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Enigmantic Discovery in 2003 in the Bucegi mountains Romania...Linked to underground world,hidden kn

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 10:53 AM
In Romania is common knowledge that there is an energetic center in Bucegi Mountains . There are multiple stories related to this but the most interesting one I found the other day on David Icke's website. A Romanian blogger named Dragos talked about The Greatest Discovery in Bucegi Mountains, its secret knowledge, the tunnels underneath , a chamber of secrets and the connection with Iraq.

There is also a big scandal here in regards to the discovery of huge skeletons that were excavated "Giants" they disappeared over night after complete excavation without the government knowing where .I will try and cover this subject other later in this thread or I will open another one.

Please feel Free to read and if you heard of similar stories in other regions of the earth please post here
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Link to the

To be continued ....
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 10:59 AM
In Radu Cinamar's Book Transilvanian Sunrise

This book heralds the most remarkable archaeological find in the annals of Mankind. Unknown to most, there is an ancient sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania and near the border of the famous land known as Transylvania. In 2003, the Pentagon discovered, through the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology, an anomaly within the Bucegi Mountains.

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:05 AM
Thats awesome..I didn't even know that and I'm from Romania

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:09 AM
This is a photo of the Sfinx and Babele in Bucegi Mountains
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:20 AM
About the Pentagon's spies in the sky , Secret Chambers and Tunnels in Bucegi Mountains

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To Be Continued
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:23 AM
A similar Structure Discovered in Iraq

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:28 AM
This Happened in Romania Last Year close to" Babele " and the "Sfinx" There is a big Cross there and People saw with their own eyes a hologram effect. The mountain and the cross had a perfect reflection in the sky . They call it here "Fata Morgana " Effect

Please watch the VIDEO that made news on the Romanian Channel:
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:28 AM
very interesting. Here is a link to a story I think you might find relevant.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by lisa2012

Bad link...I would like to see it....

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by daddyroo45

I have tried to embed the link but was impossible so here is the link :

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:55 AM
Confirmation of these events is found even in a daily (newspaper) where he recounts at length about the mysterious disappearance. It refers to two men from Braila who go on a trip they dind a metal chain and one of them touched and disappeared.

In the spring of 1990, Caesar was appointed technical director of Department Zero, and in 1992 have been clarified the relationship betweenDZs and the Romanian Presidency. Head of state ordered the total subordination and politicization of dz; but Caesar presented some of the shocking realities that have been discovered over time and their enormous implications in the stability of the country, so that the President has given way to confusion like the old agreement, the is quasi-independent DZ.

In May 2003, Caesar was visited by an important character for one issue in particular, meeting the request came through SRI Romanian Secret Service. A helicopter brought this gentleman, tall, wearing a black suit and dress stylish, but arrogant. He had a cane with ivory handle and gold inlay. His face expresses strength and green eyes had a strange effect, radiating an unusual cold. It was presented as the senior Massini. He was very sure of himself and create the impression of a person who used to give orders. He was leading one of the most venerable major Masonic Lodge in Europe and was one of the most influential Masonic organization in the world: the Bilderberg Group.

Caesar realized that global Freemasonry sought to acquire in a short time control of a secret locations in the Bucegi mountains, excluding any form of publicity and wanting even concealing the existence of this site graduated from the power of Bucharest, the representatives of the elite had access there.

What could cause the Masons of the world's largest to focus all of great interest to Romania! There are some predictions made by two very big secret in the early Christian saints past and future of Romania in the context refers to all mankind. There is also a very valuable parchment vast library of the Vatican exhibit the same problem with the Romanian territory, a situation almost inconceivable mentality and ego states and major world powers.

The secret archives of the Museum of History in Vienna, is a very old document that sets extremely distant historical past and also fabulous civilization that existed at that time in Romania. Here we have all these different sources refer to the same things. There are many aspects that are correlated. Prophecy says it is a matter of just a few years later for signs that will draw attention to this area.
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:03 PM
Mysterious Energy in Bucegi Mountains.

These are some of the things happening there:

Bucegii are considered by specialists a powerful energy point. The place is claimed by yogis and seers. Hypotheses have been issued regarding the existence of underground galleries, divining tests were done. Research has shown that the area is filled with more energy than any of Romania. Traian Trufin, museum conservator at the Museum "Cezar Petrescu" in logs, journalist and researcher of strange phenomena which he witnessed, tried to find some explanation.

