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Why, if the North African revolutions are natural, they will succeed

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posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 07:31 PM
I would like to make the argument that for if the revolutions in North Africa are natural and organic, springing to action from the whispered wishes of a subjugated peoples, they will in fact lead to a new era in this region, one not experienced in notable history.

Each revolution is unique and pertains specifically to the cultural, ethnic, economic, social, and national influences upon the people who have pursued revolution. No single revolution is identical and they vary by degree and result. Some follow the inexcusable path of anarchy, violence, and bloodshed, whilst others follow the path of justice, reverence, honor, and virtue.

From the reports out of Tunisia and Egypt the people protested for change, encountered brute force, overthrew their leader, and did so with a respectable character. Rather than pursue a path of butchering all those who oppose, looting for wealth, or violence for retribution, they fought nobly and with honor, for they fought a revolution to secure their natural rights rather than for untested philosophical desires.

Two contrasting revolutions appear within my mind when I compare how revolutions will result. First is the American Revolution; rather than rejecting the cultural aspects of society for philosophical alterations, they sought to restore what they believed were rights passed down from generation-to-generation, a natural right to liberty. Second is the French Revolution; contrasting with the American Revolution the French fought for the abolishon of their entire social structure and cultural identity, replacing it with an untested philosophy pushed by detached philosophes and revolutionaries.

Since the House had been prorogued in the summer much work was done in France. The French had shewn themselves the ablest architects of ruin that had hitherto existed in the world. In that very short space of time they had completely pulled down to the ground, their monarchy; their church; their nobility; their law; their revenue; their army; their navy; their commerce; their arts; and their manufactures...[there was a danger of] an imitation of the excesses of an irrational, unprincipled, proscribing, confiscating, plundering, ferocious, bloody and tyrannical democracy...[in religion] the danger of their example is no longer from intolerance, but from Atheism; a foul, unnatural vice, foe to all the dignity and consolation of mankind; which seems in France, for a long time, to have been embodied into a faction, accredited, and almost avowed.


Fortunately if these revolutions in North Africa, spreading to the Middle East, are in fact natural and organic, without foreign intervention, the result will be an establishment of a government which will best suit the aspirations and desires of the people. But if this is not natural and organic, expect brutal tyranny to replace the deposed dictators, ensuring that the people of this region will be confined to the pits of hell for the foreseeable future.

May we pray to God that these revolutions result in the respect, honor, and happiness of the entire peoples of these nations.

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 08:28 PM
No replies?


posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:14 AM
It's said US commanders arrived in Cairo days before Mubarak resigned. Coup?

There are conflicting reports as to what is happening in Libya. Russian intelligence says there wasn't air strikes, Al Jazeera says there were (considering they were the main source). Now that the rebellions are becoming more like a stalemated civil war, US naval forces draw closer and closer getting ready for an invasion. Coup?

Maybe. But it really seems there is a HUGE smear campaign going on against Gaddafi, making him look like Satan so the international community will demand intervention. And seems like statistics are being manipulated. 3,000 dead in a single week?

Looking back in the past, this whole 'Libyan crisis' looks like a perfect set-up for a Coup d'etat against Gaddafi.
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by BiGGz

Yup just like the uprisings in 2000 in Serbia by the CIA and the 1989 romania backed uprising by the west all of a sudden the so called protesters had guns and alots of them.

I am afraid op not every uprisings have been natural they have been created.
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 12:58 PM
Don't forget Guatemala.

