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What if Obama isn't president?

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posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 12:28 AM
It seems that the debate has raged on about the legitimacy of B. Obama as a candidate and holder of the Presidency of The United States Of America, or as affectionately coined by many people on both sides of presidential debate, POTUS.

There is currently a thread here that is RAGING along, about the legitimacy of the recently released 'Long Form Birth Certificate'.

I am not a 'birther' nor am I an 'anti-birther', so some of my facts may be off just a bit, but I am going what I have learned in the threads here at ATS. Normally that would be a bad thing - going of information from a conspiracy web-site - but if you have been a member here long, you will know that the truth is held in high regard here and the majority of members will accept nothing less than such.

I understand that a short form BC was released as requested for proof of American citizenship. Other American citizens asked to see the long version and, as I understand, much money was spent to keep the long form in the dark.

Many debated that Hawaii doesn't issue Long Form BC's. Others said that they were issued at the time of is birth, but you could not get one now and a short form BC was good enough.

The only problem I ever had with the debate, up until now, was the fact that if I were to enter into a high level position in the American workforce and, before I could log my first second of work, if the employer requested to see my long form BC, well, I had better darn provide it. Not to mention that every American deserves to know exactly where their Commander-In-Chief is a citizen.

Many different people around the world found themselves on one side or the other of the debate and many facts were brought to the debate. Some stood strong behind their president, others questioned his role as president, and still others paid no mind and continued their daily lives as normal.

It appeared as if a conclusion would never come to the debate of whether B. Obama was legitimately eligible to be the POTUS, until today. We finally had the long form that was not accessible, does not exist, that was never issued, that was being held secret from the public, etc. It appeared that those standing behind Obama were vindicated and all their work to prove that he is, and should be, the President of The United States of America... until yet more questions were raised about the new document released to the public.

This release came on the heels of a long debate and an increasingly skeptical and demanding public. Maybe the debate was aloud to rage on too long, as many people immediately scrutinized the BC.

As found in another thread, authored by Bonifide Ween, the authenticity of the document is in huge question and many signs point to a certificate that was put together.........

It is after all this that my thread should begin.

I have to question a few things. I think you should too.

In Bonifide Ween's thread, there is a post there that asks 'if he has nothing to hide, why did he hide it?' or something to that effect.

Well, if you have nothing to hide, you can not hide it, because there is nothing to begin with.

It seems that a document of this caliber, associated with a President during the time of major political, environmental, and economical troubles would be released only when and if the document is absolutely, 100% authentic.

The handler's of our highest profile political members would certainly know that the key document concerning one of the most crucial elements surrounding their biggest player would be investigated and scrutinized from every angle the moment it is released.

Knowing this, they still managed to release a document that found thousands of individuals questioning it's legitimacy mere hours after it's official release.

Surely these people would know that the discrepancies would be found in time following the official release.

We are talking about the same people who can track an envelope sent to a mailbox, with no letter inside. back to the original owner. The people who can secure an ENTIRE major city from anyone wishing to cause harm to the citizens or the POTUS - and be largely successful each and every time.

This WAS NOT a spur of the moment decision. Months, years even, have gone by since this topic was brought into question. There has been more than enough time for think tanks to be assembled and every repercussion carefully plotted and considered.

Surely they would know that this document, released in current format, would be questioned and possibly identified as a fake!

So, if they knew this could happen, then why release a fake? What could be gained by trying to appease the public with a fake document? (I know many of you will get to this point and say, 'but it has not been proven fake and we must assume it isn't, until when/if it is proven fake. Let's say, for the sake of debate, this thread and moving forward, it is found to be fake)

Why would they allow such a circus show go on for years surrounding this BC and release a fake now, during the last months of the President's term? Are they positioning for a re-election bid? Maybe.

Could this have been planned out long ago, before he was even introduced to the public as a contender for the POTUS position?

It could be possible that the release of this document as a fake is just another step in the plan.

My question then would be, if this is found to be fake, Obama is found to not be a natural citizen of The United States of America and as such was never eligible to run for President, what happens to the last 4 years?

What happens to the legislation, bills and laws affected under his term? What happens to the taxes, international diplomacy, and the White House's interior design scheme?

Really, what would happen to everything he took part in over the past 4 years while he was in office? Would everything stand and only the future Presidential duties be altered to reflect him as not being the president?

Could this bring the government and Nation to their knees? Could such a conspiracy collapse the American Currency?

Could it be part of the plan to do these things, bring the Nation and population to a critical breaking point, where a quick fix would be needed, possibly in the way of a North American Union and the Amero currency?

It is hard to imagine that this document was not pulled apart from every possible angle, to be sure that is was real, before it was ever released...... unless they want it to be found as a fake.

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posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 12:33 AM
You know, I was thinking about the legal/economic ramifications of that, too.

If it were proven that he wasn't president, would anything he did, any agreement he signed, be binding under international law? Would the US be able to walk away from its "obligations" somehow? Or would the American people get stuffed that much harder over this?

I don't know, but the premise is interesting, to say the least.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 12:42 AM
I thought of this, too. I think it won't matter. The United States is a very apathetic place these days. On the whole, most people just don't care anymore. A lot of people have given up. I haven't. I have different beliefs about reality, but the fact of the matter is, the only people who will care are the people who have cared since the beginning. We have protests all the time here in America, and nothing ever happens and nothing ever changes. The huge majority of Americans simply ignore the issues and keep doing what they were doing. EVENTUALLY... (that's a big eventually), not now, but eventually, this world will change. This country will change. But it isn't going to be over Obama's alleged presidential illegitimacy. I all but promise that.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by notsofunnyguy

I agree, I wonder if there is someone out there who knows exactly what would happen in this situation?

I am sure we are not completely gaurded from the terrible things that could be speculated as happening because of an outcome like this.

It just seems so out of place, the whole introduction of B. Obama and everything that followed. It seems many things he won the election on have never been brought into reality during his term. Not sure if it seems this way because he did none of - or very little of the things he promised or if our attention has been placed on what he didn't do, rather than what he did.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 12:57 AM
reply to post by OrphenFire

I am not sure about the citizens not caring if it were proven he was never president, even though he acted as POTUS for nearly an entire term so far.

I have seen that many things that would be rather small issues get blown up when it becomes popular news or some sort of fad.

I also know that the American people, every nation I assume is this way, seem to rise against something when it is shown to be undeniable truth. They jump on the bandwagon so-to-speak and something of this magnitude could cause massive civil unrest!

Rioting, economic collapse, authorities losing absolute control over criminal activity, martial law is possible, collapse of the nation as a unit of the United States and possbile government overthrow.

I know that sounds incredible, but with the American economy slowly losing it's grip as the world's #1 economy, and the perception that the government has gotten too big and is out of control anything is possible, as we have seen in different areas of the world recently.

Thous the USA situation is unique in that the economy is #1 and has been for some time... not many nations have ever faces the social impact and psychological ramifications of being told you are no longer the world leader, etc.

There may be no impact at all or their could be the worst case scenario or a combination of anything in between

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