Insomnia without fatigue

"In 1993, for two weeks, in the south of the city, people had insomnia, regardless of age. I thought that there are noxious emanations from the paper mill. Not by a long shot. It was strange that, although not sleeping, people do not feel tired. I have confirmed this at least 20 people, "says curator. Some locals have come to live the true state of euphoria. The events took place only at night. After you have plugged into scarecrows throughout the city, stopped as suddenly as had emerged.

Earthquakes at fixed hours

Then they began earthquakes. Paradoxically, but they could not be located in the Bucegi, nor had any connection to the Vrancea seismic source. The series of earthquakes began in 1994 and lasted three years. "Occurs at fixed times: 20 and 3 am. Every day, invariably. But earthquakes were not proper. It is manifested by other laws. They had a small area Azuga-Busteni-Sinaia. Sometimes comprised only a quarter of logs. One could hear the sound of the earth, as it would have collapsed the ceiling of a grotto beneath your feet. There is no horizontal movement or vertical, "says Traian. He counted over 100 such seismic.

Cracks in the underground

No seismic station specialists from the key could not turn things around. Some chimneys fell from roofs, walls of houses in some cracks have appeared. Mysteries of succeeding. Earth movements lasted three years. It was hypothesized artificial production of earthquakes due to underground blasting. But at that time had not been done any digging in the area. Seismologists have not found an explanation specialists from the Institute of Physics of the Earth could not only say that natural events are caused by local fracture of the crust. "This is the resonance of the Vrancea earthquakes. At that time, no

even recorded an earthquake of high intensity. In Vrancea weak movements occur daily crust, under a high magnitude. But there earthquake measuring 3.4 on the Richter scale, "says curator convinced that 6 years ago phenomena can be explained by other causes.

Electric People

There was a new phenomenon, almost universal in the region: the inhabitants of energy logs were loaded in a way incomprehensible. People could not reach with hands or objects that are being shocked. Touching the palm of your body burns, and people avoid to tighten their hands. All this at first amused, but after a while began to worry. "I had long fingers on the skin after a friend who beat me on the shoulder, the friendly. The shirt was soaked his palm print on my back. His skin reddened. In the dark

when touching certain objects, sparks coming out, "he remembers.

Amplified radio signals

"I had some amateur radio headsets. They received in a radio program. But I noticed that only in the logs. Getting out of town, to Bucharest and Brasov, not received anything. I think there is a strong energy field that amplify signals in the area radio, "said Traian. He also noticed other strange phenomena. Around the Cross on Caraiman haloes often appear strange and even holograms.

Rainbow without rain

One morning, a splendid sun, without a trace of rain in recent days, he noticed a huge rainbow, with an unusual glow. Zamora district started from one end and the other was anchored in the Caraiman Cross. The rainbow had appeared in contradiction with natural laws of nature. Often, the mountain is surrounded by a waist Caraiman milky cloud. This compact ring is present only in the middle of the massif. Neinvaluite the mountain peak and remain in the fog. "For two months, the museum where I work, the lights and lit in a strange rhythm. Or only lit bulb filaments. I called the people at the network. I have found no damage, Traian says.

Corridors within mountain

Traian has his own theory. Believe that all anomalies in the logs are caused by the existence of underground galleries in the guts of the mountains. These are huge underground tunnels and artificial nature of civilization were carved nepamintene. This place experiences is the hot spot in the cross of Caraiman. This explains the thunder that accompanies earthquakes. Or receive radio waves emitted not from the ether, but in these corridors. Who makes those strange Amplifications in the end, those who designed them are bizarre radio communications, Traian can not answer.

Alien bases Bucegi

"My belief is that there is another world underground. Extraterrestrials know everything about the world from the surface. Their information is very broad spectrum. But I do not know what kind of activity takes place there and either do not want to communicate. Perhaps mankind still not ready to understand some things ", says geologist. He hoped that events will increase and eventually become a way of communication between the two civilizations. Anyway, it's more than the absence of satisfactory explanations that were offered to scientists until now.

Cross on Caraiman

Historical Monument was built between 1926-1928, the insistence of Queen Mary, in memory of fallen heroes railway employees on duty during the First World War, fighting on the Prahova Valley. Located at an altitude of 2291 m, Cross Heroes has a height of 28 m, with two arms of the seven read meters each. It is mounted on a pedestal 7.5 m high, reinforced concrete clad in stone. It houses an electric generator which supplies the 120 light bulbs, how many 500 watts each.

