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The Balkanization of Libya; NATO Plans to carve up Libyan Territory

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posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 03:15 PM
Hi, this is my first thread, so I hope it's in the correct spot.
As some background behind the reason for this thread, I have become increasingly skeptical about the intentions of NATO, and by extension, my country's (Canada) involvement in various military operations around the world.

While I would like to believe my government (and media's) assertion that we are aiding the citizens of these conflicts, I cannot in good conscience put my support behind what is clearly, an agenda to overthrow any sovereign nation who does not want to be under the control of the IMF and World Bank. Libya was just the next in line, as if NATO were just in this conflict for the citizens, what about the whole area of Sub-Saharan Africa where their leaders can freely kill their citizens by the thousands? Where is the noble NATO then?

Now most of you are thinking I am stating the obvious, but please bear with a middle-aged mom of two who has just "woken up" from the long slumber of deceit.

Anyways, long story short, I have come across many articles supporting the view that the global agenda is steamrolling through the Middle East and Africa, onward to it's conquest of all. In amongst all the crap on the internet, once in awhile you find a gem site, and this is one of them. Cheers to!

Balkanization of Libya

Another one:Imperial Redevision of Libya

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