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Political Karmic Dismemberment.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:33 AM
If you have nothing to hide,
You have nothing to fear,
If you've been taken for a ride,
Then just you listen here,
The people you elected,
To save you from your past,
They have all defected,
Far from winning coming last,

And now your history haunts you,
And your futures looking grim,
All your hatred taunts you,
With the memory of sin ,
You wish to meet your end,
With a blade in both your hands,
And so you arm according to trend,
And set war your war upon the land,

You dare'nt fight this battle yourself,
So close as you are to your death,
But you worry about your health,
Even as you draw your last breath,
Karma will come to take you,
Choking off your liars voice,
Taken down to the depths to break you,
For once you have no choice.

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