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No need to worry about TPTB, World War III or any of that other stuff. We the People will win by def

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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 02:15 PM
I enjoy occassional doses of ATS because there are some wonderful, thoughtful, threads begun. It can become a little draining with all of the doom, gloom and conspiracy talk however. Still, overall this is one of the most information rich sites I have ever discovered.

What I want to address is the actual or perceived war that is being waged against the PTB.

Firstly, I'd have to ask, "Who are TPTB?" I ask this because one can't help but wonder if they are a made-up boogie man.

To discern whether TPTB are a legitimate threat, one has to answer what can they possibly profit from their accused actions? What can they profit from world domination?

The obvious and most popular answer is that they are power hungry and wish to rule us. Here's my problem with that accusation. We all live approximately the same number of years, meaning it isn't like they live thousands of years! So if they live to the age of 60-90 like the rest of us, what motivation would they have to rule us? By the time they achieve the desired power...HECK it's time to die! No use in ruling the world from a granny walker!

Apply this logic to yourself and imagine yourself as desiring to rule the world and the time/effort it would take for you to achieve this. If you really think about it, as I have, you realize it isn't worth the effort/time.

This brings me to another question. Are the PTB after something else, the only other "something else" that can make ruling the masses worth it? Are they seeking, or have they achieved immortality?

Immortality is the only thing that can make ruling worth the effort for anyone who takes a step back and actually consider.

I digress....I wander from the point of this thread.

The point of this thread is that no matter what TPTB have planned or how they have us in checkmate, the plan will fail and was destined to fail from the start.

Have you ever seen a situation between two opposing forces or objects, and one force is always the aggressor and on the attack. The other force is passive or seemingly defenseless and surely doomed...however after the smoke clears it is the victor. You can only wonder how it won. Upon analysis, you see the aggressor pummelling the passive and beating it mercilessly and it seems sure of victory. It may even win in its own world/mind, but from a wiser perspective you see that he/it/whatever actually loses?

Imagine for a moment a thug attacking a defenseless person, only thing is, this defenseless person can see a bigger picture. This person knows that their life energy will merely transform to something else and ascend if you want to use the term. So the thug murders this defenseless person and thinks he has done something big and bad or has won, when in reality, he's stuck in fly paper and not ascending. He basically LOSES!

Attempt to apply this to what we're seeing concerning people struggling against their governments. Apply this specifically to our situation here in America since our government and military are virtually impervious to attackers. The evil people behind our oppressors are fighting for dominance on a plane that is....basically yesterday's news!

We the people are going to ascend to a different level whether TPTB want us too or not! There isn't anything they can do to stop it. The danger is We the People allowing ourselves to be trapped in this dimension along with them. We're going to ascend to a spiritual/energy level where the things that can be used against us currently will no longer hold power over us. Threats of death or imprisonment will not work, causing food shortages will not work, nothing will.

We the People will truly experience freedom then.

I have concluded from doing various research that this is what 2012 or around that time will bring us. Perhaps we will discover proof that death isn't the end of the road. I've read that the coming age will reawaken energies that aren't active during the Age of Pisces we're currently in. These energies will make resources and the battles/hoarding of them a thing of the past.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by DZAG Wright

well thought out!

i've been thinking on these same lines recently, in regards to end of the world etc.....and that we all have to go at some point!

So, the where and when is basically irrevelant!!

and the two options with death are
1) you are dead

2) your energy or essence goes somewhere that it is meant too.

So, death is irrelevant.

And the motivation for taking over the world

"First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women"

best of luck and keep em comin


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