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An Experience Like No Other

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 02:57 AM
An experience like no other.

I guess it all started about 2 years ago when I started having dreams where I would see people that had been deceased or strange living smoke like entities that would always chase me. At the time I thought these were just night mares. And I would occasionally be in these really strange like places that looked like Astral bases where experiments on the astral being were being carried out. Then about 18 months ago I start having flying dreams and dreams were I would ascend to a higher level of consciences. And I always got the Symbol of "the eye of ra" All seeing eye.
I would lay down at night time and feel things poke me while Im drifting to sleep. I would wake up to someone saying my name in the dream, but I would wake and no one would be there. I would sometimes wake during the night and see I guess what you could describe as energy in the air and, it looked a bit like a heat haze but in a pitch black room, then I started to notice there were things moving within the energy from the size of a bowling ball to and actual human size figure. These things looked like a darker heat haze and had what sounded like a high pitch white noise to them.
What the # is going on I always wondered.
Then about 12 to 6 months ago I started having vivid night mares where I was either being chased or being tortured with cattle prods and other torture devices, with in the I guess you could call it the astral. I was beginning to think am I going insane or what ?
6 months ago up until now I went to England traveling and met someone who believed they were very spiritual and this is when all sorts of things started to happen, demonic attacks up until then I never thought demons were real. I would be having a nightmare where I am getting tortured with a cattle prod like device and wake up in the morning with these weird marks over my chest Stomach and back. I have no idea how this was happening as I thought It was only a nightmare. I was really starting to doubt spirituality and thought maybe its all in my mind and I have discovered to do things with in the mind that show and affect the physical ? "Later on I discovered Micro muscular movement"
I then started having dreams about and alien known very well to be call the reptilians.
"I know Im starting to sound crazy. And believe me I thought I was going crazy."I had then been informed that for a while there were reptilians around me conducting experiments on my mental and spiritual abilities that I did not know I even had.

"Quick some one get me some Zyprexa" Im loosing it, this is what started to run through my mind all the time.
Then to make things really #ed up and thought only happen in the movies, A demon by the name of "Elenore" stepped into this person I was staying with and they bit me. There eyes were all #ed up, they were drooling and reciting old Latin. I was like # "I want out of this this" This demon gave me a virus that kills the astral body apparently, I did not believe any of this until I started bleeding black blood a few hours later from where i was bitten and every time I started to drift into the a conscience state between the astral and physical I would become really ill all over with breathing trouble. But for some reason it would disappear when I was completely conscience with in the physical.
Apparently if this virus is true and everything I had been told from this person is true and not a #ing hoax, you can become immune to this virus if your "astral body" is carefully monitored and looked after. "The virus gives the astral body a green glow apparently"
I know, your all probably thinking I've gone completely crazy. I think as well hence why I say good bye to spirituality and religion and am thinking of becoming and atheist.

Now those mediums that know the trick of testing your energy levels by putting your hands close together and feeling the energy for some reason when ever I do this my I can feel the energy from the opposite hand even if my hands are a 1 meter apart. And for some reason if I bring them close together like between 5 - 10 cm I begin to see and make sparks between my hands if I hold them there for a good 2 minutes or so.
Now for those mediums that want to know something even more strange I worked out a way to change positive energy to negative energy and cause some very yucky effects.
Now I have no idea what I was doing here but I was with a group of mediums and we were talking about energy and they had me preform rakkie on one of them and I kept zapping them.

Now for some reason I can feel when the energy flows good in the air and when it flows bad.
It got to the point where they taught me to heal through rakkie and I was preforming healing sessions on them and other spiritual entities.

"Maybe risperidal will do the trick" : ?

Ok this is the last part.

About 4 weeks ago I was lead to believe I was in contact with the bases located with in the astral at pine gap and dulce base.
And being told about the planetary tunnel system there are 8 lvls of transport tunnels underneath the ground we are on. The top one start at 200 meters beneath the surface and the 8th one starts about 13 km deep beneath the earth.
Now I know for a fact there are tunnels in the earth that link all the major continents together and use electromagnetic gravitation vehicles that start from a speed of Mach 4 to Mach 6.
It is a proven fact these bases have done a lot of research within the astral area and they do have agents that work with in the astral for homeland defense and information in certain areas.
This black budget project area was started with in the 80's but the true pioneers of using the astral to get secret information dates back to 1945 Germany.

The reason I was lead to be in contact with them was they were curious about my energy and some of the things I managed to do with it, and curious about the type of spiritual work I had been doing with the reptilians and Grays. Since been in contact with them I find my self having more and more vivid nightmares and torture. Up until the last couple of days I would wake with new burns and strange marks every morning.

For now tho I have pretty much said # it all and I have stepped well away from all of this but something really interesting has ac cured. The last 3 nights in a row I will wake up, and my arms and hands will be in the air, I have no control over them and they are slowly moving to be placed somewhere by my side of on my chest,
Last night I woke to not having any control over my body and being rolled from my back on to my stomach. I was like what the #.
So I don't really know what to make of my experience for the last 2 years.
Should I except spirituality of say # it, its to #ed up and just live a mundane simple life and become and atheist.
9 - 5 mon to friday.
And weekends is all about getting paid and getting laid. : P

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 03:22 AM
reply to post by Svaba

No you are not crazy and I am no stranger to astral attacks either. The key is understanding who these adversaries of human souls are that seek to instill fear and inflict harm to your divine spirit. Do you know what you are really dealing with?

Connect with the benevolent forces of Christ and His Archangels (call on Michael in your case). Seek Divine Truth and develop your faith to afford spiritual strength and protections via Divine Grace that you require to repel/shield these attacks. You are dealing with Luciferian forces of whose influence you need to remove yourself from. Repent from sin (you know in your heart what actions are right and wrong) and undertake a period of water fasting combined with prayer in the name of Christ for your protection.

It is within your means to both attract these entities and repel them. It all depends on your choices and your level of faith. Help is there for those who call on it faithfully through the right channels. And that channel is the power of Yeshua Christ, who has the power to send these negative entities packing. The rest is up to you

Peace Brother

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 04:05 AM
yeah thats ome scary stuff, but fear not, the post above me gave you the directions you need, if you have questions or need help feel free to pm me.

You can get much more then removing the demons, you can receive everlasting life with pure joy through Christ Jesus.

No Jesus = No peace
Know Jesus = Know peace

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by benedict9

If its one thing I have learned is there will always be two sides of the equation as this causes evolution and growth.
In context this means there will always we good and evil, positive and negative.
Even if at a time one side of the equation was to be more dominate then the other, it would soon balance it self out due to the way a living being perceives something or changes there perception on the morals and principles of behavior and thought.

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