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Where did our 19 million dollars go?! Security firm CHARGED for NOT being licensed for the G8/G20

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 01:48 PM
Talk about breach of contract!!

Jane Greene* is CEO of Aeroguard Company (for YVR and Eastern Canada) these folks provide pre-flight security (think Canadian TSA, except not Federal). And she is also the VP of Contemporary Security Canada (CSC).
Another corrupt CEO

Now, the conspiracy is that CSC was issued $20,144,073.02 for the weekend long G8-G20 summits in Ontario last year, and I'm sure as most of you have heard, the summits were an utter disaster!! And according to the OPP and RCMP this was due to the fact that CSC was providing services that they were not even licensed for!!

Contemporary did not have a proper license to operate in Ontario. And they have charged the company with three counts of offering to provide security services while not licensed, one count of employing an unlicensed security guard, two counts of failing to ensure that security guard wears proper uniform and other offenses.

So how did she get the contract?? Well, here's where it gets interesting.

Some in Ontario's private security guard industry question whether the presence of Terry Smith played any role in the RCMP awarding the contract. Smith joined Aeroguard in Dec. 2009 — a partner company of CSC. Before that he had been chief coroner in British Columbia and had spent 35 years in the RCMP, rising to the position of officer in charge of the Surrey Detachment.

So how does CSC, an unlicensed company with unlicensed employees get the contract over successful and not to mention licensed security firms like Garda, G4S and Federal Security Agency? Let's not forget that CSC's asking price was almost DOUBLE the industry standard asking price.

The RCMP has told CBC News they selected CSC over the other bids because of its experience and specialized skills at large events. The RCMP disqualified Garda from the bidding saying their x-ray machines were not up to the job, even though Garda is qualified and contracted to run airport screening at many Canadian airports. The RCMP also disqualified G4S by saying they had unsatisfactory references, even though the company won contracts and did work at previous international summits in both London and Pittsburgh.

That's funny cause Aeroguard/CSC uses the SAME x-ray machines that Garda does.. how do I know this? I work for them.

As for the 19 million?

If they were to share the $20 million equally, it would work out to almost $25,000 per guard. Not bad work if you can get it. But should they have got it? At approximately $25 an hour that would mean a guard would have worked 1,000 hours that weekend. But sources say the highest paid security officers received no more than $2,500 which leaves some $19-million remaining to spread around.

That's right folks, talk about embezzlement of funds. I find this to be absolutely appalling, and sadly I even work for this woman's company. What a surprise that security firms set these rules, and yet are the first ones to break them.

They have been ordered to appear in Provincial Offenses Court in Ottawa on April 29.

Sadly I have a feeling that 19 Million will be buying her a really damn good lawyer.. That and whatever she has managed to embezzle off of YVR pre-flight screeners since 2005 (I am media gagged unfortunately and can't even get into the injustice we face with our bonuses, hourly wages and plain out theft from upper management, who get promoted when caught stealing red-handed)

They should really take a look at the 87 million dollar contract she was awarded for the 2010 Olympics..

CSC and its partner company Aeroguard both worked on the G8 and G20 contracts and won the $87-million contract to do private security at the Vancouver Olympic Games, despite the fact CSC — an American company — did not exist in Canada until just before the Olympics.

*Being a pre-flight screener, and Jane Greene being our CEO, we saw her jet off to Honolulu on the 15th of this month, looks like someone gave her a heads up.. probably Terry Smith.

Right now Aeroguard is trying to win a bid with the Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority (CATSA) to maintain screening contracts for Canadian Airports. I wish they would just Federalize us and place us under 'Border Services'.. When will they learn that the middle man always steals?

There are 20-million reasons why there should also be a full public accounting of where every dollar of this taxpayer money went and just who's bank accounts it's sitting in?


If you are interested in learning more about this, the CBC link below is full of information regarding this.
CBC Source

note: the above quotes were pulled from the following links
1) Toronto Sun
2) CBC Source
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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 02:09 PM
Fantastic work here.... I would say more... but you seemed to lay the lie bare.....really well done!

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 10:41 PM
WOW. Good of you to come forward like this. We all knew there was (make that IS) corruption. Who is it that awards these contracts? Didn't John Baird step forward and say he made all the decisions concerning the spending? Let's be sure our "dear leaders" keep pursuing this.
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posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by aboutface

Sadly I can't quite expose them as I'd like to... id probably lose my job. But when a $1000 Olympic bonus from CATSA isn't awarded to employees because an Aeroguard memo stipulates that they don't meet the requirements (yep, you read that correctly... Aeroguard made a memorandum giving us requirements, which included a number of ridiculous things) the money was NOT returned to the government.. it was most likely kept in miss Greene's bank account. The funny thing is, when people rightfully fought the conditions due to Doctor's notes, they were told by Aeroguard management that "Sorry, we no longer have the money, you will not be getting paid." Gee whiz, is that what bought your lovely new 52" LCD tv in the management lunchroom with the blinds that we can all see from the floor? Oh, wait... that's for 'training' I forgot.... especially during commercial breaks..

In addition to that, Bilingual officers do NOT get paid any extra for being Bilingual... correct me if i'm wrong, but that doesn't sound right. Ofcourse, we are the lucky ones who wear 'Canada' government logos on our uniforms, yet we are just a crown corporation... yipee, injustice for all

I'm not going to touch on the fact that Oversight Officers for CATSA are overpaid 'supervisors' (really they can see these einsteins at the security checkpoints, they carry the blackberries and are wearing the same black suits with red ties.. I hope they all bald and get carpal tunnel syndrome
) get paid a starting wage of $60,000 and cap off at $80,000+ yeah.. anyways enough ranting.. the whole system is wacked out... I just hope Jane Greene gets nailed by the Karma bus.

And yeah, I realized I touched on the subject, which I said I wouldn't... can't help it!

/end rant *goes for a smoke*
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