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posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 09:00 AM
From the top.. This the first thread I've posted so if it doesn't follow protocol I apologise.

I read everything I can and Noticed the following and how they apply to the world and what may or may not happen.

Exerpts from Doomsday 1999 by C.Berlitz
p28.. "The end of the fourth or present world will be consumed after the appearance of a now invisible star rushing towards the earth from space" This is a Hopi (Amerindian tribe) legend.. sounds like Nibiru to me.

p37.. "When women dress like men and trousers wear, and cut off all their locks of hair, when pictures look alive with movements free, when ships like fishes swim beneath the sea, when men outstripping birds can soar the sky, then half the world drenched deep in blood shall die" This courtesy of Mother Shipton, a Medieval seeress who also fortold the use of Tobacco and Potatoes ( unknown in Europe at the time).. Possible Global war?

p55.. "Strife will arise through the period, watch for them in Libya and Egypt and in Syria. Through the straits around these areas above Australia, in the Indian ocean and the Persian Gulf" this from the (sleeping) Psychic Edger Cayce in 1939. You will note the countries mentioned and the civil uprisings that have already happened.

p64.. "Overpopulation of the planet in this century was not going to be a problem. Something literally Earth-shattering occurs; a natural phenomenon which I believe will be Divine intervention, something like a meteor"
This from Jeane Dixon a Psychic/seeress in 1978.. Meteor? Elenin?

and finally to all you debunkers of Nibiru and why it's not been mentioned officially..

From the Hynek UFO Report.
p24.. "A scientist will confess (in private) to interest in a subject which is controversial or not scientifically acceptable but, generally, will not stand up and be counted in committee. Scientists are deathly afraid of voicing support for anything that might make them look foolish in the eyes of their peers." One might infer this as 'we know but we won't say anything in case we get laughed at'

you will note NO mention of Sitchin or Von daniken (lol)

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by believer74

Last weekend I was in the boondocks and away from ATS and all it's worry, fear and contemplations of doom. It was wonderful to be surrounded by normal everyday activities, and aside from my mother's questioning (twice) : "Have you seen 2012?" Followed a day later by, "Have you seen 2012? Oh did I already ask you that? Can you tell I'm stressssssed?!" No one acted like the world was nearing an end, no one seemed too worried about the wildfires burning the timbers and thickets only a few miles away. No, there was no talk of planet X or alien invasions, or the weird weather although the general concensus was that we need rain badly!

What I am trying to say, I guess, is, that sometimes I wish I had never stumbled upon the conspiracies, the earthquake and volcano sites, the NWo information, and all the gloom and doom attatched. I wish I could be like my family members who are oblivious to all the crazy things happening in this world, as it seems not affect their world.

This knowledge is heavy and is unavoidable once you begin to read the different prophecies (like the Hopi Prophecy among many others) and your brain begins piecing things together. I wish I could have the ability to doubt what I read and choose ignorance (now that SCARY!!)....but it is too late. I think....wouldn't it be nice if we were all wrong...that there are not reptilians ruling monarchies and governments worldwide, that there wasn't a 10th planet about to wreak havoc on our planet...that there isn't massive amounts of oil on the bottom of the gulf, depleting the gulf and its inhabitents of oxygen and ill-fated winds affecting and infecting gulf residents, not to mention the possible weather manipulation and GMO's changing our food from healthy substinence to toxin and cancer causing poisons. I could go on and on...but I won't. How do you erase and replace such knowledge? How come "God is good all the time" isn't quite the bandaid I need it to be. If my heart only had room for me and mine, I suppose it would be easier...but I hate any loss of life when concerning wreckless acts of human and mother nature and cannot close opened eyes.

Sorry to hijack your post with my vent...but where else should I or could I do this except here at ATS?!

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by staciebee

tell me about it.. lol
wish i could also go back to being one of the sheep.. the way i was before i started reading everything that i have concerning all the end of the world prophesys..
problem is.. ( and I've thought about this long and often) that if we wern't meant to read it and piece it all together then we wouldn't have.. our lives would have taken different branches.. we'd still believe the party line as it were.. yeah it'd be nice to be ignorant again ( if only for a while) but like i say ( type?).. perhaps we were meant to learn(?)
as for hijacking post.. don't care.. wanna vent? feel free..

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posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 01:25 PM
with reference to P.55..
It's all started kicking off ( and in the order stated btw)
just got to wait for for the next one concerning the comet.. lol

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