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Tupac Shakur - Pseudocide & The Illuminati Conspiracy (nonsense free)

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:19 PM
I was gonna make this a post on one of the existing threads, but i dont like the existing threads, and i feel this can stand on its own, specially away from the misconceptions and nonsense that goes on in those other threads.

tupac's reading list:

Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member Written by: Sanyika Shakur
Assata: An Autobiography Written by: Assata Shakur
Ponder on This: A Compilation From the Writings of: Alice A Bailey & the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul
The Phenomenon of Man Written by: Teilhard de Chardin
Kabbalah Written by: Gersham Scholem
Thoughts and Meditations Written by: Kahlil Gibran
Telepathy Written by: Alice A Bailey
The Autobiography of Malcolm X As told to: Alex Haley
Ah, This! Written by: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Roots Written by: Alex Haley
The Tibetan Book of the Dead Written by: W.Y. Evans-Wentz
Black Like Me Written by: John Howard Griffin
Bhagavad-Gita As It Is Written by: A.C. Bhaktive-danta Swami Prabhupada
The Confessions of Nat Turner Written by: William Styron
The Psychedelic Experience- A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead Written by: Timothy Leary, Ph.D, Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., Richard Alpert, Ph.D.
James Baldwin: The Legacy Edited by: Quincy Troupe
Initiation Written by: Elisabeth Haich
The Meaning of Masonry Written by: W.L. Wilmshurst
Social Essays Written by: LeRoi Jones
The Grapes of Wrath Written by: John SteinbeckI
Shall Not Be Moved Written by: Maya Angelou
And Still I Rise Written by: Maya Angelou
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Written by: Maya Angelou
Nature, Man and Woman Written by: Alan W. Watts
Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs Written by: Linda Goodman
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Written by: Robert M. Pirsig
A Raisin in the Sun Written by: Lorraine Hansberry
Native Son Written by: Richard Wright
The Practical Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing Written by: Mark Bricklin
The Complete Illustrated Book of the Psychic Sciences Written by: Walter B. Gibson and Litzka R. Gibson
1984 Written by: George Orwell
One Hundred Years of Solitude Written by: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Destiny of the Nations Written by: Alice A. Bailey
The Visionary Poetics of Allen Ginsberg Written by: Paul Portuges
The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy Written by: E.D. Hirsch, Jr., Joseph F. Kett, James Trefil
The Diary of Anais Nin Edited and with a Preface by: Gunther Stuhlmann
The Souls of Black Folk Written by:W.E. Burghardt DuBois
The Psychic Realm Written by: Naomi A. Hintze and J. Gaither Pratt, Ph.D.
Tropic of Cancer Written by: Henry Miller
Nostradamus: The Millennium & Beyond Written by: Peter Lorie
The State of the World Atlas Written by: Michael Kidron and Ronald Segal
Catcher in the Rye Written by: J.D. Salinger
Sisterhood is Powerful: Anthology of Writings from the Women’s Liberation Movement Written by: Robin Morgan
In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens Written by: Alice Walker
Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools Written by: Jonathan Kozol
At the Bottom of the River Written by: Jamaica Kincaid
Music of Black Americans: A History Written by: Eileen Southern
Moby Dick Written by: Herman Melville
Life and Words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Written by: Ira Peck
Art of War Written by: Sun Tzu
Interesting People: Black American History Makers Written by: George L. Lee
Blues People Written by: Amiri Baraka
All You Need to Know About the Music Business Written by: Donald Passman
All God’s Children: The Boskett Family and the American Tradition of Violence Written by: Fox Butterfield
Black Sister: Poetry by Black American Women, 1746 to 1980 Edited by Earlene Stetson
The Harder We Run: Black Workers Since the Civil War Written by: William H. Harris
Makes Me Wanna Holler Written by: Nathan McCall
Great White Lie: Slavery, Emancipation and Changing Racial Attitudes Written by: Jack Gratus
Imitation of Christ Written by: Thomas a Kempis
Teachings of the Buddha Written by: Jack Kornfield
No Man Is an Island Written by: Thomas Merton
Mysticism Written by: Evelyn Underhill
Wisdom of Insecurity Written by: A.N. Watts
Secret Splendor Written by: Charles Essert
Life as Carola Written by: Joan Grant
Serving Humanity From the writings of: Alice A. Bailey
Here and Hereafter Written by: Ruth Montgomery
The Prince Written by: Niccolo Machiavelli

Tupac had to go to jail to learn about the illuminati? i think not.
And before any ATS member generalizes this man as just a gangsta rapper i hope some of you have read at least 5 of these books.

from this booklist alone im sure tupac learned about the conspiracy or saw mentions to it, if not he hung around enough with Nation Of Islam members to hear about it aswell.