Psychological warfare was prominent in the operation.[15] The CIA planned to make heavy use of rumor, pamphleteering, poster campaigns, and, most of all, radio, which had turned the tide at the critical moment in the Iran operation. Although relatively few Guatemalans personally owned a radio, the radio was considered to be an authoritative source, and the CIA hoped that word of mouth would assist in the dissemination of their propaganda to an audience greatly exceeding those with radios. The radio station, La Voz de la Liberacion (The voice of liberation), was set up in Miami but claimed to be operating from "deep in the jungle" and broadcast a mix of popular music, humor, and anti-government propaganda. While the broadcasts were overtly tailored to the general populace, they were specifically and subversively targeted at "men of action", particularly the officers in the Guatemalan military, whose complicity was essential to the success of the operation. The Guatemalan army, made up of around 5,000 well trained and armed soldiers, was more than a match militarily for Armas's 400 undisciplined rebels. Depending on a strictly military success was not an option, and winning the officer class over, mostly through intimidation, was pivotal to the success of the operation. Immediately preceding the invasion propaganda efforts were intensified with Armas sending warplanes to fly low over the capital, buzzing the presidential palace, and drop leaflets urging the military to disavow their Communist government. Internal propaganda activities were taken up mostly by student groups under direct instruction of CIA experts stationed at the Florida headquarters. Employing many advanced ideas and techniques, they met with immediate success. They started a weekly pamphlet and plastered the number "32" -- for Article 32 in the constitution that prohibited international political parties—on buses and walls across the whole country, garnering much local media attention. Encouraged by this initial success the group began using an increasingly wide variety of ideas and approaches. One scheme was to put stickers saying "A communist lives here" on the homes of Árbenz's supporters. Another was to send out fake death notices for Árbenz or other leading members of his cabinet to local newspapers. These activities reached such a height that Árbenz found it necessary to take harsh measures to stymie them, arresting many members of the student groups, limiting freedom of assembly, and intimidating newspapers into ignoring their activities. These severe clampdowns[citation needed] essentially turned Guatemala into the repressive regime that the Agency was trying to portray it as, which only succeeded in giving ammunition to Agency claims and hastening Árbenz's downfall.
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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 02:45 PM
I wanted to post this as a new thread but there is the 20 post minimum.

I'm Posting this in response to recent aggressions. not to hurt anybody, those im aiming at already are doing enough.
I have a tunisian nationality born in tunisia.
this story is unbelievable but its the only truth you will all get. i know its very hard to believe other that to those who already know.
i have been brutally tortured in every kind imaginable from when i was a child in tunisia.
including rape and being touched in sensitive parts every day, it drive to madness.
the reason for my torture is i belive money selling me part by part to buyer all across the world. or they continue torturing me.
i impossibly survived even a suicide attempt.
i do not think im the only one, but my case is one of the worse.
i was not tortured by ben-ali government as im still being tortured after he is gone.
i'm being tortured by the radio-waves supercomputer built under the country ground.
Im Living in Terror afraid of what might happen next, also they used the fear (to the point you cant even breath and even terror that drive mad in fear) emotion multiple times on me, i consider them the perfect terrorist Organization too.
the organization doing is ruled by someone ruled the country before ben ali.
who gotten this technology from the independent organization which gave it to world leaders at early previous century.
Im looking to quit the country as i belive its the only way apparently other that becoming the leader of the country. as the organization forbids this weapon to be used on country leaders.
i tried quitting the country and going to Algeria but someone payed the Algerian government to send me some peoples attacking me also with this technology pretty badly.

everything happening currently in just fake there is no wars in any country in the planet
whats happening is for another reason. and those who did this acting dirtying their names did it for help (not all some did for personal gain).
the independent organization created by the united states as a gigantic radio-waves generator turned on them and set their own rules including forbidding wars between countries using the radio-waves (and its impossible to actually attack any country with any kind of classic weapon) unless its a friendly skirmish.

Ben-ali got out of power just to free the place as the organization forbid countries leaders from getting attacked so giving the place to one person will save him from the fate he is in. i believe he did it for me,but maybe for someone else in the same case as me(very unlikely) as i believe they torture brutally peoples one by one.
tunisian revolution was all fake and so all the revolutions(nobody can remove someone having this weapon if he does not want to leave). and again some peoples did it for help sacrificing their gains and belongings and others for fame and who know what else.
after getting rid of Ben-ali tunisians refused to vote for me as a temporary leader so i can escape this fate.
i think they are afraid what if i were to take revenge on them, as they voted for the one doing this to me probably, or maybe there are other reasons. so its better to leave me to my fate. this is what more than 50% at least did.
so nothing changed. some peoples are really heartless.
some of them did even attack by ugly means me to save themselfs and others for gain.
however who is going to take that position is just going to have to watch incapable of doing anything the next victim getting tortured or he attack and get killed in vain. but luckily for me and its a rare thing, not every country is wicked and there is still really good peoples outside to rely on them for help.

This radio-wave device (i believe its terahertz type) weapon is a human brain like supercomputer generating controllable radio-waves scanning all matters and also its capable of modifying matter structure by applying magnet like effect on molecules changing the shape of object.
this weapon is perfect for building any kind of structures with atomic precision and capable of monitoring brain functions and also altering them so giving mind control powers to users over the subject including vision,hearing,feel,dreams...
also capable of cells repair so their users can live for much longer than normal persons.
and even DNA modifications but i dont know how far are they in this.

But the ones supposed to judge me are the liars.
One Day Proof will be released.
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