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G20 Toronto: What Really Happened....

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posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 11:20 PM
I was listening to the ATS radio show and they were discussing this thread. I think it is important for me to describe what happened. I am going to write a synopsis of the events of the g20 weekend. Forgive the length, and I guess I have no citation except the videos I posted earlier in this thread. The one showing the police provocateurs going through riot police lines I did not shoot. All the other I shot myself in addition to those in this post. If I post a video that I did not shoot it will clearly show a news icon, or I will credit it.

Meetings, rallies, and protest events begin. I heard rumors at an indigenous rights rally of arbitrary arrests, and police picking up people on the streets. I did not witness them firsthand so I cannot corroborate. At this meeting I met a nice women who later would endure a grave injustice.

A rally begins at a park called Alans garden if I recall correctly. The crowd of 2500 maybe were present. They were festive, and positive. Police presence was limited. A wide variety of political groups, human right groups, and a few unions participated.
The crowd was similar to these people.

The crowd marched down College st maybe. All was peaceful, and calm. Singing, chanting, and peaceably assembling. The only altercation I witnessed involved a deaf man. I do not know what happened, but I was told later he did not obey police instructions. He was approached. Somehow it escalated, and he was immobilized and arrested. In the scuffle a camera man I know was punched in the face by police. At the time I thought it was an individual event by one overzealous officer. I would soon discover otherwise. The tension escalated, but the march continued peacefully.

The main march began at Queens Park. A crowd braved the rain to hear speeches, and begin a permitted march. There were 10 to 12 thousand people maybe. Queens Parks was actually licensed with the local government as a zone where speeches, rallies, and crowds could legally form. The march began. It was peaceful. Red Cross, Amnesty Int, unions, socialists, and countless other organizations marched down University avenue, turned at Queen street toward Spadina. All was peaceful.
An interesting interchange occurred that I disregarded at the time. The "Black bloc" or people in black clothes, ski masks, and traditional anarchist attire marched near me. I walked with them for a time, and noticed they were very adamant about not being photographed. I ignored there comments, and continued to shoot. One approached and threatened physical altercation if I would not cease. I did, and moved on.

Note: This was ten to fifteen blocks from the place where the security fence surrounded upscale hotels where the leaders met.

The police blocked every road that led toward the part of the city a dozen blocks away where the leaders were. On one such side street a crowd formed, and began to demand passage to protest nearer to the leaders. At this spot "black bloc" individuals began to pick up trash cans, wood, and other objects. They threw them at the police riot lines for a minute before disappearing as mysteriously as they came.

Several blocks down a large crowd formed at Queen and Spadina. There was a standoff as the crowd wished to get close to the leaders. Protesters chanted, beat drums, and remained peaceful.

Note: Two police cars, and twenty riot police became surrounded. This man was in front of the few riot cops guarding the police car. Later, they would withdraw and the police car would be damaged, but this specific one was not burned.

This is when things sped up rather quickly. Police inexplicably withdrew from several streets. They simply vanished. A crowd of a thousand moved to the security fence, and began to peacefully protest there. At the same time the "black bloc" broke free, or was allowed to roam free. These individuals ran through the main upscale shopping center breaking windows, spray painting, and causing damage. I followed about ten minutes behind them. They ran all down Dundas and Yonge streets. (It was during this time police watched at black bloc members set police cars aflame. For two hours police stood a hundred yards away from the police cars. They watched the windows broken and finally did nothing as it was lit aflame.) I followed. The black bloc eventually circled back to queens park, and magically disappeared. I spoke with a man who wished not to have his face taped who told me he saw people quickly undressing their black clothing before being rushed through riot police lines. I saw the clothing on the ground nearby. Someone shot this video around this time.

At this time protesters of all kinds began to reassembly, and figure out what was going on. When I first arrived there was little police presence, but that would soon change. Police surrounded the park on all sided. They gave no instructions, warnings, or proclamations. They pushed the crowd closer and closer. They attacked. They would pick a person in the crowd. Fire pepper spray randomly. Charge forward to drag off the unlucky individual pegged for detainment. As far as I could tell it was completely random who they chose.

It escalated, and the police pretty much violently dispersed a legal assembly.

Note: Above video I did not shoot, but was from the same place and time.

I eventually left to avoid arrest. I went to a restaurant several blocks away in a surreal daze from what I had seen. I saw a tv news report, and realized that the media had completely falsified the event.

Later on that night after over a thousand arrests I wandered to Eaton Centre. There a spontaneous crowd formed that was marching toward the security fence.

we arrived unopposed for a time.

Police arrived in force, and were not in a forgiving mood. I saw an associated press photographer beaten with night clubs for not moving fast enough.

I fled under threat of arrest.

