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The double edged sword....just a reminder IMO

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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:26 PM
(HEDGE>>>>IMO) I am hoping that everyone is also noticing the massive wakeup occuring now....its been coming for years. I mainly hope to point out that the immense negative possibility is the other edge of the sword. Its happened with many, if not all of our major discoveries....can help so much, but equally applied the other way.

Some get caught in the optimism and many get caught in the the pessimism....everyone is feeling the increase in energy....please just remember you can try to think of positive ways this transition can occur...both possibilities exist....try to look at your emotions as a way to control your tuning like a radio dial. So many things try to lead your tuning in this world....but if you try you can surround yourself with things that make your emotions can more easily think of things that will build on that feeling you have surrounded yourself with.... What is around you, right now? Your possessions, the do they feel....happy or sad...empty? Water goes to the lowest level....the fluid that manifests it lifting you up or bringing you down? Is your cup empty or full? Really?

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:29 PM
i woke up and discovered the truth about 6 months ago,my life hasn't been
the same since.people are discovering the truth now.people are ignorant to whats
really going on.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:32 PM
Something I too have given much thought, which is why I added what I did to my signature this morning.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:59 PM
Its like a breath of fresh air to me, been one of few for a long one of many. Also wanted to add a parable..

Young indian boy asks his grandfather why people are mean sometimes? The grandfather replied its because there are 2 wolves fighting inside them. One is white and is good wolf, and the other is a dark wolf who is bad.

The boy ponders a moment, and asks....well which one of my wolves will win? The grandfather smiles proudly at the boys insight..."which ever one you feed".....

I assume i do not need to add, neither wolf deserves to die.....
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