Valentina confirms cellars

Valentina visionary, blind woman who can make a diagnosis in the U.S. by phone, says he discovered through their own methods as an important stream of energy, which supplies the same quality as that of the Giza complex, and bathe our Bucegi Sphinx. And its undiscovered underground communicate with the pyramids of Egypt. "There is the history of mankind. But is not humanity two thousand years ago. It's a long time ago, very much before. Bucegi Sphinx is the protector of earth on which we live. In fact, in the Bucegi Sphinx comes from a very stream Powerful energy. When the scientists on earth will be overcome to reach someone in the Bucegi Mountains, will give over all records and documents and meaningful after those signs, you know what to do. But that will happen only after stream of energy will weaken over, "says clarvazatoarea which was never in Bucegi.

Carpathians, seen from space

Carpathian Mountains have a particular curvature. Aerial images obtained from a great height can lead us to thoughts of sinuous form of a giant snake that tries to swallow tail. Cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu Carpathians likened to a mother watching from space that keeps the baby in her arms. Comparison with the thought that leads to religious statements that say that Romania is a land protected by the Virgin Mary.

Mystery of the Sphinx from Bucegi

The mysterious rock formation in the Carpathians remain in Bucegi which has a disturbing resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx. Since time immemorial people have asked, particularly if her appearance was the effect of erosion, we are dealing with a man-made paper. From any angle it is viewed can be seen as an anthropomorphic representation. Romanian Sphinx of Bucegi Sphinx not only appearance but also its mysterious attributes. Visionaries say they have lived with him unique insights and experiences.

Varful Omu light cones

Bucegi mountains were the Dacians favorite. Jobs spiritual worship gods. Omu top (2505 m) also has his quirks. Often they have seen the light cone coming from this place.
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:14 PM
There is a lady in Iasi Romania ..She is called the Blind Clairvoyant

Interestingly, Mrs. Valentinat the blind calirvoyant speaks of the psychic energies, tunnels and rooms beneath the Bucegi mountains. HER capabilities have been certified by some committees, currently working in some medical offices, being helpful to patients and doctors who collaboratd with her. She was invited to NASA, to test her capacities. Or about those tunnels? ... Who knows.

This is a quote of what she said about the Bucegi Mountains :

"But I saw something very interesting under the mountain where the Sphinx from Bucegi: Below are some earthly man-made tunnels. I saw this when, in Bucharest, gave me some photos of the mountains or the Sphinx from us. And looking at the pictures, I came across an entry that is a rider guard couplets, which sits astride a white horse. Yes' and he's dressed in white. But it is a bright smoke, not meat. It holds, a knife in his hand is long and has a crown on his head high. But he stands there for a long time, perhaps millions of years. To go in with eyes and give me the freedom to see, one I had to get him and then go into a long tunnel, which goes far, far below the mountain. When I entered the tunnel, it's been a long hall, I saw in the right part, partitions. I went to look in the first tunnel, there was a table made of something hard, bright, shining like crystal. And there were three more small stools. On the table was like the skin folded and there were some scratches on it, it was like something had been scratched with sharp - with a glass or stone top - and stayed pinstriped. But the scratches were made as a kind described: some rods, some waved. When we went there, I saw several of these folded and put on the table. On another table, there was something else, like everything made from crystal goblets were some, but otherwise shall adopt, and not the glasses from us, was something carved into them.

Here you can read the full article: # BUCEGI

but I believe is in Romanian so I will have to translated as well in english
Intuition tells me that i can not just be a coincidence!
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:23 PM
ATS discussion on this topic started in 2009;


posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:28 PM
While digging on this on Romanian website for this I have realized that lots of the links were deleted. There was a TV Show on a Romanian Channel in 2009 "Uriasii au tunel secret in Bucegi" (Giants have a secret tunnel in Bucegi), Acces Direct - Antena 1, 11 mai 2009

People commenting on this particular show realized there is no source for this particular show nobody recorded or put it on youtube. People started to dig so . I came across the discussion of one particular gentleman that raised my eyebrows :

Andrei Sandu

Romanian Source Blog would not help unless you speak Romanian but here is the link :

Hello everyone. I watched both shows.

