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You are the Conspiracy, We are All "The" Conspiracy. ♣

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posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 04:30 PM
Whichever way we look at it we all all sinister beings indirectly working with each other for apparently no other reason than to move forward and become better than what we were, we have become so mindlessly dissolved in this system that we hardly ever experience the true meaning of our lives as our minds draw blank day by day we begin to feel nothing as our sense of reason and happiness is stripped away to a basic function of a life ruled by Money and Laws.
What we have become is the Greatest living Conspiracy that can exist, we are mindless poeple all searching for a sense of reason, a sense of Knowing, But as we "grow" we get so much futher away from those answers, The system is ruled by Intellegent Morons who think they know whats best yet still have no more Answers than a Homless bum on the street, The state weve got ourselves into is just plain ridiculas, everyone knows it and im not surpised when the last person who got things right (wether he was the son of god or not) got nailed to a cross for pretty much saying "Wouldnt it be nice if everyone got along for a change?".
We are Humans and together were the biggest "Mess" i can comprehend *FACE PALM*

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