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A Couple's Experience with Shadow Folk - A Must Read.

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posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 07:25 PM
I live in a small town off the coast of California, called Fort Bragg in Mendocino county. The entire area was laden with old native tribes. The town itself was built around burial grounds, and is two hundred years old, at the most.

We live in a second story apartment, with only one neighbor across the staircase. We have not asked them about any possible experiences they also may have had in the building.

These experiences seemed to become more "intimate" (violating our dreams) when we started to make plans to move out. We are no longer moving out, and my girl says she has had no more encounters.


1) My girlfriend Phaedra saw a cat, with the colors of green/red/orange/dark blue, it strutted along the bedroom and into the bathroom. She watched it move, but as she focused on it - it dissapeared. This was obviously, before we got our cat. I was surprised to hear that this evasive shadow creature actually had colors to it, but this is what she reported to me.

2) She saw the same cat one day, in the living room. She wasa painting, the couch was to her right. The cat ran across the room and jumped onto the couch, dissapearing as it touched the couch. This is very interesting - because it was OUR couch, meaning that the entity is conscious of it's surroundings.

3) Every single day since I moved in, I see blue specks of light forming infront of me. This happens when I am usually watching television, a blue light will begin to form in my peripheral vision. This happens every 3 hours.

Since I have been away, this has not happened once to me. Meaning it is not an issue involving my sight. This has never happened before. She has never seen these. Once again, by looking at them they dissapear.

4) She was laying in bed taking a nap. To her left on the wall/ceiling was a lizard, about a foot and a half long including the tail. It was complete shadow. It was watching her. As she looked at it, it made a scrambling motion and dissapeared into thin air. She mentally said to it, "Ooooh, I saw you!"

5) Freezing:

First time, I was laying on the fold out watching a movie. Phaedra was in the kitchen or bathroom.The windows were obviously closed, and the heater had been on for an hour before. Out of no where, my temperature dropped immensely. Like dangerously. In 5 seconds flat I was shivering and chattering my teeth. I yelled to her, and she jumped on me and warmed me up.

It felt exactly like I had forgot to keep my internal heater going. I thought that maybe because I was [really tired] I had maybe "deeply distracted myself" into giving up a subconscious function (like heart beat). - This is not the case.

Second time, I was sitting on the toilet. Same deal. out of no where, completely frozen. I yelled, she thought I was joking but eventually came over. I sat on the toilet for about thirty seconds, and I could barely breathe. It was pretty intense and very real. When she came over to me, my body instantly heated up again.


My friends (another couple) stayed over. They slept on the fold out. The next morning, the girl Kari said that she felt like something was crawling on her the whole night. I joked that maybe her boyfriend had flees. We left it at that.

Once we were open about our experiences, she got very solemn and then admitted that - that night she couldn't sleep, she literally felt like she was being frozen by something. And that it didn't feel like bugs, but rather some sort of small animal. She even went so far as to go outside to get warm (this was during winter)

Now to the dreams.

Dream 1:

I wake up on the fold out. But there is something different about the room. The sheets which are normally red, were white. And the door leading to the living room was a saloon door. The room has an orange glow to it but still very dark. I look at a clock (which I do not have) and it says 4:30/4:32.

Then out of no where, this juice thermos is levitating. When I look at it, it drops to the floor. I instantly jump up from the bed. And the entire room/dream begins to close in on me. There is something else in the room, or so it feels. A candle levitates over my shoulder, and in front of me. And there is clearly something else in the room now. It felt like I had woken up abruptly and caught the entity off guard, because I had this imminent threatened feeling, like being cornered by a big coiled snake. I could barely move my body or mouth, but all I could must was "I love you", thinking that in a worse case scenario that phrase might defuse the situation.

Then I woke up. Girl was awake, she had been trying to wake me up. I was shaking, never woke up trembling in my life. Pure adrenaline.

So, I planned to go out of the country to visit my far away family. So I got to New Zealand, and after the first two nights, I called Phaedra to see how she was doing, and she was very freaked out.

Her dream -

She "woke" up in the living room, and there were people in the room. She didn't know who they were, but they were talking in unison. One of them said "Don't say anything, it is in the room." She noticed that instead of curtains, there were old school drapes on the window, and they were flapping like something was moving them. Our friend's dog was in the dream, only it was a puppy. And this gave her relief for a second, that maybe it would protect her.

So she got up slowly, but as she did the dream got very manic. The room was flashing from the same orange glow to moon light hues. Then this entity apparently possessed the puppy. Like those dance-floor lights where you can only see frame - per - frame movement, the dog began to twist and morf into this demonic thing. Throughout this time she could not move, only watch the dog.

Then the dog appeared to stop morphing, and ran into the bedroom. Only it's shadow was still there. The shadow continued to morph erratically, before also running into the room.

She then woke up, with her entire lower half freezing.

So I went onto ATS chat, talked to a couple people about ways to deal with this entity. We came to the conclusion that because her and I had planned to move out on May 1st, this entity was Lonely and upset we were leaving. I told her to sprinkle some sea salt in the corners of the room, and place a mirror over where she slept. I don't know if she tried either suggestions.

I talked to her yesterday, and she says that she has not had any other experiences, other than an unusual sound of footsteps coming from the bedroom into the living room. There is a loose floorboard between the door, which squeaks when pressure is applied. This squeaks at night.

Quite a handful of anomalies. All true, no exaggerations needed. If you think we need mental help, then I think you need help opening your mentality.

All suggestions will be appreciated, provided they aren't disparaging. This thread was not created to convince you, or give you proof. We know very little about the nature of these experiences, only that they have indeed been experienced.

Thanks for readin.

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posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 07:51 PM
I believe you because I've experienced things like this before. It amazes me that these beings or whatever they are exist but so many people close there minds to it. They are even spoken of in the Bible and Koran.

What your experiencing sounds like something trying to contact or stay close to you for some reason.
I wonder if this cold you experience is just the way your body is reacting to the experience or if the being is actually draining you of something? These things could be some kind of parasites that we just can't visually see.

I wish you and your girlfriend well.

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posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by ThinkingCap

I have been to Ft Bragg a couple of times, quaint fishing village.
Always seemed a rather mystical place to me.
That part of California holds some sort of power.
Anyway they sound harmless, just want a little attention.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 09:09 PM
Afraid i cant help ya much with the paranormal as ive never had any experiences myself. But you get a star and flag from me cuz this isnt another birther thread

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