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The Defining Spirit Or Mood Of A Particular Period Of History As Shown By The Ideas And Beliefs Of T

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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 12:40 PM
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward 2011

I have searched ATS to see if Zeitgeist was ever brought up in the forums. I found that it was brought up a number of times. Some times there was interest from some, and anger in others towards the issue and what seem to be towards the OP who brought it up. It's like some wants to censor this form of information from being spread around. I don't agree with those, I see them as part of the problem and the ones that don't want people to think for themselves.
This latest release of Zeitgeist 2011 is a much better edition, from the false teaching that genetics determines outcomes of life, to experiences while in the womb, infancy, adolescence, is just part of where it starts off.
Everyone should be able to relate to the experiences that we go through in life, in what is presented and spoken about in this film.
For those that get angry and call it down, explain in a calm manner why you disagree with what is being presented. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and should be heard, but in a reasonable and civil manner as well as respectable. Anyone wanting to change the world? Then lets start with respecting each other.

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