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The Mystical meaning of the Virgin Mary

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 11:07 AM
The reason why Virgin Mary is prominent is because she represents the Garden of Eden, which is really the Solar System, or the basic inner states of consciousness of all humans, that has been corrupted because of the Fall of Man. Virgin Mary represents this Garden of Eden before the Fall of man, and Mary Magdalene represents the Garden of Eden after the fall of Man. . . . And the human seeking the return to perfection from this fall. The whole mystical story of Jesus, the twelve disciples, and the two Holy Mary’s is an allegorical reference to this.

In the beginning, the Garden of Eden because of the Fall of Man, became what I call an ELLIPSE. An Ellipse is an imperfect circle. Originally the Garden of Eden was a Perfect Circle, or a world of felicity, happiness, bliss and perfection.

So we have the basic metaphysical dichotomy that sprung forth from the Fall of Man:
Ellipse-Imperfect Circle and the Garden of Eden-Perfect Circle.

Therefore the Ellipse is from the Garden of Eden [Perfect Circle] that has transformed, inside our souls over time, into the Ellipse [Imperfect Circle].

In the beginning as the Quran and Torah relate, in the ELLIPSE, humans abided in the Garden of Eden in PERFECT HAPPINESS. This happiness was fueled by the reality that the Garden of Eden—human’s inner state—was a perfect smooth running aspect of the soul machine . . . . An inner system of finely tuned and balanced energy. The term Garden of Eden is only a metaphor for this inner condition.

Literally speaking this Garden was an inner paradise where humans could inwardly travel to an infinite number of dimensional states of consciousness through what is known now as Stargates. These states were characterized by incredible bliss.

The basic content of this Garden had 22 dimensions or as the scriptures call them—trees.

One of those trees was what the scriptures’ calls the forbidden tree or dimension.

What was this tree?

The forbidden tree was the tree of creation. This treatise is not a dissertation on this aspect of the story so we won’t dwell on what is the tree of creation at this time.

When Adam fell into this forbidden tree this began the fall of man, or the corruption of this inner Garden of Eden. This Garden of Eden then went from 22 pure working elements to 13 corrupted non-working elements. Humans at that point no longer had access to the smooth running paradise of the Garden. He was inwardly corrupted.

Over time the Divine intelligence revealed knowledge to get back to the inner state of perfection—Garden of Eden—but humans always corrupted this knowledge and turned it into religion.

In the mystical Lore of history Mary the Virgin is representative of the Garden of Eden, as mentioned above. Jesus her son, is representative of the perfect state of consciousness that springs forth from the Garden of Eden, that is when it is in its original state of purity andperfection, that’s why Jesus is stated to be of a virgin birth.

The story of Jesus most of us know about is a allegory of him or any human going through the trials and tribulations of returning to the inner Garden of Eden— thereby re-perfecting our souls—by struggling with the Ellipse—corrupted Garden of Eden—and resurrecting our souls to perfection.

The first person Jesus saw, according to one Gospel, after his resurrection was the Mary Magdalene, this is because that represents Jesus perfecting his inner Mary, or Garden of Eden, back to the Virgin Mary. Recall Mary Magdalene is representative of the path of return to God or perfection. =C0q0TafnOaW_tweNjI2vCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6&ved=0CDoQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 11:29 AM
Very well put toghether words!
At least i understand what you want to say, but i think some newbies won´t understand...
It is mainly clear that the human spirit is an interdimensional. Many of this we have lost during this ...incident.
And to speak worldly i would assume that the most important fact is that we as humanity have left the path of natural living and began to work against nature, the creation...

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 02:14 PM
Interesting read. Thoughtprovoking. I'll sleep a night on that. ty

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 02:15 PM
Something tells me Jesus means more than that.

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 02:26 PM
Ha! - a very creative overlay - but notin any sense true!

Eden was a real place where the Annanuki created the first human hubrids.

as for the Virgin mary - she was needed by the Catholic church to transpose the Christianity myth, cooked up at the Council of Nicocea into the Mystery Babylon religion of those who infiltrated and took over the Church of Rome.

Madonna and Child

"Nimrod and his mother (Semiramis) became the chief entities of worship as a Madonna and child. This belief and practice spread to Egypt, where the names of the gods were Isis and Osiris. The son Osiris was born December 25. In Asia it was Cybele and Deonius. In Rome they were called Fortuna and Jupiter. Throughout the world we still find the remnants of mother and child worship to this day.

It is no surprise that this same system still exists at the end of the age. It is called "Mystery Babylon" (Rev 17:5). Shockingly, it is disguised as Christianity and is still practiced in the celebration of Christmas." --The Bible as History by Werner Keller

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