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To All of the People

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 08:32 PM
All of the people,
Looking for something,
Walking the streets where,
They’re feeling so cold,

And all of the people,
Don’t know what they're seeking,
But they stay looking,
Until they get old,

I see the people,
And think that I’m lucky,
‘Cuz I don’t know nothing,
That’s what I’ve been told,

By all of the people,
Who think that they're something,
Walking then running,
In hopes to find gold,

So as a person,
Who’s part of this people,
Who think what they’re doing,
Is truly worthwhile,

If I’m to turn ‘round,
And say to the people,
I want something different,
Then where is my crowd?

Is there a people,
Who thinks to the future,
Then looks in the mirror,
And feels quite proud?

Me I’m a person,
Looking for those people,
And won’t live in peace,
Until they are found,

So to the people,
Who live in this country,
But not in the country,
That’s taught in our schools,

What can we do now,
We as the people,
When will we admit,
That we were all fools?

Then look to the people,
Our friends and our neighbors,
And speak from our spirit,
'Bout those who have ruled,

To rally the people,
All nations and colors,
And take to the streets where,
We’ll make our own rules?

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