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Caring Economics: Riane Eisler Creates New Economic Measurements. Save the Economy! Save our World!

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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 11:28 AM

Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and The Blade, has a new book which attempts to bring Partnership society to the forefront of human culture through new economic indicators. She is an outstanding scholar and visionary social theorist.

"Eisler proposes that we need new social categories that go beyond conventional ones such as religious vs. secular, right vs. left, capitalist vs. communist, Eastern vs. Western, and industrial vs. pre- or post- industrial, which she notes do not describe the whole of a society's beliefs and institutions.

She has coined the term dominator culture to describe a system of top-down rankings ultimately backed up by fear or force. One of the core components of this system of authoritarian rule in both the family and the state is the subordination of women — whether in Nazi Germany, Khomeini's Iran today, or in earlier cultures where chronic violence and despotic rule were the norm. She analyzes the androcracy (governance of social organization dominated by males) of Indo-European and other societies, versus what she proposes was a partnership model (as distinct from matriarchy) for the social organization of Neolithic Europe and the later Minoan civilization that flourished in prehistoric Neolithic Crete."

The Chalice and the Blade is a profoundly mind altering piece of work and anyone interested in social justice, new theories of ancient history and feminism should read it. It changed many opinions I had about our human history and provides a framework upon which we can rebuild ourselves as a Partnership society.

Now, in The Real Wealth of Nations, she proposes new categories of economic indicators. Instead of the traditional Gross Domestic Product, which factors in military budgets, health care costs and other portions of the economy which are detrimental to human development and society, she takes into account human happiness and well being.

Our economy run (ruins?) our lives. It is imperitive that we change the way we measure our economies and Eisler takes brave new steps in that direction.
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