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Something worth remembering...

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posted on Mar, 25 2003 @ 03:51 PM
Öseeing as there have been lots of posts about the troops.

There has been a lot of support for our men and women in Iraq displayed in the media and news reports throughout this ëcampaigní which, although I am against the war I do of course agree with as I have nothing against the troops themselves, just as they donít have anything against the Iraqi people. They are not the ones making the decisions and there have been many times throughout history when everyone from the countries fighting has been glad to have them. Iím sure the majority of people against the war in the U.K and U.S who are against the war feel the same.
This is the main reason for the surge in the polls since the war started.

The majority of the Iraqi army is made up of conscripts. Men who have had no choice in joining his army. As most of you will know they are under threat of being shot in the back if they try and desert. The brave and lucky ones manage to shot their Officers for the chance to surrender, as they did on Friday

ìStuck between the US Seals and the Royal Marines, whom they did not want to fight, and a regime that would kill them if they refused, it was the conscriptsí only way out.î

In the last Gulf war, an estimated 150,000 Iraqi soldiers deserted, many on the first day, and 60,000 ñ 200,000 were killed.

This time so far only around 3000 have managed to surrender.

Saddam is not stupid. He learnt many lessons from the last encounter, including the one heís playing now of luring the forces into the cities, which was always his intention.
Most of what has been captured until now is simply Desert.

He also learnt his lesson from the deserters. He has laced his regular outfits with elements of the Fedayeen and republican guard to reinforce the fear in the conscripts and the ability to enforce his orders.
None of the lessons would not have been realized by the Pentagon.

There are good people fighting, killing and dying in our name, but there are also many good people who lives are equally as valid as any of ours who have lived a short, fearful life and are now dying fighting under threat for a man they would not piss on if he was on fire.

These conscripts are just as much victims of Saddamís regime as any of the civilians. They are the civilians, their sons and fathers, who were equally loved amongst their families and friends as those the west has lost.

We should spare a thought for them as we send them to their grave.

But this is war. This is what was wanted.

posted on Mar, 25 2003 @ 04:24 PM
As far as the conscripts go I couldn't agree more.Imagine being in their shoes.They have gun pointed at both sides of their heads.


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