like I said, I recommend caution when reading IF you are service to other oriented because it definitely has its logical points that have greatly assisted me in my spiritual journey, as well as life experiences. If you're service-to-self oriented, then as much as I personally dislike it and how much I could possibly be effected by it, this book will assist you greatly in your goals and desires...

Good luck and thanks...
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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 08:55 PM

I think there's rouge elements in most countries governments and i feel these rouge elements are in contact with each other for black op's programs ect ect, also i think they have members who infiltrated such things as religion secret societies and the entertainment industry, alls these types of groups have rouge elements and when these rouge elements need to find each other they do...

In another words it might not be as organized as people think but these rouge elements are in contact with each other when need be a sort of organized chaos operation...

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