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The Metaphysics of Earth Changes, Bird, Fish, & Animal Die Offs

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 04:15 PM
There has been much discussion of the bird, fish, and animal die off mostly from a scientific stand point as to the cause,, Also the earth changes from weather, earth quakes, volcanoes, etc. and their increasing regularity and force.

Most of the metaphysical discussion of it has centered around "ascension" as some call it. However while that may have a grain of truth I think it misses the mark. So I thought a more practical discussion of the metaphysics of these changes might be interesting.

Here is an article on the bird fish and animal die off and how it might relate to the magnetic pole shift.

"Cracks in the Earth's weakening magnetosphere could be causing the deaths of
birds, fish and other animals that are magnetically in-tuned with the Earth.

This is a definition of magnetism from a metaphysical standpoint and how it to relates to the earth, the planets, and ourselves. I found it quite fascinating.

Magnetism [from Greek lithos magnetes Magnesian stone, magnetic oxide of iron,
found in Magnesia in Thessaly] Scientifically, magnetic force is due to the
movement of electric charges. While physics is concerned only with mineral
magnetism, older thought saw the analogy between the various planes of nature
and used magnetism in a wiser sense. The term animal magnetism is not so
fanciful: The Secret Doctrine speaks of biune creative magnetism as acting in
the constitution of man and animals in the form of the attraction of contraries
as in sexual polarization; of there being seven forms of kosmic magnetism; of
electricity and magnetism being manifestations of kundalini-sakti; of the
world-soul as represented by a sevenfold cross whose arms are light, heat,
magnetism, etc.

Magnetism, like other forces, is a manifestation of the activities of living
beings. These forces are at the same time the physical counterparts,
reflections, or phases of the universal cosmic electromagnetism, life-energy, or
fohat. Magnetism, which is the alter ego of electricity, is that aspect or
functioning of cosmic electromagnetism, mainly known to us as causing attraction
and repulsion, and distinguished by bipolarity.

Both physical and physiological analogies suggest that terrestrial magnetism is
inherent in some of the ultra-physical constituents of our globe, and that it
must be powerfully influenced by the magnetism of other globes of the
earth-chain, as well as by cosmic sources belonging to the solar system and even
beyond. The position of the magnetic poles of the earth varies, and with this
variation go variations in the magnetic inclination, declination, intensity, and
distribution; which variations have cycles that are under study by scientists.
What is called the north pole of a magnet should be called its south pole, since
it is attracted and not repelled by the north pole of the earth; thus some
writers call the north pole of a magnet the north-seeking pole.

"We know of no phenomenon in nature entirely unconnected with either magnetism
or electricity . . . All the phenomena of earth currents, terrestrial magnetism
and atmospheric electricity, are due to the fact that the earth is an
electrified conductor, whose potential is ever changing owing to its rotation
and its annual orbital motion, the successive cooling and heating of the air,
the formation of clouds and rain, storms and winds, etc. . . . Science would be
unwilling to admit that all these changes are due to akasic magnetism
incessantly generating electric currents which tend to restore the disturbed
equilibrium" (ML 160).

All electromagnetism is rooted in or takes its rise from the akasa, and the
bipolarity of magnetism and electricity is simply a reproduction in our sphere —
and even in human beings when they manifest themselves — of the fundamental
bipolarity in cosmic structure inherent in the akasa, out of the womb of which
the worlds are born. Magnetism might be considered the more subtle part of
electricity, and electricity the grosser aspect of the fundamental force which
is both. Both are fluids, emanations, from the akasa, and are really two aspects
of the underlying fohat.

The definition of Akasa.


The astral light is the tablet of memory of earth and of its child the
animal-man; while akasa is the tablet of memory of the hierarchy of the
planetary spirits controlling our chain of globes, and likewise of their child,
each spiritual ego. The astral light is simply the dregs or lowers vehicles of
akasa. Gautama Buddha held only two things as eternal: akasa and nirvana. In the
Chandogya Upanishad (7:12:1-2) akasa (ether, space) is equated with Brahman."

Also here is some interesting commentary and view from a metaphysical teacher and author Joseph John Dewey. He talks about the cycles of earth leading up to the age of peace and makes some interesting points on how it may come about.

"The real bad calamities are being held back until there are a certain number of
people discover the inner kingdom of God. 144,000 is a symbolic number, but
there is a certain number of people on which the earth is waiting to manifest
the presence of God before the calamities come.

Why is this? It's because, to rebuild the earth so we can have a true new age of
peace and prosperity we need a seed people. People who are like the seeds for
the kingdom of God so they can be the leaders to lead the rest of the world to
greater consciousness and greater peace.

