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An Evil Overlord vs Zombies (WRAP)

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 06:28 PM
Powell, Texas

"Baby its the Emergency Broadcast System, you might want to come and see this." As the message plays,"I know your busy in your so called lab... " Sounding slightly scared and miffed that her Boyfriend is in the 'Lab'

Annoyed at the interruption, "Ok baby..." He called back up from the basement, "Computer, transfer news program to main visual..."

He listens in disbelief....Begins surfing various cjhannels, seeing the same thing. In anger he throws the electronic equipment he was working on across the room, "It figures, God #@$%.. Right as I am about to pay them all back some idiot jacks it up... Real @#$%ing hilarious GOD... "

After pausing a moment, "Computer emergency lockdown procedures, set all defenses to full enemy destruction mode and anti swarm... Deploy Drones ASAP... Locate our Children via trackers..."

"Commadore," the computer responed, "Lockdown procedures initiated," A bunch of little spider robots Swarm the Commadore." Armor defense of all occupants, airborne and roving drones deployed, search for children initiated.... children located... "

A scream comes from upstairs, causing the self styled Commadore to run upstairs. Grabing a specialty Rifle as his upper basement begins transforming, "Computer?"

"Negative on hostiles Commadore. The Lady of the house appears to be suffering from anxiety."

"Do not sedate, "As he runs upstairs. "Re-deploy 75% drones to the children now. "

"Ackknowledging... Airborne drone on site request authorization for force levels... Multiple hostiles present..."

As he reaches the top of the stairs, " ID4 protocols, now. ETA Ground units"

"initiated, ETA one minute, 15 seconds..."

The Commadore reaches the top of the stairs and slings his rifle over his shoulder. "Baby, I have a lot to explain but very little time."

Looking at her hand, "Armor out of mechanical robots???... Then those things popped up at the end of the drive-way."

"Sorry baby I am not smart enough to build the full liquid metal yet.Those coils are all your idea.... Omni- Directional Tesla coils with micro particle acceleration.." With a straight face, "We gotta go pick the kids up from school..."

"My god our babies!!!" Shaking her head, "Wait a minute, Tesla coils with full particle acceleration..." She heads to the garage, "Mister we have a lot to talk about..."

She steps into the garage,"What..."

The beat-up Suv and old pick-up truck where replaced by a road ready hybrid of a humvee and batmobile...

"We really have to talk, mister... Dont have the time to fix a sink or frontdoor huh..."

From behind his mask he smiles forgetting the mask is on....

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 06:46 PM
To be continued...


I could not get it all in one post and it has three parts....

I hope you enjoy

I had accidently hit post before I could, finish the whole story.... Like I said I do apologise and will try and keep the story interesting....

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 07:48 PM
The crunch of the tires got less frequent as the vehicle pulled up onto 31 from 309.. The on-board computer was playing country music,

as his girlfriend is looking out the vid-screen. "Let me get this straight mister, for two years you have been building all this garbage.. Airborne drones, robot dogs, spiders that become body armor , A fully automated and armored vehicle with a wide range of features, a supercomputer, and a household automated defese system yet you cant fix garbage disposal or busted pipes..."

"Sam in my defense, the kids are all safe...."

Their little girl looked to her older sister, "So daddy built this.... See I told you he wasnt spending two hours just using the restroom.... But nooooo, Its just little victoria... See I told you daddy was a mad scientist... Armor I want pink camouflage..."

As the body armor she was wearing turned pink cameo, she laughed as it turned pink...Her half sister started laughing.... "Victoria, Ill give it to you.... " she reached out to her little sister, "You have his BRAINS."

Her step brother was to busy 'comforting' one of the cheerleaders, to laugh.... His armor stay a single plaster white

One of the adults poked their head into front cab area.... "So when are we getting armor to prevent us from being bit?"

The commadore looked the adult straight in the eye, "Never... respect is earned not given... NOW SIT DOWN, or I will throw you out...."

Just as the adult decided to sit down Sam shouted, "STOP!!!"

He stopped the vehicle, "Yes mam..."

"Dont start that with me... That was the day care... We may have left those others but those are infants..."

