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All One

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 08:37 PM
Thank you for listening, thank you.


I saw the sun in the shade,
Yet it still shone and shines so immensely.
I heard the quiet kindness in the noise,
And was still consumed by it’s chaos.
I felt the pleasure of the pain,
And still I felt nothing.

Unto this –
I discovered the truth behind the question,
The answer which fuels the enforcers of the world.
These fathoms led me to discovery –
Causing me to understand the unknowable –
Allowing me to experience the impossible –
Time and sequences and emotion as one.

I had recollected that I am just like you,
And that you are nothing like me.

But in a manner seen quiet soon,
Thou shalt too see,
Thou shalt too be,
and then want to flee
- just and just like me.


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