If the world is destroyed then taken over by a bunch of thugs and it's just
survival of the fittest, we're not going to have a better world at all. Instead,
if there is a calamity, the Earth has to prepare a people with a higher
consciousness to guide the survivors and the people who will be left to a
greater freedom, a more democratic government, a freer government, fewer taxes,
more sharing for both the individual and the group."

While I do not agree with Joseph Dewey on everything much of what he writes resonates with me and I find him to have much insight into many things.

I used to worry to much about the coming changes. However this reinforces to me that even the possible calamities that may come upon us will ultimately be for the good of the race and even if many of us do not survive them a seed race will and we will experience that age of peace and abundance in future incarnations and the race will survive and continue to progress. The earth is also a living entity and also evolving on the seven planes and this may just be the earth expanding in its consciousness also.

We live in exciting times to see many of these changes. Discuss...

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:19 PM
most ancient cultures were and some are still aware a a grand cycle
the outward manifestation of this would be astro physics
the inner, a knowledge of the stories and cycles and events in the past
acociated the outer with the inner
and allowed for an outward looking nature
the magnitism of iron ore
and the devine spark of life are connected
as are the planetary and solar bodies
knowledge of the wheel work of the universe provided the oportunity for farming and season
and as our local sphere the earth goes through cycles
so to does our helio sphere
and our galaxy and our universe
as matter is vibration
so to is cycles they vibrate between two points
on earth summer and winter
in the helio sphere it may be upper and lower compaired to the plane of the galaxy
the galaxy may "float" in its bubble to a reigion of hot gas and "convect" heat energy into our galaxies bubble
there was a good reason to follow the stars and seasons in early history
how many now could plant and harvest from the sun position?

the effect on human consiousness is to internalize and disconnect from the rythems of life and look inwards
the greatest thing in the world is the world and how it works
and to understand part of that we need to look up and question
as this unites all consiousness in an outward manifestation of what the cycles mean to us


posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 08:12 PM
I clipped this to another thread that was talking about the map showing the losses around the globe; it is still relevant here based on the OP thoughts on the metaphysical.

"When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, who by their actions and deeds, shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow." ~ Hopi prophecy

As for my own interpretations, they are changing almost daily. I feel that as a Whole we cloud ourselves with our needs and wants and often we get pulled in directions we seldom appreciate on an individual level. We are like sand in an hourglass, all piled high with a path to the other side. As we begin to enter the moment in time (as we are now), where change is coming, we find ourselves in a less obscured way and begin to focus because the journey is singular through the "pinch" of the hourglass. It is those things such as 11:11 and the uneasiness of the body that tells us to focus because now we are individuals on our path, "seeing" more clearly for once. Time will begin to speed at an alarming rate and then we will begin to pour into the other side rejoining those of like minds.

Perhaps my analogy is a bit too simplistic because it does not take in account of those who are not prepared to move into the next world.

As for the birds, the fish, and the animals, they are our "innocents", much like our children. They will be ushered into the embrace of Spirit as we are separated from them for the last time. For so long man has been disconnected from the Source of Nature, from our Spirit World that exists in the Natural settings and Natural Kingdoms. If we cannot return to "Her", our Mother Earth, in our Heart and in our Soul, then we are destined to perish forever.

In time, the birds and the fish will return in great numbers once more, but only if we can open ourselves to Protecting and embracing her once again. Then we will speak more clearly, feel more deeply, and sing most proudly as a "Spirited" being rather than how we see each other now.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 11:01 PM
Interesting analogy with the hour glass effect. That makes some sense, however I think one of the reasons the earth is stirring is that enough of humanity has reached a point in evolution where it can change without wiping us all out, albeit it will still be painful.

Also still some will not make it. I wouldn't say we are destined to perish "forever" those not ready to move into the new age of peace will probably incarnate into other planets more suited to thier evolution. Many people are more environmentally conscious today then just 20 -30 years ago and know we need to care for nature etc. And I am not talking about extremist and zealots. Just people in general. BP disaster hopefully has cut the learning curve for many on that.

The earth changes are just the earth starting the transitions. We are only maybe 50 years into the transition and it will take another 150 or so to complete the transition IMO. I donlt however think the natural disasters will last that long maybe only a few years when they peak and hen die down. We are like the gangly teenager everyone thinks is going to straight to hell in a hand basket, but eventually grows up to become a decent human being. That is my analogy of the things we see happening now. Of course it will all affect us differently and we all describe it according to our own frame of references wisdom and knowledge.

The ancient wisdom teaches that if you strive to practice harmlessness in your thoughts, words, and actions one day you will realize a great leap into higher consciousness. When I read that it struck me to the core as a guide to life. And it really makes one realize how much work they have to do. And how much easier it is said then done.

I was hoping to get more conversation on this thread but thanks everyone for all the stars and flags so far. Please give a short opinion or comment of you would. This may not be as exciting as some of the more bizarre threads but it could be fun if enough participate...

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