The commadore paused then put the vehical into reverse and went around the backway to the daycare...

Sam leaned into the back, "Yall shut up and stay."

After a moment, "Allright.. Amos you ready to test that tin can your wearing?"

"What," Sam started to say but was interupted.

"No time to explain, Amos this is like a video game. They cant bite through... The options screen is preset to your natural video game preferences... The AI is online for any assist. Do exaclty what she says. Kill anything that gets in your way.."

The cheerleader was in shock and pullede Amos closer, as he whispered to her... "Its ok Jenny.." In his best Alpha male voice, similar to his dads commanding tone, "I am going out with the old man.. We're gonna kill a few zombies... "

She kissed his armors faceplate...

His stepmother was giving her boyfriend the evil eye... "I said..."

"We are going to rescue the children...." He turns to the back, "Shiva get up here..."

She looked at her step father,"But.." She sounded worried...

"I want someone in the co-piolits seat... Your it... you have your perimt... The computer listed you as ready to drive at forteen... Just drive it to the house the computer will give you instruction..."

Victoria sounded like she had tears under her pink camouflaged helmet, "What do you want me to do daddy."

"Here," He handed his daughter his weapon. "Stand right here and if any of these people decide to move up front towards you, mommy, or you sister shoot them..."

"Like in the video game..."

"Yes baby like the video game..." Switching to an individual connection, "Sam its ok, lilith is monitoring the situation and has complete access to the weapon. As the computer cant prethink, she does need instruction. No one but you and Shiva can drive the vehicle and the passengers cant interfer. Its just to mess with there heads..."

She puts her helmet to his, "Be careful baby.."

"Baby I wouldnt even get out of the vehicle if I thought there was a chance of me getting hurt... We can spare the effort at no risk so I'll do it..."

Switching off back to normal talk, " All right we are going out... Computer move in air drones... and any nearby land units..."

"Affirmative, units in position.. Commadore you have an estimated thrity secs before the toddlers get ate by the creatures..."

"Lets move Amos..."


Ten minutes and a pile of dead zombies later...

The last of the toddlers were in the vehicle as the day care worker carried her. The commadore slammed the vehicle shut, "Sam there is no room. Me and Amos will catch a ride... Get these children to safety now... Lilith drive them now.."

The vehicle took off, refusing to follow Sams orders... Air units followed, while other ground units stayed with the Commadore and his son...

"Dad, scuse me Commadore, Protocol I know... Whats the plan..."

"Like I said we catch a ride...That and since your prince... Id say a cool name for you to go by..."

"Any thing I want," he asked...


"I want to be known as Tog...."

"Tog, killer of zombies it is... Good choice son....

They walked down the road away from the highway....
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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 07:53 PM
@ mods I will try and have it finished by the 12 deadline...

At least one more post.....

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 09:35 PM
Three pick-up trucks and one car pulled into The driveway past the coils.... Blaring on the radios....

From the rear of the Pick-up, "Honey we're home.." The commadore yelled out..

Amos AKA Tog hoped out of the lead car, "Jun'Lin take the other side walk down the other side look for carry ons..."

A teen dressed in a star wars commando uniform, "Eye, eye Amos..."

He begin walking down the car... As he got to the end of the third truck... "Amos all clear..."

"Commadore all clear this side of the fence.."

"Understood, this side the fence clear..." He turned to the others, "Clear out the vehicles ASAP..."

A motley group piled out a gaurd formed watching the rest pile into the house quickly... two remained at the door...

"Tog, the pile up might reach critical in about an hour... Jun' Lin, we will get you fixed up with armor here soon... Good job..." He bowed in respect...

The thirteen year old Jun' Lin bowed back, "Thank you commadore.... It is a privilege to serve..."

"All right boys in..." As they went in he sent the guards in ahead..." Computer Complete lockdown and perp for sterilization procedures in one hour mark...

Sam jumped into his arms and he almost dropped the bag he was carrying, "Honey."

