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Enlightenment, how to get closer to it. the truth behind our existence and definition of reality.

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 08:24 AM
First of all Hello, this is my first thread and I plan to start it with a bang.

Over the years I have been looking for a way to summarize our existence, life style, why we are alive, reasons for the NWO and illumanati. Now I have seen many articles that tell about personal experience, how planets have there own frequency signals and how our senses work. Well either way I have come up with a conclusion and I hope you can read it all!

What is the definition of reality and how to be enlightened?

What is reality for you that's the real question. For the majority of the world population it consists of the 5 senses that make up the material/physical world.Think of this, if all of our senses was to be cancelled or neglected all we would get is emptiness, I conducted an experiment on my self. Yesterday morning I went to school and decided that on my way I would look in a perspective that everything around me is non-existent and made of invisible of "atoms" compacted together to create a "physical" object, they were made of the same thing but only had different "frequency's" to it. When I looked up all I would see is emptiness, when I looked below all I saw was emptiness, it felt like I was being played by something to believe that where I was at was real but in fact it wasn't at all. The only thing that felt to be real apart from myself was other living things, they all seemed to have energy like object thing within them, only humans had an outline to the shape of the energy and I call it the soul.
I felt like a part of me was awoken, that I had power over my own fate in this world.
Now you yourself think of it, that if you couldn't feel something, see it, smell it, hear it. For you that object that I can see, touch and smell/hear wouldn't exist in your world.
So this means that the world we live is fake and only deceitful, here is another example:
I believe that the universe has it's own beat to it "frequency" , it impacts galaxies, solar systems, planets and ourselves. it's just like a computer generated dimension in which one thing impacts another (the interaction of frequency's). We are currently in harmony with it following the same patterns over and over again. As we try to improve things they get don't get worse but just keep things in balance like before because the universe has a specific frequency to it. If we somehow break the flow by neglecting all negative impacts and increase positive aspects it still won't work out because simply there is a balance that we have no control over. If we learn the flow then we can eventually predict things before they even begin happening. A common example of this is stereotyping others e.g. People who 'dress' in a certain way belong that certain 'group'.

To be enlightened we must first take control over our own emotions. We must learn to not have fear, fear only brings chaos and has only has negative impacts. If we begin to love instead then we start to understand, if we understand we begin to respect and respect brings unity. Today there are people who begin to understand this concept but amongst those who understand it are world leaders that are trying to prevent it because unity destroys being control. They do this by implanting fear into people via doing unjust decisions and actions. The illumanati stands to say for people who are 'illuminated' but the way they are trying to create a perfect world only interrupts the illumination of others. Thats there purpose reducing the population.

Now that's over I can speak about how things are actually are and my perspective of our creation.

If we are living in a artificially created world than where is the actual reality?
Now think of this. When we die, we don't actually seize to exist but only the physical body which carries memories of our life dies.We carry on living in another form which we have for aeon's and this is known as the soul. I believe our soul belongs in another dimension and we have only been sent here to find a purpose to live for. One would go insane if they know they exist for no reason so basically we are here to create a reason for our existence. Besides that we may be here to create ourselves a god like conciousness so that we can understand the actual concept of existence. I call this project 'Enlighten'. Sometimes when we have dreams they seem more like reality than our current lives. Perhaps when we 'fall asleep' in that dimension we wake up here. Dreams may be more than just electronic signals in our brain.You can also create the scenario of Matrix, that we have machines that go into our brains and create another self of us in the physical world.

This is my views and I have enjoyed sharing them, I hope to see positive views!

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by foreshadower99

I don't disagree with much of anything you present here. However, I will object to your use of the word "enlightenment" to describle the process you are describing in this forum.

In the traditional sense, "enlightenment" is far, far more than what you suggest here. I would agree that you are nipping at the heels of it and that may be a good start for you an any others that have not gone the distance, but again, that is not "enlightenment." My point in objecting is that some folks, if not yourself, will confuse the real experience, the ultimate goal, with a journey partially taken.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by Aliensun

Haha! I just put it as the title because it's what people search for. and like you have said I have only started the journey. I describe enlightenment as a step by step process and I have taken a step, or 2 if I'm closer than I think I am. It's going to take many more steps to get to the destination but that only depends on the time I have left. and currently I have lots of it =D

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 10:52 AM

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 01:41 PM

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 02:56 PM
Basically, there is a difference, between being a robot and only feelings in a linear sense, and being a soul and connecting in an empathetic, or non-linear sense. The "robot-enlightenment" has got to do with frequencies, densities, duality, karma, free-will etc etc. Natural enlightenment is simply a return to our natural state of being, before our minds were poisoned by the aliens. They cannot prevent natual enlightenment, that will remain irregardless of what density or frequency that you are in, however, they seek to prevent people from becoming a "higher vibration" as thier control system operates like a see-saw, and if we rise up, then they fall down...

