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Disastrous severe weather - April

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:38 PM
The severe weather during April 2011 has been unprecedented. A few staggering facts from the month (and we're not even through with April):


- On average, 163 tornadoes are reported in April.
- This April, 292 tornadoes have been reported. This shatters the previous record of 267.

Total severe

- On average, 3300 cases of severe weather (wind, hail, tornadoes) are reported each April.
- Up to now, 5400 cases have been reported this April.

Other notes

- On April 9, town of Mapleton, IA leveled by tornado.
- April 10, 14 tornadoes were reported in Wisconsin; a record for any April day.
- April 14, 22 tornadoes in Oklahoma.
- April 15: 8 fatalities, 66 tornadoes with 40 in Alabama.
- April 16: 29 fatalities, 60 tornadoes across 7 states.
- April 20: St. Louis airport and surrounding neighborhoods hammered by tornado, very close to aceecards (unharmed, thank God!).

(Note: The above content was taken from this page on the Weather Channel:

Record April

The above information doesn't even begin to consider the flooding threat facing a good deal of the country.

I live in south-central KY (Russellville, just to the west of Bowling Green, KY). We have been under 4-5 tornado warnings this month - and that's close to normal for the entire storm season for us. Several tornadoes have been reported across south-central KY. While we are in the "dixie" tornado alley, it's unusual to have this many tornadoes this early.

My mother and I had a big scare last night. A (believed to be) weakening storm system came through around 1:30 AM. Forecasters originally thought the main threat would be straight-line winds. However, the segment began to bow out. At 1:30 AM our local forecaster said:

"Here we go, a tornado warning has been announced for Logan County (where I live) for a brief rain-wrapped tornado...."

And then our cable goes out. Everything was okay, but it was unnerving knowing a tornado could be in the area with no cable.

The remainder of this week will continue to be dangerous; Kentucky is in for worse storms tomorrow. Today, areas around and to the west of Memphis have a very high risk for tornadoes. The Weather Channel's TOR:CON index, which measures the probability of a tornado within 50 miles of an area, ranks a 9/10 for that area today. For us tomorrow, it will be around a 7/10. Please keep everyone affected in your thoughts and prayers.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 12:54 PM
all i know for sure is that i am SICK of this rain. It has practically rained for 4 weeks straight..another 2 inches again today and possibly tomorrow. Last night on the evening news (local) the weather man says to expect 5 inches in the next 36 hours!

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by ffman

Yes ,it has been bad.
Many sleepless nights here with a few tornado warning in the middle of the night.
And the flooding.
Here in Louisville,flood gates are up and all flood control pumping station s online.
Flood stage getting close to the 1997 flood.
And more rain and storms tonight and tomorrow.
I'm lucky I live on a ridge ,2 miles from the Ohio river,and 800 ft above sea level.
I'm currently looking into volunteering for a sandbagging crew where it is most needed.
Just waiting to hear back from the Red Cross.

Everyone in the midst of this ongoing disaster,keep a very close eye on your weather,get a battery powered
radio when the power goes out,keep you and your family and friends safe.
Prayers to all affected.

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