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Identity Theft and How to Forge Documents in American Life...It's Real. It's prevelent. It Happens

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posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 09:51 AM
The Russian Mafia families based in Brighton Beach, New York, are notoriously adept at forging Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Credit Cards and many other forms of identity documents used in everyday American life.

The Russians are good at counterfeiting identity documents because they have access to the document making equipment from the Soviet Government. This is really quality identity making equipment.

It's how the Russian Mafia has been able to scam many of the major New York banks.

But that's only the beginning of forged documents in America, the land of plastic cards.

You want to forge a birth certificate or a Social Security Card or a credit card...why not start with forging your fingerprints:

This MythBusters video shows that fingerprint security systems can be beaten using latex fingerprints - in less than 10 minutes.

Once you start forging documents, how difficult is it to confuse the American bureaucratic mish-mash? Apparently not very difficult:

Q: I've tried to get birth certificates but the clerks are real jerks! They act like they're doing you a favor just to talk to you and refuse to give me a document even when I have all the required documents! At this rate it's going to take me forever to put together a new identity.
A: Unfortunately this is a common problem. Always remember that the vital record files are, according to federal law, public records. Over the years various courts have supported the right of citizens to have access to these records despite whatever restrictions arrogant local officials attempt to impose. Also, few identity-changers are aware that there's a rich and powerful world-wide organization that regularly takes uncooperative vital record clerks to court to force them to release records. Several dozen clerks have lost their jobs and pensions after losing one of these suits. All you have to do is mention this powerful organization in an unthreatening way and BINGO, you get instant cooperation! The information you need is discussed in our report.

And the list goes on and on how to forge just about any identifying document you might need or want.

posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 10:02 AM
I went through ID theft back in 99', when it was fairly easy to do. All it took was an acquaintance scumbag to steal my driver's license. They bought cars, cell phones, I had multiple addresses across the country on my credit report, it was ridiculous.

After fighting it myself, which you have to do when it happens, I got nowhere in 3 years. ID theft cost me $10,000+ in wrongful fees and percentage rates, etc., I had a mortgage and couldn't get lower than 8.5% because of it.

Also... NO ONE CARES! Really. Call the cops, FBI, all the alphabet agencies who "say" they handle it and see what happens. One cop got angry with me and almost arrested me for being upset that they wouldn't fill out a report or do anything at all about it.

Credit Reports can be compromised when you suffer with ID theft, then all that hard work you've done paying on time is destroyed overnight and takes YEARS to fix. Maybe it takes less time now, but I doubt it, I've been through that ringer.

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