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A tale of two poems (WRAP)

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 06:42 PM
A few days ago I had a sudden inspiration to write this. It started off pretty good, though unfortunately near the end I seemed to have lost whatever muse possessed me to start it in the first place. Nonetheless, I'm going to submit it for the WRAP contest and see what people think of it. I'd started out with a particular structure and rhythm in mind, though as I started to write it, I eventually bent or broke some of the rules I'd initially set for myself, but I'm hoping it worked out anyway.

There were two famous poems written several hundred years ago by different poets, one in which a shepherd professes love, and another where a nymph relies to that love. In a somewhat similar vein, I have written two poems here, though they are meant to be taken together, and in one sense can be seen more as part I and part II of the same piece of work.

The Elites' to the People:

we'll say,
we’ll do it all our way.

We know
what’s best,
won’t listen to the rest.

More safe,
less free.
It’s better now, you’ll see.

We’ll keep
the sheep
won’t let them make a peep.

We’ll tell
you what
to think.
Dump fluoride in your drink.

You’re serfs
for life,
working on our fief
called Earth.

Pay tax!
The axe
for those who won’t obey.

Our wealth,
you make.
Our wars,
you fight.
Rand’s wrong, and Orwell’s right.

You don’t
need guns.
You don’t
need rights.
Curfew on all weeknights!

Your kids,
we’ll teach
our views
to preach,
and spin it ‘round again!

Free speech?
What’s that?
Free press?
Screw that!
We’ll tell you how to act!

We picked
two blokes,
so go and cast your votes!
Thing one, thing two,
the choice is up to you!

The Reply of the People:

It’s time
to say,
collectively, no way!

We’ve had
Our lives are far too rough.

We’d like
to see
much more equality!

Our rights?
A must!
Less graft,
More trust!

Fairer courts,
fairer law.
Better schools,
Cheer hurrah!

Be heard,
not herded.
Power to the people!
We are not mere sheeple!

More than paper!
Now, not later!

We want
more pay!
We want
more say!
We’d rather it’s our way.

Hell, no!
We won’t go
to fight.
It’s not right.
Stop these unjust wars tonight!

not patriot acts.
We love our great country,
no question,
that’s fact.

Secrecy repugnant,
democracy triumphant.
Bilderberg, Trilateral,
Illuminati worst of all.
They are evil, they will fall.

Workers of
the world, unite!
From sea to sea,
with voice of might,
shout, Let us go free!


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