In my own opinion, what tupac says in the interview is that he was pissed on how his prison mates just obsessed on the conspiracy and still did nothing about it. How funny that the same applies here in ATS.

Plus remember it was a public interview, he kind of dismisses the illuminati as he had a deathwish but he was not that dumb.

But the whole idea did stuck around him:

Excerpt from the lyrics of "They Don't Give A F*** About Us"

"Some say they expect the Illuminati to take my body to sleep
N***** at the party with they shotties
Just as rowdy as me
Before I flee computer chips
I gotta deal wit brothas flippin
I don't see no devils bleedin'
Only black blood drippin
We can change
Whatcha mouth say?
I'm watchin n***** work their lives out without pay
Whatever it takes to switch places wit the bustas on top
I'm bustin' shots make the world stop
They don't give a f*** about us "

Did you just see that? For a non believer he sure did know alot to go as far as mentioning computer chips.
This was 1996, there was internet, but these conspiracies belong in books and word of mouth.

Plus there is the obvious one, the Killuminati concept, wich still to this day makes kids around the world google the word "illuminati".

Now on the interview he says "im putting a K to it 'coz im killing that s***"

But what he wrote on one of the tracklists for what became the album does shed another light:

"Killuminati - the prophecy delivered 2 the lost by the lost, the chosen wordz 4 the chosen, people who think with they're third eye and feel with they heart live"

Now im not saying he got killed by them, for all i know, i dont even know if he did get killed.
But fact is he was pretty well informed on this conspiracy, and world affairs in general.

Now when you add to all this is background with the black panthers and the black liberation army, being followed by the FBI his whole life, targeted by JDL....

Let's just say it was too good for some that tupac happened to get killed.

I would not put it beyond tupac the idea of exhile or faking his death, i believe he was gonna die anyway, and he knew it too, he just chose how to.

Because the day was set.

If tupac did not get shot on the 7th he would have a court date on the 12th to review his "out on bail" status.
He had already violated his parole, not even counting the beatdown on the MGM grand, so i have no doubts that by september 13th he would be back in jail.

And he would have been killed in prison that same day, wich would not leave tupac with the image he still has today, he would have died in prison, and be remembered just for that same reason, his carreer would not have exploded the way it did.

So instead of playing the lamb, he decided to play the wolf and arrange that whole Vegas showdown, goin out in a blaze of glory and still dying the day "they" wanted him dead.

The infamous Friday the 13th

PS: tupac is not in cuba even though he wrote a mini script called "1999" where the lead character had escaped the US and exiled in cuba.

And he is surelly not Kasinova, Realest, Blac Haze or any other of those youtube clowns.

keep in mind that if tupac did fake his dead, its not to return and it is surelly not to keep making music.

that's why he spent his last year alive basically in the studio, and that is why theres still unreleased songs that are gonna last for maybe another decade

one thing is for sure, he was tired of his own fame, and he knew well about music business conspiracies, for example he knew about the whole "paul is dead" conspiracy and about the beatles backmasking in songs.

his family and friends were no strangers to having to run from the government by wichever means necessary, asides the obvious example of Assata Shakur there was another of his family members that got caught trying to fake his death.

So why is it so hard to conceive tupac just went away by his own choice, he knew he was gonna keep making money.

Thats how the infamous killuminati album ends: "i got my money right here"

To those who are gonna mention Suge, the beatdown on orlando and that he got what was coming, take a notice that a man that 3days before walks around New York with a bullet proof vest and walkie talkies, just does not do what he did in vegas, it was a break in character, and intended.

like the breaks in character he had in the movie "Gridlock'd" when he clearly breaks away from the role hes playing and refers to his own life "i feel like my luck has been running out" and "i know my lung is here and i deffinatly don't want a punctured lung"

do i need to say what was his fatal wound? internal bleeding from his lungs.

So guys, what is it? did tupac knew what he was doing because he planned it, or should we just elevate him to prophet status?

since predicting his own death wasn't enough, he had to detail the downfall of his former friend turned nemesis too.

"I f***** your b**** and now this new s*** gonna' fade 'em all
My n***** ball made a call for some backup
for little' homies and my dogs in the black truck
Buck buck was the sound as they gats burst
No need for ambulance, baby bring the black hearse"

tupac boasted about sleeping with biggie's wife, so this line is deffinatly for biggie, biggie was dead on the scene of the shooting, the ambulance wasnt really needed.
and the hearse is biggie's last album cover.

either way, this was gonna be a post that became a thread as i feel it does deserve it.

Opinions? Questions? Arguments?

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:25 PM
seriously is this follow the leader here on ATS... it starts with one the someone has to come up with another thread trying to link junk.......

can we please compile this tupac junk into on thread and destroy it i am sick of seeing it .... WHO CARES ABOUT TUPAC.......