Basically, imagine that there are ambient frequencies, that exist everwhere. Someone who is naturally enlightened, will "channel" the ambient frequency from the universal balance. Those who attempt false enlightenment will attempt to channel thier frequency from the "system" - the system itself operates like a pyramid, and basically channels spiritual power from the population, and focuses it to those on the top of the pyramid. Sometimes genuinely enlightened people will pose a threat to the system, however they are getting thier energy from the fabric of the universe itself.
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In other words, genuine enlightenment operates on a quantum level that is so complex an paradoxical that even the aliens cannot comprehend how it really works, they insist that it can be explained with logic, however, the universe really is a mindbogglingly complex and chaotic place, and "logic" and "reason" are things that we impose on the universe, and not things that the universe imposes on us.
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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Wow nice, well that's basically a summary of what Im trying to accomplish, I found out that our Pineal Gland is a major step to the enlightenment process, it reacts to the different frequency vibrations within our universe, I now listen to solfeggio and for me 528hz is quite the thing to listen to whilst mediating and controlling your energy.
I today felt a vast amount of energy in our bodies that need awaking and that only needs time to be repaired. Strengthing the Pineal Gland is one method but there is many more needed in order to put back humans on track. Alien's....some are good and informative but the rest are evil, corrupted and wish to remain in power, they see humans as only a threat when we only want to understand, we have the potential to become omniscient they don't and this is our greatest power!

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by foreshadower99

Although frequency training can help, you have to observe yourself when in a natural state, that is, when you are as you are. The frequencies that you generate independently are called your emotions. When the frequencies of your emotions are "patched-in" to the frequencies of life in general, then you become enlightened. The nature of the connection is determined by the universal consciousness, or, in other words, God. It might be difficult to accept, however, when you become connected to the matrix of natural life, you essentially become one with the life-force of the planet.

The prime difference between the aliens and thier pursuit of "ascention" and those who are genuinley enlightened, is that the aliens do not believe in God and think it is a scientific process, whereas the genuinley enlightened realise that consciousness creates reality, as opposed to the physical reality creating consciousness.
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That being said, in order to connect you have to find the "equilibrium point" - basically, it is a frequency that is the "baseline" frequency, many mystics etc refer to it as "emptiness" "oneness" etc etc... When you clear your mind, or rather control the frequencies of your thoughts and your emotions, when you connect to the baseline frequency, you will get a sudden rush of consciousness. Many individuals have a stable frequency of consciousness, and it is often confused with the general thing, however, usually, it is not the real "baseline" - the baseline is basically a state of pure paradox, or the crossing point in the figure 8. The last important point, is that, when you are enlightened, there is no turning back, in general, you will lose "control" as you will be guided by the harmony of the universe itself. Your mind will basically be connected to all the minds in the entire universe, and you can only act when it is in line with the desires of others, and in turn, they can only act when thier actions are in line with yours. When "unbalanced" we either get dumped by the wave, sink, or get caught in a rip, however, when in-line, we go wherever the current takes us.
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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Thank you, I understand what you mean. How far are you yourself on the way of accomplishing this, please do tell me about your personal experiences I need to collect as much as I can gain *which is infinite*.

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 05:30 PM
I remeber the day i jumped into my own dream, it was the greatest experience one can have with out dying,it opened doors for me i dare not tell .What the op says has 100% truth behind it,in more ways then one,excellent thread.

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by foreshadower99

All you have to do is awaken your imagination, read books, daydream, lucid dream, and get plenty of exercise and stay away from artificial chemicals (especially flouride).

