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Wondering if the Arab uprising are orchestrated by TPTB.....

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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 11:33 AM
In recent light of the US Gov interested in HBGary's program to fake Facebook and other social media users in an effort to create a sort of social-engineering ability...

...I'm wondering if the whole Egypt/Libya/Etc uprisings are engineered somehow to force higher oil prices and other results

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by dominicus

I wonder too

This strategy was posted 4 years ago.

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 12:48 PM
Whether the whole shabang was orchestrated by one "side", we will never know.

What I personally feel is that each high power has a set of parts to play in trying to provide themselves with a beneficial outcome....regardless of the human cost and for political and financial gain.

What may seem like a purely public action has many factors involved and we cannot often know if these factors were evolved by natural means or orchestrated by a PTB....what's the difference and how can you tell?

Global problems are inherant and coded into our genes I think. Some know how to use these "faults" for their own benefit and have enough information to do so.

Freedom is never permenant, just something to chase with actions, actions that have outcomes for someone, not always beneficial to all.

Sucks eh?

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