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The consequences of conspiracy - suffering for the people and transformation of bad karma into good

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 07:46 AM
Anyone ever considerred the other perspective of conspiracy? Imagine there is a conspiracy which means evil people doing bad deeds to the masses. The consequences are suffering for the masses. From a spiritual perspective what does that mean?

It is said in Buddhism(and other orthodox religions) that people generate bad karma throughout their lives and karma needs to be paid off at the end of one´s lifespan(in the form of diseaser or other misfortunes) or in one´s afterlife.

From prophecies it is also said that we live at the end of times as we know them. What if this is all true? How should we then look at suffering?

Let´s say you are a person who inject some vaccine shots, you get all sorts of diseases and your food&drink is not good either since it is all genetically manipulated. Your health is possibly going to be ruined over time.

If one is suffering one transforms bad karma into good karma(virtue), that is the main idea of suffering according to orthodox religion and Buddhism.

In fact we should look at things dialectically. There is always an upside in all matters. Evil people can be used to do good deeds for people, it is just that people don´t look at it that way, especially not in a materialistic society where people just believe in what they can see... Hence people become angry when they need to suffer. But human life means suffering in illusion according to Buddhism.

Right now I can see lots of people who injected the swine flu vaccine shot suffering in all kinds of flus etc and they all say it started after they got the vaccine...

But there is an upside to it all if we look at it from the spiritual perspective. These people should have more virtue and less karma after all that suffering.

Just my two cents, no truth offered whatsoever...

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