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Dream of Demonic Possession - Analysys or help!

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 09:12 AM
Weird dream the other night, I fell asleep on the couch downstairs in the reading room.

The dream starts out in what seems to be like a waiting area of some kind – perhaps a gate at an Airport (which is revealed later) but the area is enclosed and with plush leather seats and couches -Maybe a VIP area. It is not a place familiar to me.

There are people there and the atmosphere is that of people engaged in casual conversation. There is a bar serving drinks.

Over on one of the couches is a young kid, a boy blond and overweight. He seems to be uncomfortable. I go over to him and he starts writhing and flailing about.

Some guy comes in and says the kid is possessed and that someone has to agree to take the demon inside them…

I am thinking no way, I don’t know him who cares? Then he (the kid) starts to really beg and plead for help and is obviously in pain of the worst kind.

So I tell the guy who came in (may have been dressed as a priest – hard to remember) that I will do it. Sort of half heartedly… I put my hand on the kids head (like the funny "Leave this boy!" things I see on TV) and try to make the demon leave the kid.

I fail to do so. The guy tells me I have to really mean it.

I try again…and fail. The kid starts really crying out in pain and I genuinely feel for him – I can feel the empathy. Empathy is rare for me really especially when it comes to people I don't know.

So I try again and this time it works, the demon goes out of the kid and into some random person in the area.

The guy (who may be a Priest) admonishes me and tells me I should have taken it inside me not just let it go.

So I go off chasing the thing through the Airport shopping area as it passes from person to person via touch like that movie with John Goodman and the Guy in Book of Eli.

A few times it comes into me and I can hang onto it for a while but every time I get really scared and drive it out of myself and it jumps to another person.

This goes on for some time…a long scary time.

Finally, we end up back in the same waiting area and it goes for the kid again…

I force it out, and this time it stays out and becomes a dark oily mass that I throw out of the (dream convenient) open window overlooking a street. Not sure where this is BTW.

It goes into another random person who looks at me with glowing eyes and it again leaves and takes the black oily form and starts to climb the trellises up to me.

I grab it by the head and and it’s all rubbery, (feels like a balloon or something) I rip it in half and throw it down again.

It floats right back up to me and ends up back inside of me and I realizet that this is a dream and is going to just go on and on unless I let it stay inside me. I sigh and accept it and keep it this time. I am no longer afraid of it I embrace it acctually.

I float up in the air in front of and scaring the crap out of myself and all the others in the room. I sprout dark wings and talking in a language I don’t know or understand spewing out a black tar-like substance all over the people out of my mouth.

I then wake up scared, heart pounding with a horrible taste in my mouth – so much so I actually go brush my teeth in the middle of the night.

Really not a believer in god either.

That and I rarely remember dreams. This was over three weeks ago and still I am thinking about it.

Kind of wondering if anyone here has any exepricance with this kind of stuff.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 09:40 AM
I've had many similar dreams. It could be:

A. An actual spiritual experience through which you confronted a demon. If that's the case, it sounds like you still have it inside you. 'Better keep a watchful eye for strange things occurring in the near future.

B. A dream in which the demon represents something that you fear, but you need to confront and actually embrace.

C. A case of having a meatball sub with garlic before you went to bed.

Only you can determine the answer. Good luck!

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 10:04 AM

I don't claim to be an expert in these matters, but my friends occasionally ask me to give my take on their dreams, so here goes.

As far as I understand it, dreams are rarely to be taken literally.
They have a tendency to speak to us in symbolic language, so all this demon business may refer to some kind of problem you may be having dealing with something which is bothering you.

Perhaps you have been given some kind of responsibility which you don't feel you are able to cope with, and would rather find someone else who you feel could deal with it better.

The demon could represent this problem, which keeps flitting form one person to another, but always ends up coming back to you.

For instance, you say in your OP that you have difficulty empathising with people you don't personally know.
Perhaps a situation has arisen where you have to do this, as it reflects upon you in some way.

Sometimes dreams use common phrases to get some kind of message across, for instance in this case, 'We all have our demons to excorcise' type statements, or 'we have to face up to our own demons' type things, so maybe you have seen a fault in someone, but something is telling you that either you have a similar fault, or your interpretation of that fault is wrong in some way.

Just throwing a few ideas out there.

Hope it's at least interesting if not helpful.


ETA Graceunderpressure posted while I was writing this, and the option 'B' says it far more succinctly than my interminable rambling.
A nice touch of humour thrown in for good measure too.
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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by graceunderpressure
I've had many similar dreams. It could be:

First, thanks for the response; I appreciate the thought. I am curious as I have had similar dreams of a different theme.

Sometimes it involves witches, or magick users or wizards of some type and a chase of some kind and in the end it always it involves a supernatural type power revealing itself to me at the end - the power be it a spell in WICCA, or a telekinesis type thing involves me floating into the air at the end in front of a group of people surprised at my own powers.

The power itself is always different but destructive but the floating in the air and surprise is the same.

Have had this dream now for years; more than 10 probably that I can remember.

Originally posted by graceunderpressure
A. An actual spiritual experience through which you confronted a demon. If that's the case, it sounds like you still have it inside you. 'Better keep a watchful eye for strange things occurring in the near future.

I doubt this one very much; however, I will be vigilant. While I am a non-believer in the Christian god I do feel there is an intelligent design to our lives and a definite purpose for being here at this time. Also fully believe in fate and destiny - which is why this dream concerns me.

Originally posted by graceunderpressure
B. A dream in which the demon represents something that you fear, but you need to confront and actually embrace.

I recently retired from the Army after 24 years; I have to say that while I am comfortable in my retirement I am bored with the lack of excitement and conflict. I wonder if it is just a way manifesting the self loathing I feel at being a civilian. I love my farm life and am comfortable in our financial situation but I do wonder if I should be going to work every day. While farming is work it doesn't seem to be since I don't or rarely leave the property.

Originally posted by graceunderpressure
C. A case of having a meatball sub with garlic before you went to bed.

While indeed funny; I bet this one has the most probability in some combination with (B).

Only you can determine the answer. Good luck!

Again, thanks for the reply.

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by Golf66

they say what you conquer in your dream you can conquer in real life. Evil spirits may be attempting to control you perhaps with the belief that controlling you in your dreams gives them power over you in the real world. I wish I had a suggestion for how you can proceed here...I am sorry that I don't...

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 01:34 PM
I once had a dream that involved me possessing a demon.

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