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:26 PM
I was never a Tupac fan in the day. I considered him to be more mainstream hip hop which I tend to avoid like the plague (the underground stuff on the other hand...)

Still, I had no idea that he was so intelligent and esoterically inclined. There's a whole lot of Theosophy in there, but a lot of other stuff too. I might have to dig up his music and listen to it with fresh ears.


posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

That is exactly it...

ATSers only respect figures with background, tupac had a very very very extensive background.

And yes he has alot of esoteric and occult references in his songs, of course one has to know about the occult to identify them. For 99% of his fans those references just fly above their heads.

Anyone who studied nostradamus knows what tupac is doing in the "toss it up" video, holding a blowtorch infront of a mirror...

if anything, going along with this trend to tupac topics, i felt that including his reading list will deffinatly make some ATSers review their stance on the man.

some will even go shy because they so called expert selves should have read those books too.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:38 PM
reply to post by GodofWar411

It's surelly worth more of discussion than each time lady gaga makes a new video.

either way, no one forced you to read and reply.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by AnotherYOU

some will even go shy because they so called expert selves should have read those books too.

I've actually read MOST of those books.

And you know what, you're right, people WILL absolutely assume that tupac was nothin but a street thug without a modicum of background.

BUT, also, if you read into the context of other threads, they are ascribing his KNOWLEDGE of a subject, with being shot down because of it.

As if he was somehow aligned with anything anti-Illuminati and as *I* had pointed out in another thread, depending on what "version" of Illuminati you refer to, he actually had far MORE in common with the Illuminati than what people are suggesting he had against such an organization.

Knowledge of a subject is NOT tantamount to living it, as any tupac fan already knows.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:46 PM
link, and I bet he and biggy were going to release all the illuminatis secrets because they were......oh wait, thats right, they were killed over the idiotic east/west coast feud.

He was much more intelligent then his image let on but that was because he existed when lyricists read many books because it is easier to write rhymes when you have a broad knowledge of many topics to talk about. Rappers quit reading and you get idiots like soulja boy and wocka flocka flame....i suppose somebody will connect them to the illuminati next. And I will leave this site for good because "the show has already reached a new low".


posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by alphabetaone

i agree, tupac was an Illuminati in the true sense of the word, iluminated, enlightened.
no doubt about that.

and it was clear that his stance was against the industrial and military complex.
people hear tupac talk about gangs and such, but they didnt heard him when he said:

"America is the biggest gang in the world, we learned all this s*** from them"

but i get what you are saying, and that is really a subject on its own.
why do the bad guys are named as the illuminati, when in reality we should all be illuminati?

we should rename the bad guys and keep them from twisting positive concepts into negative ones.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:53 PM
there is a really good cracked article about this

Read more: Is Tupac Shakur Still Alive? |

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:54 PM

Originally posted by AnotherYOU

we should rename the bad guys and keep them from twisting positive concepts into negative ones.

Absolutely, that was my point all along. You definitely get a star for that.... and here I had lost hope.

But yep, you got it right for sure my friend.
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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by itsatrap

excuse me but i think you don't really know the meaning of the word CONSPIRACY

a murder is a conspiracy

and i just conspired to make this post

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 11:57 PM

Originally posted by AnotherYOU
reply to post by itsatrap

excuse me but i think you don't really know the meaning of the word CONSPIRACY

a murder is a conspiracy

and i just conspired to make this post

I just want to correct you a bit on that... a conspiracy CAN be a murder if more than 1 person is involved.

A conspiracy has to include 2 or more people, otherwise it doesn't fit the definition.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by AnotherYOU

Tupac was definitely a revolutionary mind and a wise and compassionate man, one who inspired me as a kid to stand up for justice even in the face of persecution and violence/death. Unfortunately his hatred got the best of him and he often succumbed to his weaknesses, which led him into a very dark place.

Where did you find this book list? You should add a source, because in all my years of following him I never have seen this, although he had said in numerous interviews that he had read some of those books and it definitely showed through his music.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:14 AM
It is my belief that tupac is alive and in cuba..there is not a person on this earth that could get as many followers as tupac...the man is a legend..besides being known as THE best hip hop artist of all time he was a guy that when he spoke everyone listened...his tone and delievery of a speech, especially in his songs was truely inspirational.

