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Katrina, the first five days...

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 12:54 PM
Now, just picture what WILL LIKELY happen when the US dollar goes kaput? Should be like that.

People who stayed during Katrina trusted the government... many of them died because of that blind trust... will they do the same mistake again and trusting the government to help the people when the US dollar collapse? I hope not.

You're thinking... the cops are gonna protect me! Really? Cops will be too busy protecting their own families or will just quit because their pension fund is kaput...

Maybe the army will protect me? The army is in Libya-Iraq-Afghanistan... same thing for the national guard.

When food and oil becomes too expensive overnight, it will be panic buying of food if not outright looting. It will take a day and the shelves will be empty. And because the gas will be so expensive, or the area too dangerous because of looters... will the re-supply really happen? Wouldn't surprise me if a few trucks of supplies get hijacked nationwide days after a US dollar collapse.

Hopefully the breakdown won't happen that fast... it took only two days in New Orleans before all hell broke loose... But once it started, it spread and went bad fast.

The first that will be hurt by this will be those who need daily medication.
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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 12:59 PM
the cops what was left of them were too busy going after guns owned by little old grannies

theres a youtube video of that somewhere.

and your right there is noone going to be there for anyone during a crisis except you.

we consider ourselves to be civiilzed in the us but time and time agian have shown us to be otherwise.

not everyone mind you but enough to create a total mess.

remember folks there is no one else in this country that you can depend on and be there when you need them and who will never screw you out of anything-yourselves.


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