"Dont you ever do that again.." She looked as the additional 18 people were crowding her house... "Where are all these people going to go..."


posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 10:56 PM
In The Overlords labratory

"I know you were my step daughter science teacher...Mr. Golch, I need you to look at these results.."
Mr. Albert Golch put his glasses on and prepared to look at the samples...

"Wait..." The commadore motioned and spoke to his computer... "Put the visual interface with Mr.Gloch. It is sole researcher status for the out break.."

"Acknowledge, Albert Golch salutations, I am Lilith to those with access... I apologise for the slight delay... I just finished processing the whole internet... I am still attempting to negotiate with several government systems..."

"Thank you mam, but I dont see what I can add to this... I mean Mr.Jackson has built a lot of this equipment and weapons..."

"He is of the opinion that extra competent eyes are always worth it.."

"Lilith display the Z-virus for Mr. Golch.. Do a full wall display..."

The whole wall lit up as a weird picture appeared...

"Wow.. Is this live feed?"

"Yes it is live feed from the virus at its level..."

"Lilith,I am not going to even ask how this is possible..."

"Well," the Commadore asked, "Your opinon as our only resident biology expert.."

"It appears to be a version of the HIV virus... Hum... I have a few questions before I answer...."

"Doctor Golch I can see I am interupting your thoughts take all the time you need. I will leave...Consider this you labratory..."

"Thank you..." He turned back towards the displayed virus... "I am not a doctor by the way..."

"You are now... It will be because of this research if you catch on.. Trust me Doc.."

"Ok Lilith, I want to begin by asking if other parts of the sample are being watched at this level..."


One hour later

"So what was our new docs prognosis, Lilith... "

"Commadore, he agrees with your suggestion.. It is a strain of the Aids/ virus that infected a strain of MRSA. He can not explain how it infects specifically causing a form of Meningitus."

"So the chances of going airborne..."

"Low risk but there..."

"He also accessed some of your old notes on Lorber's no brained people... He thinks your work is brillant in this field he has come to agree.. The specific place of the infection is truly going to be localised.."

"Well, what about the transfer speed?"

"He also agree it is the proof of the manufactured aspect of this....A dissovable coating around the mutated virus... NO known natural process just occurs this quickly..."

"Did you show him the research centers?"

"Yes he having me do several imaginative croos coralations... So far the infection vecotr appears to originate off of plum Island..."

"Thank you lilith... He agrees it seems to be the source... "

"He did say something about the nature of your ameture suggestions but he did say its been spot on..."

"Let me know when he is finished..."

"Commadore he did ask one thing...."

"Go ahead.."

"He wants to know if he can have a complete sample... A whole zombie?"


"For a cure or at least an immunization shot for if it does go airborne."

"Just one...?"

"He said five would be ideal but he can make one do..."

"Great , just great five huh..."

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 12:37 AM
Five Years Later...

The City of New Scottland
(Between Powell and trinadad)

2200 January 31, 5 PZA

The Music was playing inside the Compound as the guest partied...

The guest where former Army who had traveled up and down 45 and 75... They had multiple crimes to their names... Rape, theft, pillaging.... ect....

The colonel slapped the girl on the rear again... She finally got up and left... They stopped her from leaving...

"Where do you think your going?" He stood up and turned to the rest of the party goers... "I might as well inform you people of a few things... We like what we see.. It seems this place is under the authority of the United States Army..." He said it loudly, as his men appeared to get the drop on the crowd....They relieved the men of their side arms... and walked a few outside....

What caught the colonels attention, was a young man shaking his head...

A bright flash of blue light...

He wakes up groggy... "What hit me...???" He suddenly jerked his to the source of sound as his vision focused in...

It was the same young man, from the bar... "Good to see you up and moving Colonel is it..."

Noticing he was by himself in the middle of the city, "Where are my men? Son your in a lot of trouble, we are..."

"Colonel Joshua Jacobs... Unit blah, blah blah... Yes here it is, " As the projection plays through records," Wow, west Point top graduate..." Turning to the colonel, "Almost made Brigadier. I see here it says 'Green Beret' of fifteen years..."

"Son you need to release us... The president Gave the order that Marshall law ..."

"And let me guess, You as a legal representative of The DOD have been empowered to enforce said orders... And if you dont report back in x will happen..."

