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Great Change Occurring as we Speak.

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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 11:14 AM
There is great change happening as we speak. There are blatant aspects of this change that have been happening for a long time and are easily observable and perceivable providing you have basic observation skills. These aspects have been happening on a much wider scale than the more immediate change I wish to discuss with you, although they do appear to be speeding up.

The more immediate change I have noticed is quite a drastic change in people’s emotions and morals leading to many bad choices, negative thought and behavioural patterns and a lot of arguing. I have no idea what has caused this sudden slip in the quality of our social state but find it very unnerving as I have noticed it on such a wide scale. People’s rationality seems to be wearing very thin as well as their patience, understanding and empathy. No I don’t think this is due to the change in seasons as I noticed this kind of change happening last year before summer but have noticed a much more dramatic rise over the past 3 or 4 months and am now sure of a definite transition of some kind.

Change is happening all around us folks. Geologically, Spiritually, Weather wise, Climate wise, Politically, Economically and in just about every aspect I can think of. These are changes I can wrap my head around and see as fairly normal but the sudden dramatic change in the attitude and generally the personality of so many people on such a widespread level really worries me. People I know seem to be dreaming a lot more vividly and frequently recently also, I’m sure this is related somehow.

I have nothing to go on apart from speculation and one thing that really sticks out in my mind at the moment is this rumbling noise heard around the globe. It hasn’t stopped here in England, when there is no traffic at night I can clearly hear it and so can my friends. This is a serious issue that we need answers to and I believe it very well could be something to do with this change I have noticed. Either that or some kind of terrestrial/extra terrestrial weather anomaly.

Either way I believe we are experiencing great change and have a lot of interesting stuff coming our way. One thing I definitely see is the collapse of our current system and the rebuilding of a new system. Everything else apart from that remains a mystery to me at the moment..

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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 11:22 AM
Brilliant observation and reflections.
I have noticed a growing apathy, this could be as a cause of all the changes happening.
I agree with you, that something truly great are coming our way.
More crucial than ever, with what we choose to align ourselves with.
Thankyou for the input S+F

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 11:43 AM
i felt a shift around november/december. ever since, everything's been adding up. weather. animal die offs. wars. financial crises escalation. earthquakes.

i've been getting LOTS and LOTS of transmissions over the past couple months. it's a faint sound (usually). not really a ringing, per se. more like a faint/high pitch/fast static. get "sick" almost every week but then get better. feel like changes are occurring inside of me right now. feel like there is another animal inside of me, slowly clawing it's way out of me. i've lost time twice in the past 2 months. smaller appetite. less need for sleep. seeing auras (usually blue flashes of light randomly floating and them fading away). been "told" (by that inner voice that knows exactly what to do) to pack up. been "told" to get ready. been "told" that i will be given further directions when the time comes.

majority of my closest friends have all been feeling it, too. like something very big is very close. it will seem scary/bad at first, but, then we'll instantly know that this is it and all is well. almost like we're aliens, waiting to be beamed back up to the mother ship (which is already here, over head, but we can't see cuz of chemtrails maybe?). we all feel as though change is happening in all of us all the time. we can feel energies kinda like "bouncing" around inside of us. working on my shoulder, then my left knee, then my back, then my neck, then my right knee kinda deal. random body aches.

weird feelings right before storms. i live in atlanta and we've had a couple of bad storms roll through over the past couple weeks (as has the entire midwest, south and northeast). every storm, anywhere from 12-24 hours before, i've felt like something abnormal was coming. as though these storms were founded upon a foreign/alien/abnormal/never-before-felt energy.

i am no expert...just an observant animal. something very odd is going creeps my ego out but my spirit and excites them. is it that some of us are aliens, sent here for some unremembered reason, who are now about to return to our stars/ships/planets? were we sent here to learn something or to do something? or are we star seeds/indigos and all the other children of light that new agers and spiritualists talk about? or are we just pure, raw animals in tune with mother nature and now that she's waking up, so are we and some of us are more in tune with her than others? or is there some charted, graphed and plotted course that Earth is on and at this crucial time, when change is here, that the "survivor" gene is activating in some of us who will be the chosen to carry on this species? or are we just a bunch of shot out conspiracy theorists who have seen too many sci-fi movies, stopped taking our anti-psychotics for the wrong reasons and need to lay off the coffee?

who bet is that this is real. i think it even scares the elite. that's why they're passing the fear down. i think they know more than us but still don't know what's really coming. way i see it...if there is a God or we were created by, or at least being monitored by, aliens or if mother nature is just ready to be heard...i think that whatever comes is a good thing. i feel honored to be here for this time, even if it brings death to my ego/body. no matter what anyone says, i doubt that whatever is coming is anything you can "prepare" for. i bet it's going to completely shatter the human understanding from pure amazement. as though God's wrath will be the moment of pure humility.'s coming and i've got front row the trenches!!!

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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 11:47 AM
I believe it goes in cycles,worldwide.

Politicians and local leaders age and a new young breed matures,and become influential.

In the U.S. and probably worldwide most of the leaders were college students in the turlbulent period of the sixties.

Now they are all politicians and other influential people.

They are committed to putting their belief system in to the society.

It should be more difficult for these people to implement laws and regulations and public policy that will effect the regular populace.

You can see this clearly from studying history.

It actual happens every seven years or so.

It is the cycle of life and civilizations.

That is why in my opinion why people should not allow these leaders to continue to serve after a certain age.

As a example this man Harry Reid and also John McCain,and Richard Lugar.

They are all close to 80 years old!

Mubarack of Eygpt and Kaddafi all are old men.

WE are living in STRANGE times.

But imagine what people thought when WW2 was developing.

Somehow it all works out and civilization adapts.

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