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Christchurch uses up world supply of chemical toilets!

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 06:20 PM
I hope you don't have a disaster in the next short while that requires large numbers of loo's, 'cos there's none to be had, anywhere in the world for a while at least!!

And now some serious info on the logistics of providing lavatory facilitiesto a medium sized city in time of crisis:

1140+ portaloo's were installed in Chch by 2 weeks after the quake (5 March)
about 1000 more were on the way, mostly from the USA.
4000 chemical toilets were in chch, with 2000 already delivered.
1000 chemical toilets per day were being manufactured, and shipped to chch in batches of 8000, a total of 20,000 was expected to be delivered in response to the crisis (these were mainly jsut buckets with holes in the top, bags for the waste & chemicals to treat it)

Keep it in mind for your own emergency planning!!

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