Colonel Jacobs looked inquisitively, then jumped as he heard a scream..."What.. That sounds like Gunns... "

"Oh it is... We are testing an immunization to the Z-infection. And....." He listened then heard an electric whine, "Nope Gunns didnt make it..."

"What is going on here?"

"Oh for you, my father has had your trial... Colonel, you have been relieved of duty, Per the UMCJ. Having been tried for crimes against..."

The Colonel screamed, "You cant do this... I am a West point graduate and the Army will not..."

Another Voice boomed in, "What? Stand for this... You going to call in the Army..."

"Yes, They are on their way and you have no army only cheap tricks.."

"Oh Colonel I brought my Army, they are called Marines.." The Human Guards came over with a great smile," No Colonel, you dont seem to realize that you where tried by The US Navy...The lured you down to this area..."

"You dont have the ..."

"Authority... Please the last fifty guys all said the same things..." Tog turned to his father the Commodore," I recommend sir we begin his punishment with no delay."

"I know son... But death is to simple for these men... The animals that they are deserve no chances... Lilith, activate the colonels sound inhibitor while I speak.."

As she did a red light glowed from his neck... Silent screams escaped as he struggled against chains...

"As the commanding officer of American soldiers a certain level of obedience to the basic americanism is required. This monster violated everything we know... For months we have watched as he and his men pillaged the country side.. You all watched each of their crimes and know that the US government sanctioned it..."

The crowd of healthy people who had acted their parts came out nodding their heads...

"By the most ancient law of the tribe, The fact that I have control... I decided that in this case the crimes and the violation of basic decency by someone who was trained in honor courage and commitment rates me overruling the arbitrator process and proceeding directly to sentence."

A woman with scars on her face walked up...She kicked the colonel in his upper thigh and armored guards pulled her off..

"Colonel due to the nature of this crimes and more then sufficient evidence from live feeds, DNA samples, and your own testimony under the probe I hereby sentenced you..."

Pausing for effect, " To death by bunga Bunga..."

Jacobs paused having no clue as to what was going on... A half dress black man came out where a kilt... he noticed as he quit squirming, he could speak.. "Death by bunga bunga???"

"The Commodore laughed, "Colonel its a very old joke... Suffice it to say that, the man you see in front of you is one of my Marines... He loyal to a fault.."

The colonel turned and looked around...

"Oh he is gay."

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 07:04 PM

The City of New Scottland
(Between Powell and trinadad)

0900 February 28, 5 PZA

The Mausoleum dedicated to her mother was beautiful. Her Father had it built, he had the skulls of those who caused her death mounted and covered in plastic outside, with an ancient curse that their souls must for the rest of eternity guard this life's body that they destroyed. He killed them with his own hands....

He Stood there facing the crypt, "Hello Victoria."

"Father," she hugged him real quick. "I know the body Armor keeps you alive and protected from the elements. You know she wouldnt want you to live like this..."

"Victoria, before all this happened," He waved his hand over the tomb. "I promised your mother nothing would ever happen to you... Now your what 8.."

"DAD!!! you know I am thirteen..."

"I know... All those bothersome young bucks barking up the wrong door...."

She let out an exasperated breathe, "The new batch of toddlers has hatched."

He laughed, "See cloning does have its advantages..."

"Are you telling me?"

"Yes your mother is among the most recent batch. Do not try and find out which one she is...."

Victoria stared at her father with her mothers eyes...

"Listen I have to ensure the genetic stability of this little colony.... Just because we cleaned out most of this area of the infected does not mean we can leave crap to chance... I even took DNA sample of those we executed."

"I helped write the protocols. No Contact with clones of self is allowed to occur. Lillith watches it all. I also know she will obey every order you give..."

He laughs, "You know the only reason I have not moved on dont you...Your mother wanted.." He turns away even though the armor covers his tears...

Her own tears fell inside her armor... Taking a deep breath, "Father the contingent from the New Bayou Republic will be showing up here soon. You have about two hours...."

"Thank you Victoria..," He turns and faces back towards the now falling snow covered tomb.


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