A crowd formed at an abandoned warehouse to protest. Police would violently disperse this crowd, and continue illegal arrests.

This women being dragged away I met Thursday. This is what happened in the van. A police officer kept his knee on her back. The officers discussed how they were going to rape her. She became so terrified she lost control of her bladder, and she believe due to this she was not raped.

Later, I walked with a crowd following Charlie Vetich to Queen and Spadina. Police surrounded a crowd of serveral hundred mainly normal people completely unrelated with any protest. We were held for four hours in the pouring rain. We were told we were to be arrested, and I began to make flight changes while awaiting arrest.

Finally they allowed us to leave.

The Black bloc were most certainly police due to the uniform boots all wore, and the fact they passed through police lines. The damage the police caused was illegal, and justified the illegal use of force against protest. You can make all the excuses you want for police, but they hold no water with me.

This was institutional violence to suppress political dissent.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 11:31 PM
the good ol' g-20, they should have it every year because that's the only way to get canadians riled up.

i was there during the g-20 and i remember the gestapo groups of 15 cops pushing people out of the way on the side walk.

i also saw that some of the cops were scared sh-tless. i don't know if this was because of some propaganda campaign by their superiors so that the officers would feel threatened and act out on the population or because they were genuinely scared because their illuminati handlers didn't arm them and threw them in the middle of a mob of people that are anything but sheeple.

i think g-20 protestors are heros because some of them see thru the b.s. of the elite and are a genuine threat because of this. they can inflict damage and are like ravenous dogs, and if they every got one of these illuminatis alone they'd tear him apart.

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by randomname

i also saw that some of the cops were scared sh-tless. i don't know if this was because of some propaganda campaign by their superiors so that the officers would feel threatened and act out on the population or because they were genuinely scared because their illuminati handlers didn't arm them and threw them in the middle of a mob of people that are anything but sheeple.

I talked to alot of police. They are human beings too. We are all trying to make it through this world. I could look in a lot of their eyes, and see that they did not approve of what they were doing. It is intense and scary for them too. Huge crowds, and lots of anger directed toward you is never enjoyable.

That being said, it does not excuse injustice. If you are doing evil, and know that you are doing evil you should quit whatever the cost. Cops are not stupid. A large number had to have known police staged most of the violence and destruction. What kind of a police officer willingly takes part in both breaking the law, and harming the citizens they are paid to protect? That is something every police officer needs to ask themselves with the rising totalitarian practices in Western "democracies." How long will good men say nothing?

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 11:48 PM
Sorry if I missed it ,but where was the G20 held? The reason I ask, is because I would like to commend all of you brave people. When they came after you, I was like "dude!" I thought you were outta here. Please bring me up to speed on what is supposed to be going on behind those closed doors (Illuminati, Bildergurgh type stuff,right?). You get a star and flag from me for actually Doing something,,instead of just typing in a thread,,,like me
Stay safe and stay brave.Thanks for the vids

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 12:32 AM
Moths eaarlier the very same Tactics were tried out in quebec city.
This is a common police tactic.
I saw the very same stuff in frisco in 67 and just about anywhere theres been dissent since.
The police regularly emply dirty tricks to make the protesters look unruly or even riotous.
In quebec city, it was plain the instgators of violence were police, because they were wearing the very same combat boots as the cops opposite them.
The tread, was distinctive, and they had a bright yellow rubber tag stuck in space between sole, and heel.
very convenient way for the cops to indentify their own undercover instigators too.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 01:05 AM
Very important thread, thank you for getting the truth out. S&F.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by consigliere

This particular meeting was in Toronto, but they rotate around the world to different cities. At this meeting the leaders met behind closed doors to discuss the need for austerity. The education cuts in Great Britain, raising of retirement age in France, and other such measures that have been instituted in the last few months were decided six months ago in Toronto.

Budget cuts? Why get concerned about that? Well, for one thing that is only one issue. They also discussed Iran, and most certainly the covert war in progress there. Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on are openly discussed and planned at these meetings. The issues they decide on like cutting social expenditures, and starting wars are very important. For the leaders to make decisions on these issues without any input by their people, or elected representatives is wrong.

The G20 shows that if the leaders of the most powerful nations choose to make choices they have no need of consulting their citizens. It is one more indication that the political systems of the West are illusions. They exist to convince the population they play a role in governing. In reality, the leaders act without any regard to the people because the systems of media, education, and politics ensure they will never be held accountable.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by stephinrazin

Thanks stephinrazin,

I tend to agree with everything you're saying in regards to our "governing". The political systems (capitalism, socialism,communism,etc) aren't necessarily bad (all things are fallible), but the people who run them,are. I will start to keep a closer eye on such topics.Thanks for the refresher course. And again stay safe

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