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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:30 PM
We all know that randomness is a way of life for most people. If it wasn't for randomness, most people would not have a thing to do for a couple of hours. Randomness is a way for us to keep from becoming that dull and boring person that most will eventually become. Being random about things is a way to keep yourselves occupied for say when you aren't at work. Things that happen at random that keep you busy, like a leaky pipe or painting your house. For me, randomness is what I have on my mp3 player to listen to. I have just about anything from country to old school hip hop to classic rock and roll.

Another random thing that I do is that I will go out and take pictures. Just by doing this for a couple of hours, it helps me stay busy and it gives me something to do. What I take photos of has differed from time to time over the years. Whether it be an empty grain train moving at sixty miles per hour.

Whether it be photos of my cat.

Whether it be photos of emergency service vehicles. For example, South Charleston, WV fire department's "Spring Hill" station on a warm March evening last year.

Or photos of the snow.

Randomness is a way of life......
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