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Warning: Extreme readings on Norwegian live seismometer: Experts needed

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 04:30 PM

Location : Ny-Alesund, Spitzbergen, Norway

Data glitch?
Extreme weather?
Solar Flare?
Magnetic soft spot (Pole Shift)?

Any Ideas?

Here is the source for comparison, its slightly less than half way down

Flag this could be important
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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 04:32 PM
Do you have a "normal" chart for comparison? Perhaps a link to the original image source?
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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 04:38 PM
Well, it's nearly impossible to read this chart and your title said "seismometers" plural, but do keep in mind there was a very large earthquake last night in Western Asia. (7+) which I am sure caused no end of bouncing around on the seismographs in Europe when the teleseism was recorded.

Anything really big and local would have been felt and you wouldn't need to ask.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 04:39 PM
I'm in Norway and things have been pretty calm here.

But where in Norway did you get this from?

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 04:39 PM
Hi there. I noticed this earlier too & realised what it is.
Look at the time at the left side of the graph. The reading is remnant from last nights Pakistan 7.2 quake. The trace has thrown the needle to the bottom of the chart. I think the only reason Norway is still showing while others have calmed down is because Norway had a particularly big trace.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by WiseThinker

05:25 and 09:30 seem interesting after the main barrage. very intriguing.
i will look at this tomorrow going to bed now
regards f

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 04:58 PM
Very interesting post.

Although I can't make heads or tails of this reading, it doesn't seem to be alarming at least IMO.

Of course I would rather be informed about the small events around the planet rather than be surprised by the big one.

Thank you for this post, I will keep my eyes on some of the charts I watch and see if I can find any correlation between any of them.

Take care.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by WiseThinker

You got it right there first time. Data glitch. That seismo is sick.

Take a look at LISS and you will see that nothing else is affected.

Here is the BHZ channel. Perfectly normal


This is the LHZ channel


The difference here is that the one you posted is using location 00 and I guess that is the one having a bad graph day! Sorry!

Edit: Thought I could not get that one, but I can. KBS.IU.00.LHZ.2011.019

Definitely looks as if it has a problem.

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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 01:59 AM
I saw this yesterday after the 7.4 quake in Pakistan...

It had not been mentioned yet, but apparently ALL the seismometers in the world are going off. The earth rang like a bell.. This guy explains it all in this video... and at the end shows the HAARP frequencies were turned on big time..

Video is here (along with all other info videos I could find. >

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 02:13 AM
Never minding the vertical lines, look at the lines in the background now, im not expert but, imo either this station is flawed or something other than Pakistan residual waves are effecting this

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 02:32 AM
Every station on Earth is flawed? Did you see there was a global Seismic event? It's not just Norway.
Check it out

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by GamaRay

This happens every time there is a big quake, or a really deep one.

Yes...the earth DOES ring like a bell, after a large quake. The waves (P & S) travel around the globe. You don't feel it, but the seismometers are sensitive enough to pick them up.

Think of it like a rock being thrown into the surface of a calm lake. You can see the ripples traveling out from the water, under the dock,but don't feel it.

The quake was the 7.2 centered in Pakistan, it affected seismos around the world, because that is what they do. Pretty cool stuff, but absolutely nothing to worry about.

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 03:11 AM
Very Very interesting..

Well thank you for the information!

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 04:47 AM
There was a small 3 seconds tremor in Sweden last night at around 2 AM CET
According to the Swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet" ( the tremor measured 2-2.5 on the Richter scale and was isolated to a quite small area near the town of "Falkoping".

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