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10 Modern Methods of Mind Control(Are they getting to you?)

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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 11:14 AM
Here in easily understood trems are the very indsidious ways that you and your family are turned into dupes of the NWO agenda.
The very opponents of the NWO agendas, even though aware of the subtle, and not so subtle pressures to conform, are still being directed, and manipulated to whatever extent the programming methods are getting through to them.
This list gives us an idea how the forces of manipulation and mind control work to alter our energies, and desires into unwitting cooperation with NWO agendas.

discussion anyone?
how effective do YOU think these methods are against YOU personally?
Are they getting to you, no mattter how aware and alert to such coercion you try to be?
Or is the propaganda war being waged against us constant reminder of the writing on the wall?

Is the NWO winning in the fight for hearts and minds with these tactics?
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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 11:44 AM
I totally agree with the list on this link.
Here are some related books, and articles.
This short work describes a fictional NWO leader being introduced to the methods of control
Occult Technology of Power
Here is a manual for controlling the population.
Quiet Weapons for Quiet Wars
This man new a great deal about manipulating people.
L Ron Hubbard: The Brainwashing Manual
Here is an essay by one of the central designers of modern control systems
Culture and Individual by Aldous Huxley
A more modern manual for political control.
An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control

Here is a video of an ex-KGB agents discussing the mechanism of state control.

Turn of your TV

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by stirling

how effective do YOU think these methods are against YOU personally?

From your source list, the following methods are only somewhat "effective" against me:

4. Sports, Politics, Religion

I have always been a competitive person, particularly in academics, and sports. I find myself focusing on these endeavors for my children as well.

In this context, though, the "positive" outcomes of the physical activity, I believe, far outweigh the negatives associated with the mind control tactic of divide and conquer involved in sports. Furthermore, I believe that the realm of sports is an excellent teaching ground for children in the sense of not only competitiveness (which they will need to be successful in the future), but also in developing a sense of realism (you cannot always win) and "good" sportpersonship.

However, I do find that I spend far too many hours watching college and professional football and basketball. In this vein, I think this is "bad" in the sense that I might be doing something more productive with my time than passively watching these teams play. and getting so stressed about particular teams' performances.

Are they getting to you, no mattter how aware and alert to such coercion you try to be?
Or is the propaganda war being waged against us constant reminder of the writing on the wall?

Also, from your source:
5. Food, Water, and Air

This is an area that I can educate myself on to an extent (like avoiding certain foods, or filtering water), but in the end, very unfortunately, I alone (or even with small community groups) cannot stop *THEM*, because I, ultimately, have no control in this situation...or at least I feel that way...

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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:13 PM
Thanks for your breakdown....very succinct.

The success of the propaganda is remarkable to me in so many instances of my own lifee.
What things that get me, sometimes are embarassing but effective.

For one thing, i am a product of 1946. and have been heavily influenced by the military style jingoistic type of rah rah.....
No matter how opposed to war i am in principal,when the pipes are skirrlin, and the drums march to their thunderous roll, my heart swells up inside my chest, and inadvertent tears form.
My breath quickens, my shoulders go back a notch, and i find myself in step and emotionally charged up.
When the news mentions the casualty list of the day,and the kias are named, and shown, my feelings of loss and frustration well up,and a vengefull anger is kindled.
Though intellectually, i know we fight for the corporate structures profits,and the "enemy" is just a simple people who had this invasion thrust upon their countries,my revenge lust is stirred and i find myself wishing hurt upon those who oppose our military might.Even though i realise they are the victims more than the aggressors.

Other reactions, unbidden yet emotionally strong run counter to my intellectual knowledge, too.
I find i must always keep rexamining these reactions to some stimuli. and relaxing what apear to be automatic but illogical emotions inappropriate to my own thoughts on these matters.

I hope i have explained myself clearly enough for you to also begin to see the responses we first experience to certain stimuli, are many times false, and based on outmoded emotional feelings.

The question here is, do you also sense this dichotomy and the turbulent thought processes which take place
when we encounter these situations?
How many perpetrators, whose arrest is broadcast on tv, have you heard saying words to the effect of
"it couldnt have been me"I could not do something like this.....etc.
The gist of the statement being that they are not the person who could do such things?

What could the meaning of this phenomena be?
It is like they are shocked it really was them who did the deed.(even repeat crimes like serial murder)
we see this shocked individual who really cannot fathom their own behavior.
Is this a typical denial consciously engaged in?or is it an idication of some form of conditioning which the culprit, is unaware has inserted itself into his or her thought processes?

You see where i am comming from?
How much of our lives are governed by origonal thoughts and convictions, and how much governed by emotional
tags which when they come up supplant reason?
And worst of all.who and how do they get implanted within the psyche, and to what extent are we influenced by same?

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:43 PM
Great topic. I find it so easy to believe that most of the population is easily controlled- they have no mind of their own. I am doing some research on NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming-a fascinating way to talk to a person's subconscious. Go to youtube and check out Derren Brown. When you see what this fellow can do to people without their awareness, it is astonishing. I also see NLP being used on FAUX news all the time. You can find example of that on Youtube also.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 01:05 AM
Thanks SB the salesmen of the world seem to have the ability to use this tool for selling most anything to those who are unaware of whats happening to them.I think this is also a tool of negotiators as well as political reps.
truth to tell, much of human psyche is programmable through entering the subconscious through the ear....
If nobody has ever heard of entrainment, the implications of experiments are chilling at best.
We could be zombies of our real selves, simply sleeping away inside out heads while we go through life on autopilot.

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