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An Almost Divine Reaping [WRAP]

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 07:02 PM
She waits there, night after night. I watch her waiting there, every night at this time. She sits by the banks of the stream, gazing into nothingness. She sits there staring into the darkness, a permanent expression of disappointment paints her face. Melancholy seems to fill her heart as she sits faithfully by the lonely stream night after night. Like clockwork she appears under the moon and the stars, and without fail, she leaves with a sigh. Sometimes she silently weeps for a few minutes before leaving. I can not help but to feel a hint of sadness as I watch her expectations crushed. She waits for someone, a promised lover, a brother returning from war, or a friend of great bond. Who ever it may be that she waits on fails to show, just as often as she seems to wait. I can not say that I know her sadness, as it must be a cold and piercing force; however, from watching her all of these nights I have come to empathize with the futility of her patience. On this particular night I witness a spectacle so grand that my mind can barely believe my eyes.

The woman sits, upon the banks of the stream, just as she does on any other night; her sorrow more apparent than on other evening. Within minutes of sitting down, she begins to sob uncontrollably. Her mourning echoes throughout the dark and lonely forest as the stream casually flows below her. She made no effort to temper her tears or her woeful moans. She buried her hands within her face, shielding her shame from the world. After what seemed to be an hour of listening to her lament, my heart could take no more, I had to console her. As I stepped from behind the cluster of trees and undergrowth that had hidden me well, a sudden feeling of calm paralyzed my being. My eyes opened for the first time to a sight so bizarre and unnatural that it allowed me nary a movement. As she continued to sob, a mist spread across the entirety of the stream. It slowly spread from one end to the other, gently hovering above the tepid waters. Under the mist, the water began to glow. A light of white shone from underneath the mist. Its glow was soft and almost warm. All things seemed to slow to a halt as I looked upon the enchanted stream. The radiant light emanating from below the mist had transformed itself in color. I would not discern when this change took place, but from one moment to the next, white became a transparent hue of blue. It was at the time I noticed the change in the water’s glow that the smell of myrrh filled the air, making its way through my nostrils. The scent was strong, yet in no way overpowering. As if all my senses were to be stimulated, a low and constant hum could be heard throughout the forest. Its sound alone raised the hairs of my body. The entire scene felt as unnatural as it appeared. The young woman noticed the changes all around her and stayed her sorrowful weeping. She looked upstream, the same direction that had now captivated my attention. We both were witnessing an event so amazing no form of logic seemed to adequately describe it. A figure hovered above the waters.

It slowly descended closer towards the stream. The entity shone with a golden light that warmed my skin from such a distance. I stood there, dumbfounded by the scene before me. The being continued downwards with grace. Where its foot would have made contact with the stream, the water was displaced, creating circular ripples underneath its presence. It began to walk, slowly toward the stream’s bank. With each step it floated above the water, displacing it and the mist; and with every step a chime was heard. Comprehending its form was difficult. Its garments were peculiar, shining with a metallic quality. The sash around its hips flowed carelessly, unmolested by the forces of gravity. A circular ring shone brightly behind the entity, and for slender objects extended from the glowing ring on either side. The being’s face came into view as it neared the bank of the stream. The woman sat, staring in disbelief as its light shone upon her face. The loud chiming ceased as the being ceased movement ten feet before the woman. Its face was fully visible, yet almost incomprehensible, shining a bright golden hue upon the surrounding forest. Slowly the being extended an arm towards the woman, palm upwards; an invitation. She stood up slowly, captivated by the entity’s magnificent presence. Any doubt she felt must have been extinguished as a brighter multi colored light appeared within the being’s hand. It spread towards the bank of the stream and throughout the forest. Benevolence, that is the best I can describe the feeling of the light, warm benevolence. She slowly made her way towards the outstretched arm. Step by step she slowly reached the stream, and before she met the water’s edge, she began to levitate. She was pulled closer to the being, and as she grew closer I could hear her say, “My lord, you have forsaken me not. Thank you.”

Her hand placed itself within its glowing palm; her white dress began to shine with a brilliant light. Her hair and dress began to flow as if caught in a fall. As she touched the hand of the entity, the humming sound grew with intensity and eventually drowned out all other sound. An intense light radiated from the pair. Suddenly the light burst, causing me to shield my eyes. They were gone. The mist disappeared as if pushed away by a large gust of wind. The water slowly lost its bluish glow. Silence filled the forest. As suddenly as the scene appeared, it was lost. I sat there for a long time in the darkness of night, enamored by the spectacle that I was so privileged to behold.

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 06:00 PM
If a Moderator is present, could you add [WRAP] to the title. Please and thank you

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by TheOneElectric

Best of luck on your entry. Enjoyed the read.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by masqua

Just wanted to let you know that this was beautiful. Thanks

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