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What Can Possibly Change the World for the Better? Take 2

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 08:11 PM
Excuse me. This is a rethread. Originally in error, I posted this thread in Political Madness and it tanked by ATS standards. I just wanted to give my musing a fair chance and let it ride in a hopefully more receptive room. I'm not looking for a parade here, just a modicum of validation. I am not so much posing a question as I am speculating on an answer. If you heard me the first time and found this piece inept and wanting, please accept my apology. I am sizing up what flies and what doesn't here at ATS. This place may well not be the forum for me and I should probably think about shutting up and going away.

I posted to the lead story last night about how the government is out and out destroying America and or the World. Then, I got to thinking.

These powers behind the throne types have more money than God and their currency is not really money but the stupid people that it buys. The first line of attack appears to be fear, then money, then blackmail, then death to the mark or threats to the mark's loved ones.

The opposing pawns are oppressed with fear.

The opposing knights and bishops are bought.

The opposing rooks are blackmailed.

The opposing kings and queens are killed.

Basically, if you oppose the high and the mighty you are subject to exponential degrees of becoming compromised.

"Shut them up, make them rich, make them dirty, or kill 'em." That's the elitist creed.

This is just observational opinion on my part. The frail nature of the human animal is exploited over and over and when you look at the world in that light, it all becomes conspiracy and has been since who knows when. As long as a person attempts to function in this world and puts EMPHASIS on his or her part in this world, they are subject to the whims and fancies of the influential.

One of my brothers was caught up in a very prominent church forty years ago and climbed through to the upper echelons of its organization only to find that it had more to do with money than anything related to spiritual growth. It was rotten inside.

The trappings of the powers that be is only power in this world. That's my point. My wife always insinuates that we, her and I, live just a little bit before everybody else. Not that we are leaders of any kind, we just have a different spot on the wave. So I see things differently than most.

I always look upon the Native American Spirit for an insight. They lived spontaneously, they saw that the world was a certain way at a certain time and they dealt with it on a spiritual plateau. The had ceremonies not rituals. Western man made rituals and dogma as part of an agenda of oppression.

When we look at the mysterious departure of the Central American Cultures we have no western school of thought insight as into why it just vaporized. For that I offer this conjecture, one day the culture reached a tipping point where people woke up and looked at the corrupt nature of the leaders, looked at the vial nature of their infrastructure and so-called civilization and collectively said, "This is messed up.", probably clubbed the deceivers to death, disbanded and moved away from these places of bad medicine in order to renew their connection with their Creator.

Jesus thrashed the money changers for corrupting the connection between man and the Creator by making the temple about money. The authority of that world put him down for exposing their game.

This is the world of the evil, the spiritually bankrupt. They have no connect with the Creator. None. The more you play into this world, the more you are subject to their powers over this world.

You want to live in a better world? Reconnect with the Creator. Override the dogma and take off the blinders, live as if you are in a better world and you will be. Shed this world's chains and dare to envision yourself in the new and you will be. Obstacles are deceptions of this world, render them unimportant and shed worry, shed fear and live as you were meant to live.

I know that an atheist or two will come to twist my berries, if it is important to you to look at life that way, I understand.

For now, the first mantra is, "This is messed up."

"I do not fear the Great Spirit as the Great Spirit is my friend. Who is crazy enough to have a friend they fear? If I am supposed to fear your God, then I will walk with the Great Spirit instead. How can your God be so weak as to be jealous? He must not be much of a god. You made that up about this god didn't you? Or did you just make a story about a god to trick us and to make us weak?"

posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by RighteousDude

The end of the ego. Everyone will have to come together to shed the ego of the world forever. To detach from materialistic things and work together for the collective good. I'm sure the world will correct itself, as you put it, the world as we know is coming to and end. I feel as time goes by, more and more people will wake up to the realty of the situation. Each day more people wake up, I don't think many people can go back to sleep. It's about humanity, it's about love.

The universe seems to have a way to correct itself. I find it interesting to speculate on such subjects, but only time can tell us the real answer.

posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by RighteousDude


Second line.

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