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A Vivid Dream

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 08:51 PM
I'm experiencing a vivid recurring dream.

It begins with my body being in a horizontal position with my eyes closed.

I open them and stand, pulling some things over my skin. I start to walk.

I end up at a large, oppressive building and against my better judgement I always go inside. All my instincts tell me to get out of there but there I remain. A man stands in the room looking at me, as if there is something I'm supposed to do.
I check what everyone else is doing and decide to copy them. I move toward the unoccupied device and observe the cuboid upon it intently. There are two devices that control it so I pretend to use them just like everyone else seems to be doing. There is also a device on the wall that seems to change ever so slightly, ever so slowly.
After an extremely long time everyone gets up in unison and walks in the same direction. I decide it would be best to follow, even though my heart is screaming at me to run out of the door I came in through earlier...
Next thing I know I'm in a room, holding some sort of triangle. Everyone seems to be putting the triangles into their mouths, so I do the same. We continue until all the small triangles have disappeared. Some of them talk but I never really listen what they say.
The people stand up together and walk back into the device room so I follow.
They resume the same pattern of behaviour as before. For some reason I continue to mirror their actions with the devices and the cuboids.
After some considerable time, what feels like an age, attention shifts to the strange slow-moving device on the wall. The black part of the device is about to form a continuous vertical line. Everyone become restless, understandably so, considering what happens next.
The strange man I saw earlier opens the door through which I first entered and everyone rushes to escape.

Thankfully, upon reaching outside I remember I'm in a dream. I smile and continue walking. The people who pass me by seem so miserable. I don't know why.

The remainder of the reverie can sometimes be quite enjoyable, and occasionally I meet interesting characters, but other times it can seem just as bad and as real as being in that building.

Strangely, the dream always ends as it starts, with me being in a horizontal position with my eyes closed.

Does anyone else have dreams like this?
I sincerely hope not, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Anyway, must dash, got lots to do today.

I've got a meeting with the Trees and then I'm off to dance a play with the Whales.
Also said I'd jump to another planet to chat with a cousin of mine I've not seen for a while, he's come up with a design for a new star system he wants my opinion on.
Might even go for a leisurely stroll across an ocean or two with my Soulmate when I get back - if I've got time before the Evening Song of course.

Hopefully see you there

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by iamahumandoing

I have re-read the story, now that I understand the "dream" part. Absolutely brilliantly written, and yes, I think many many billions of people are having this same recurring vivid nightmare, unfortunately, but we shall meet each other on the other planet and try to make it all a little worthwhile, just a little bit, just enough to keep us going on and putting one foot in front of the other.
S & F for you.

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