When you reach the first step, your "occipital lobe" will reactivate, most people are dormant in this area from the many many years of television and institutionalised education. You will feel a kind of "darkness" or "emptiness" in the back of your mind, and after a while you will increace into a state of "density". When you reach the darkness, there is a point of complete zero, where you confront your most extreme evil (the fear of death) - when you transcend it, or when you manage to overcome the point of pure emptiness, then your being cycles back around itself and you become ensouled. Once you are ensouled, you are connected on a point of infinity, and from then, its a process of defeating evil and selfishness, once you have done this, you will increace in energy as the life-force matrix of the planet rewards you for your efforts.
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Lastly, once you reach a certain threshold, God will reward you and basically contact your DNA on a quantum level, and you will grow a higher being that can exist in the higher matrices of the universe.
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I was at the point of suicide when I became enlightened.
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:13 PM
welcome to the collective where it is not just I, but we.

we all look not only within ourselves for answers but also as far as we can see. You have a fraction of God with in you, yet cannot be compared to God, true perfection, what light and love really is. but it is still there, within you and always will be. We are nothing when we look out compared to God, but when we look in, all the atoms within us are so small, and yet have that same energy we call "soul", these atoms pass from my body, from my breath, and into yours. Even when our bods die AND our soul returns to source, we have left our mark on nearly every atom on this planet.

and that is where our modesty really comes in to play, you dont even need to speak to leave your mark on this planet. what you have experienced as a simple "thought" of what reality is, someone else actually lives it.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Interestingly after a few days of posting this, I met my dweller, however the fear that was being fired at me was quickly repelled after I built up courage to face it.
I made a thread based on my experience which you can access it here:
After finding out how meditating makes me feel good, it has become a habit for me.
I currently have a contact with my higher self, it's very weak (the bond that is)but I can feel it's presences within and around me.
He's is currently like my personal advisor, making things go according to my needs. Thanks to it, Im pretty good at the moment.
Im trying to spread unconditional love to everyone as much as I can at the moment with the hopes that they will come to respect me and others, and it works, if you try to get along with someone at the right it's almost impossible not to get respect.
Oh btw once I dealt with my dweller I received all the the energy I wasted and the force of nature seems to be on my side along with others who have taken the steps of enlightenment.
Currently Im trying to spread this knowledge to the appropriate people, free thinking has become a way of life to me now as in, I can feel when things are in place, I can feel the best moment to do things, it's like I can sense the perfect timing to do something where everything is at place; it's like depending on the surroundings mood things can go well for you and others including the feelings of other people.
I hope you are like you say Enlightened but if you was then you wouldn't be here nor think of committing suicide, just live your life for now have fun and carry on creating a good path for once you die you will take it!

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 06:16 PM
Personally, I steer away from all the new age fluff. Instead, I dig deeper into the base of my beliefs and focus on balancing my light and dark energies. Through my experiences, I have found that too much positive can be just as destructive as too much negative. I am what you would call a walking pantheon. I believe that our history through the beginning of life on earth is inside of us. It's just a matter of finding it. What I have witnessed thus far cannot be put into words. You can thank the catholic church for that. If they hadn't destroyed so much info, we would for sure be much better off. That info is buried inside ourselves, and finding it is not easy.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 06:38 PM
The funny thing is. Anything we think of or perceive to be our own thoughts. Actually has roots in someone elses thoughts.

Think about this. If you were to grow up on a planet with no one but yourself around other animals. You would most likely be another animal on that planet. Besides the obvious things like making primitive tools. But that's because modern man stripped down to animal logic still has the capability for "primitive" ideas.

Being around other humans especially now a days. You can be smart without being smart. I'm not saying that you wasn't intelligent in the first place. But you picked up ideas from other people. When you read a book your picking up others ideas.

Watching t.v, a movie, getting on ats...What ever the case may be. You could even say telepathic thoughts that you picked up from the environment around you. It all has stemmed somewhere else. It's just can you re package it and make it more sellable then the original thinker of it.

And I would even argue the original thinker isn't the original. Imagine that the man who invented the wheel did so b/c a thought from space. From and advanced civilization who had already created the wheel a millenia ago. And that thought from that planet whent hey invented that wheel. Just now reached the earth after that same planet had become advanced.

And BOOM Earth starts to evolve. That's the beauty about consciousness.

