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The Blood of Patriots.....Marvel Traitors.....

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 02:20 PM
I do not own any of the main characters mentioned here... this is a fan fiction made using some characters I created....As is the plotline...It does however take place in the marvel universe which is now owned by disney i believe

Steve Rogers is sitting in his office processing paper work...

An agent walks in and hands Rogers a piece of paper... He gets a very concerned look on his face..... He reaches over and gives the command... A screen pops up....

"Find them, now!"

Front Steps of Lew Sterrett Justice Center

A masked figure stood over the Rangers (texas superhero team), he pulls back his hood revealing a Stars and striped themed costume...

Looking directly into the cameras, "You watching Rogers. Good I have a message for you and the other traitors..."

The cameraman looks at the reporter who motions to keep recording..

Smiling the masked man continues, "Your dogs of war have failed Rogers. I have a message for you..." Pausing for a grander effect,"One I am coming for the shield... You and your replacement do not deserve it... America does not need some symbol that has traded liberty for security..."

The Reporter jumps in, "Rogers is a living legend... Who has..."

"Betrayed his country... I have had enough of it... Look at the facts... first you start a civil war over personal rights... then you surrender," in a mocking voice," Because the cost is to high... boo hoo... freedom isnt free... then you mysteriously 'DIE'.." The masked figure makes the hand gestures of quotations, "Then all of a sudden we have an alien invasion, during which this administration puts a known criminal in charge of her defenses..."

"Rogers was dead!" some from the crowd shout really...

"I have seen those kills before, how many people come back from being pronounced dead... Unless rogers is willing to admit his death was faked.... " The faces of some in the crowd start to listen, "Now I want you and the nation to think real hard.... Osborne then and goes off 'disobeys'... He invades Asgards.... This is after using a false flag to give him reason... And guess who reappears... Not only rogers but as we found out his long dead partner... Who happens to be a killer...."

The crowd is silent.....

"And now the supposedly dead hero was put in charge of this nations defenses... Mind you it was with Ironman returned.... Oh they where all peaches and cream...."

"Are you saying that Rogers planned all of this?"

"Well how many people do you know of that oppose something then all of a sudden in up in charge of the same issues...Well you watching Rogers, you aint the only super soldier. Also not all patriots agreed to be enslaved..."

"What do you mean enslaved?" The reporter asked curiously....

"Ask Spiderman why the others get paid while he doesnt... They refuse to pay him for his labors yet give him assignments.... "

"Say what?"

"Even now rogers is in violation of multiple federal employment laws... You dont see him being arrested... Nope its is because he is using his immunity, with tacit approval of this administration..I also have in my posseion proof of at least a half dozen other conspiracies. The greatest is the involvement of the US government in causing the mutant depowering. I thought you promised to protect all americans.."

A smoke bomb hits the ground and blast .... As the smoke clears, The reporter speaks... "These are very interesting charges leveled against one of this nations greatest heroes... Is it true now that is the question. Especially given the current state of the economy."

"Find him now!!!" Roger yells...

The computer gives out a ring, "Rogers, it is the white house..."

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