As for him being alive I believe he faked his own death...if you look at the autopsy pictures he is missing tatoos..The "last picture" of him which is him in the car with suge knight is not that picture he has a full grown goatee..but if you look at pictures of him while he is at the tyson fight(which is a few hours earlier, he has no facial hair) It is impossible to grow a full goatee in a matter of hours..this added with the fact that he always wore his bulletproof vest but he supposedly didn't wear it when at a huge event such as a mike tyson fight. Also the fact that no funeral was held for funeral and he was cremated a day after. How many times has a murder victim been cremated a day after he dies..It was ordered by his mom and it's strange because tupac always talked about being buried and saying when he died he wanted all rappers to sing at his funeral..The reason I say cuba is because in one of eminems songs he says," and hip hop ain't been the same since tupac moved to cuba."

A couple other things I would like to point out is that while in prison he read a book that involved a guy named machiaveli who faked his own death and later came back..I'd have to look up some things to get more info but there is a lot of coincidences with the numbers and years..if he returns in 2014 it will be the same amount of time that this guy in the book was "dead" for. Also when his new album came out after his death it didn't mention a rip tupac or have the years he lived..all it said was exit tupac, enter makaveli. And there is all those videos of him being resurrected in songs releashed after his death.If you go to youtube and type in "black haze" (tupac had a song called black haze)you will see a number of songs that sound just like haze had no live appearances until finally he did a few and the voice is significantly different in those videos..then if you type in kasinova tha don it gets creepier..check out this guys videos and how identical the voice is to will notice that there is no video in those songs..but the guy has 2 both freestyles you can clearly tell he is lipsinging(and doing a bad job at that and the voice is coming from behind the camera) to make things even creepier the guys album was called ressurection and in his songs he raps the same style and voice as tupac...they even rap about the same things and say their words identical..this guy isn't signed to any group but he had a song with hussein fatal, who used to rap with tupac and was one of pacs does this guy who has no star power what so ever get to make a video with a guy like that..check it out it will blow your minds...

Just to give you guys an idea search on youtube kasinova tha don chevy's on the low(listen to that voice and he talks about obama and hilliary clinton..even says like machaveli imma bomb's tupacs way of rapping.

Another one is "when it all falls down" In this song it says, "kasinova is my allias, and I spitting this thug s***t for real ni**as ever since."

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by AnotherYOU
reply to post by coyotepoet

And yes he has alot of esoteric and occult references in his songs, of course one has to know about the occult to identify them.

And that is exactly it...unless you do have any knowledge of occult and sacred symbols your NEVER going to see what is staring you RIGHT in the face, I actually find it more entertaining deciphering the likes of Lady Ga Ga's videos than I do having to listen to them that's for sure.
S&F very good thread OP.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by AnotherYOU

Let's not forget he changed his name to Machiavelli.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by coyotepoet

Yeah, he got played on the radio. However, he was one of those artists that got airtime because their stuff was honestly good. Listen to some of his music. Even if you're not buying into the conspiracy stuff, the fact remains, he was a quite talented musician.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 01:13 AM
reply to post by AnotherYOU

In a way, his changes video offers a threat to the Illuminati by telling people to change the way they eat, live, and treat each other for unity against tyranny= major threat to those in power.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 01:26 AM
Just noticed that kasinova tha don has a new album called heart of a huslter...this is one a guy that sounds just like tupac and has the exact same style..I seriously reccomend checking out kasinova tha don run boy..He starts off by saying "I be the first n*gga standing and the last to leave." This is a phrase that has been used by tupac before!! and deeper into this song it says "be prepared for the illuminati." So this guy whether he is tupac or not is rapping about the exact same things in the exact same style with the exact same voice..this should be a bigger thread

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 04:04 AM
To those who say you are tired of hearing about tupac, I have a tip. You can read the title to a thread before clicking on it. That way you can avoid topics that you are sick of hearing about. And we promise we will stay out of your depeche mode fan club meetings, ok? Some of us here grew up listening to tupac and to come in here complaining makes about as much sense as going to a trekkie convention raving to everyone how sick and tired you are of hearing about star trek... Noone made you click the title which has the word TUPAC right there for all to see... Unless you are living some type of SAW-esque nightmare and you have some kind of device attached to your schmekie designed to lop it off unless you continuously torture yourself by surfing the net for all the topics you are Not interested in... Or maybe deep down you just hate yourself and this is some sort of self torture or punishment. And your postings are your sick little way of forcing an audience to view your torture? Or perhaps there is a transvestite dominatrix in the room with you, and they are standing behind you while you are bent over on all fours whipping you into submission as he/she forces you to use the internet to look up things you hate while they derive pleasure from this? Or maybe you just don`t realize there is a whole wide world of internet out there. Maybe you are new to the internet and you are somehow operating under the false assumption that this thread is the only page on the internet, and that people go out and buy thousands of dollars in computer stuff so that they may view this thread... Am I getting close? If not, then would you kindly explain to me why someone would commit to the series of actions leading to the creation of a post in this thread if the topic is clearly not of interest to them? If you have no answer, we will assume one of the above speculations to be correct.

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