It wouldnt even need to be from space another person amongst or from another area could have thought or dreamt about it but had no way or idea on how to do it.
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posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 12:38 PM
Why assume truth is behind anything? It's right in your face. Here and Now. I do like your visualizations and how you experiment with reality during the day, don't get me wrong. But if you go about it with the attitude that truth is hidden, then even that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just balance it all out, play, pretend, assume at times that the truth is ever-present and right in front of you. Don't get stuck in some fundamentalist view of truth being hidden and you've got to go find it, and "others" could never understand. Others can understand, they just have to be in the right mood.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 10:35 AM

Originally posted by Novise
Why assume truth is behind anything? It's right in your face. Here and Now. I do like your visualizations and how you experiment with reality during the day, don't get me wrong. But if you go about it with the attitude that truth is hidden, then even that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just balance it all out, play, pretend, assume at times that the truth is ever-present and right in front of you. Don't get stuck in some fundamentalist view of truth being hidden and you've got to go find it, and "others" could never understand. Others can understand, they just have to be in the right mood.

Like you said the truth is in front of us but we are blind to it, we cannot see it without discarding our 5 senses first let alone our body and become just a pure energy of a conciousness *the soul*.
It could be that our body is the gate way to our higher self which exists in another dimension but is also here due to the bond between us. It could be that we either join back to our higher self with our newly found consciousness or form into a higher being cause of the energy we have received from our higher self.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 08:41 PM
I believe the "actual reality" (as you call it), doesn't exist at all in the way we think of things to exist. For example, I don't believe the actual reality has any space or time, and therefore no beginning or end. It is the only thing that makes sense to me, but doesn't at the same time.

Was it Jesus who said we can never understand what God's world is like and shouldn't waste our time? Perhaps, he was referring to the idea [at least partially] that we have nothing to compare the original reality to. Makes me think the original reality is a plethora of universes back on the metaphorical time line of existence... With at least the 2nd reality, never being created at all, but always existing. That is why I say metaphorical time line.
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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 09:42 PM
So I've been reading this whole thread and all the replies .....and most of you are going about this all wrong....

....I used to be on the hunt for Enlightenment and spent 10+ years with solfeggios, mediations, tai chi, falun, pranayama, this that and so on and so forth....... It was always all centered around I, me, progress, spiritual evolution, etc...... but all of that was a wrong perspective.... Sure all of that has its place....but you could spend your whole life hunting enlightenment and never get there...... its a trap!!!!!

You want to know the Ultimate Truth? There is no 'I' ..... I is an illusion. I is just the thought I. Just like the thought of a rock is not an actual rock, so who you think you are is not who you are.

What stands between You and Permanent Enlightenment (Direct knowledge and experienc of God) the mind and all of its thoughts. The mind is not you!!!!!!!

Everytime there is a thought, You are Aware of it. An emotion pops up and you are aware of it. Snub a toe and you are aware of it. You are aware the the eyes see, the nose smells, the ears hear ...but you are not the eyes, the nose, the ears....

You can't both be a thought and aware of the thought at the same time you see.

So now go a step back and find out where is this awareness that is aware of the body, of thought, of perceptions?

Seek the source of this awareness. Rest just as this awareness and ignore anything that pops up.....

This is the DAM key to unlock what all you guys are talking about but nobody takes this serious. Why? Because the Mind which is not you ....has hijacked you and wants to do things its own way, by constantly looking for more, feeding itself more, prolonging the illusion, extending itself..... The Mind is a trap.....

The real You and the Enlightenment you are looking for is within yourself ....but nobody ever looks within, nobdy ever seeks the source of Awareness..... and hence you have all this BS around.

In reality you are like a Balloon with a string. If you rest as Awareness, let-go, relax, and drop down into yourself will follow the string down into the heart and here is where Infinity is, where permanent Enlightenment is.

It is the death of 'I' ....which is seen as an illusion anyway.

You guys say you want this enlightenment .... but the cost to get it is your very self. All your core beliefs, your personality, your likes dislikes all dead. Its like a rain drop merging with the Ocean and losing its sense of self permanently....

All the energy work, and this, and that and roadblocks and side-tracks are all a waste of time and just keeping the Illusion going.

If you want the Ultimate ....I just laid out the blueprint there. It is self sacrafice to have this but the benefits of Infinite and Absolute Truth out-weigh the flip-side of the coin which is keeping the illusion going.

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