Following those viewed as interested in the topic, I started doing some "digging". I talked to people they know and trust. older who live or have lived in the area, I read, I dug all over the Internet, I was just a step to start a solo expedition for that purpose. I stop now that I'm still outside Romania and time does not allow me to come into the country.
Altogether, we found that "legend" giants in Romania is much older.
They say the end of the Ceausescu era would have found the Scaieni Buzau Romania that the necropolis of the giants. Elders from the area say they dug this story. Very interesting is the fact that there is no photograph to prove (by the way, all framed pictures on the net are fake). Those who have been found not know where they came, and those who are still there, waiting for his bold and dig. Regarding the book "Future with skull and crossbones, it includes several items, hard to believe. It is possible that certain aspects (such as the existence of tunnels, American involvement, etc.) to be true. But technology is at least stupid description and for that I'm not sticking my hand in fire. Yet some aspects in my research I have drawn attention:

- After the fall of communism, Romania has very much riding on the desire to join NATO, EU and so on. It was only after 2000, things began seriously to move in this direction, as if NATO had suddenly realized how useful it would be to place those military bases in Romania.
- In 2003 it is alleged that the discovery was made in the management of the country were Iliescu and Nastase. I do not want to judge things politically, but still believes Iliescu in power, and on each born with all we know he did, but it seems that these people fail to bind him, like you would in any behind, a very high. Maybe these things have been the subject of negotiations between Romanian and American. Silence for freedom.

- Very interesting is the story of monoatomic gold, a concept that we know that it exists in reality. It seems that alchemists actually struggling to get it and their works were undertaken and continued by Freemasonry in all its branches until today. There are some MLM type companies have launched health products claiming to have this white powder in composition. It turned out later that in fact contained a gold salt, soluble in water, which is very toxic to the nervous system in the long term, and not monoatomic gold.
- The most interesting story of all, I after a bird. Most links found on google about this story, go to pages that have been deleted. the only ones that work are the various forums. The famous Youtube, you can find almost anything I have not found any record of Direct Access program or not even a documentary on the subject. Even an enthusiast not found any, any paranoid, crazy, even swindlers who do upload? kinda hard to believe. Then ... Wikipedia, a website that I gave him so much respect for her in the bar in style. When I searched "monoatomic gold" from the first letters typed directly expression told me that when a subject exists in their database. However, the site automatically redirects me to the page "gold" and that's all. Do not let me read the article. In fact will encourage you to try. (

In light of these facts, my conclusion is that the subject entered the wrong hands, the fans in the press, the "Psychokinesis", "radiestezistilor", "caterpillars mothers" and other odd job that treats me very puieril in their desperate race for the audience. Yet I know from personal experience that every time you search for something and can not find, or there is someone very strong struggle and hide his traces.

The fact that there are witnesses who confirm the unearthed skeleton Busteni fact that the people we spoke to confirm certain events that I personally met a soldier on the mountain paths in the area in question (before you learn this job, years ago) in a uniform that we have not identified, and although I welcomed the whole group, we ignored the road as if continuing his policy would have very precise, all these and many others I believe that the story is true. At least partially.


So this person met these unknown military in the Region and he is not the only one
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:32 PM
There is nothing new under the Sun.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:34 PM
I will bring more info later as I have to go now ...Hope that this will be Star and Flagged and we wil get some relevant replies in regards to any connection. Maybe in the light of the latest sky Spirals , Aliens and Globes of lights we can make some connections and Realize that there are so many other places similar to Romania with their own little secrets that are never surfaced.

Maybe the work on ATS should be precise and all we have to do because we are from every corner of the world is to bring to the table the Unknown and make it Known.

Is our duty while here to realize that we have to think , see research and question Outside the Box


posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:37 PM
i read the book a year ago. quite a read. the italian freemason angle. they seemed to want to get a foothold in the operations. with the americans apparently supplying logistics and equipment and a link to a chamber in iraq that activated as soon as the romanian chamber was breached. all this and a casual link with the montauk project in the usa. quite fantastic if true.
regards f

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by jenny52

Hi Jenny,

It got only two flags and no attention.

This is something that should be discussed further.

Did you see the video that happened in 2010 at the Cross ?

Things like this needs to be pointed out regardless if they were discussed in 2009 ....

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by lisa2012

Fantastic presentation lisa2012, really appreciate the effort you've put into this - so thank you.
This is a fascinating read and one of the reasons I came to ATS in the first place.

I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for the contributions and ongoing discussion on this thread!


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