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Choices Believers Have To Make?

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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 06:52 PM
Some Christians therefore have to make a decision, is Yeshua human and only human, or is Yeshua human and divine? Yeshua being human and divine, this is the take that most followers of Yeshua end up taking, although there were some followers of Yeshua who existed all the way into the second century who believed Yeshua was purely human. They tended to be Jewish followers of Yeshua, they still wanted to be complete monotheists and have only one Yahweh. So they said, No Yeshua can’t be divine. So some followers of Yeshua chose this route; human and only human.

Others, chose this route; human and divine. Then, though one has to split this up. Was Yeshua always divine or did Yeshua become divine? If Yeshua became divine, Yeshua always was divine. If Yeshua became divine then when did Yeshua become divine? One has different choices again like at his birth, because then you have the songs that all the angels sing, and you take some of those songs at the beginning of Luke, and it sounds like they’re talking about Yeshua’s divine now. Or at his baptism; or at his resurrection. So, Christians again seem to have divided up. Does one take Yeshua as becoming divine at his birth, Yeshua’s baptism, or Yeshua’s resurrection? We’ve seen other Christians say, no Yeshua always was divine, but even then they split up into different choices too, because some of them said Yeshua was divine but also fully human, so Yeshua was both divine but also fleshly; a letter in the new testament insisting that you can’t have Yeshua as divine without also having him as come in the flesh. Apparently some people in the Johannine community were claiming that Yeshua was fully divine, but not fleshly. Then you have, so this became that position, flesh and divine; that is, what came to be a heresy, remember, in the second century there was no organized church that could be able to declare what counted as orthodoxy and heresy. But this idea was Yeshua was not fully flesh, Yeshua was so divine, Yeshua was Yahweh, so that when Yeshua walked along on the wet sand on the beach, Yeshua’s feet didn’t leave footprints, that’s how divine Yeshua was. Yeshua didn’t have any weight about him; Yeshua was not even fully flesh. Notice all of these are choices that followers of Yeshua had to make in the decades following his death. Some of them took the human route, some of them took the human and divine route, some of them believed that Yeshua became divine, and the list goes on?

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 07:17 PM
Interesting, thanks. Although I'm not sure where you're going, mind if I throw in a bit more?

For over 1600 years the position of the Roman Catholic Church has been "fully human and fully divine." Proposing something contradictory to an official church teaching is pretty much the definition of heresy. Every now and then somebody tries a different formulation, but the church hasn't changed it's mind.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 08:24 PM
If you know that there are countless opinions about Jesus, what point are you trying to make? You seem to be familiar with the wide ranging beliefs of Christ, varying greatly between Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Gnostic, Mystic, Mystery, and all of the countless off-shoots, branches, sects, and individual personal understandings. Do you have a particular understanding you wish to present to add substance to the thread? Or is it further separation you wish to cultivate?

I, for one, see absolutely no benefit in arguing the superficial details of the person of Jesus, even if he was never an actual, historical person. Those arguments add nothing to the benefit of a person's spiritual development, it only causes division and separation. If one were to read the Gospels, all of them.. the four traditional, the heretical, the gnostic, and even the Gospel of Barnabas, one would find a wealth of spiritual teachings. Read them for the spiritual teachings, for spirituality unites and the superficial debates divide.

I absolutely love reading Gospels. The God, Man, or Character of Jesus is surely an inspiration.
Peace to you

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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 08:52 PM
John 5:26-For as the Father has life in himself; so has he given to the son to have life in himself. Yeshua didn't have that life, which is the same life that tree of life produced, remember How humankind was banned access to the life, the life Yeshua was to have; Yeshua didn't have that life. When Yahweh raised Yeshua from among the dead, remember all are dead, no access to that life, the life that tree of life produced; but Yeshua got life within himself, and we can get that life too.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 09:06 PM
Thanks, newnature, for posting again, but I must have taken stupid pills, you're confusing me.

What kind of life did Yeshua have, in your opinion, and how does that affect us?

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