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Rising China Solution !

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 08:09 PM
I want your opinion on this and I am not familiar with economics, so please bear with me and some of my "assumptions".

Theoretically speaking....

What US is doing is probably playing politics with China and acting like some impending doom is upon us, when in fact, our government could be hiding some 'secret technology' such as renewable super energy source or a way to harvest energy (alien?) which could radically change our economy and nation.
Look, it's easier to play victim and to present our forces to the other (China) as weak or diminishing, when it fact, governments lie all the time, as Assange revealed to us not that long ago.

US has been the world super power since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and even prior to that, wouldn't it be rational to assume that we were investing money in some Independence Day Alien Style technology? While most Chinese were still farming?

Chinese are known for copying and even improving our technology, but I haven't heard of any new radical life changing inventions from their side.

Consider this, in 2005, 9 billion dollars of Iraq reconstruction money went missing. Source ... in 2010, same story, 9 billion missing Source 2. There was some speculation that it was money laundering etc..

Let's assume that our gov't has been 'quietly' taking money out of different resource pools, then what do you get? A very high probability that we are not fools who didn't prepare for the rainy day, in fact, we might very well have a secret Independence Day, Men in Black, Area 51 research facility after all.

If the US government was originally created by the Illuminatti (Masons) and this group still exists, even if they have been sucking money out of the average Joe, I still believe that they are not fools and have been preparing for the rise of China for a very long time.

Considering that the US actually does have this source of energy or some other magnificent resource which will awe the masses of the world, we can see that our government will lay low for sometime, and maybe have China excuse out debts in order to allow it to grow in power, then one day, we will reveal this 'secret' and create new jobs and build a whole new infrastructure, while China will be left behind again.

I do not feel like writing any more, please contribute if you have any additional information. Just my thought, someone please research this and make a better informed thread.. Anything is possible.

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 08:17 PM
I'm sure we have secret technology that we would break out if ever needed. I'm sure China has secret technology as well, but their secret technology is most likely technology we have already released or have been using.

Don't get me wrong, China has some military skit that the USA doesn't have. I recall seeing where China developed missiles that were very capable of penetrating and sinking a US aircraft carrier. I also recall seeing that China may have developed nuclear torpedos??

Not all of that "missing" money went to defense programs, or even alien programs. The nazi's had a secret UFO program of which they destroyed as they were being invaded. Consequentially they started working for USA where I'm sure that same program continued developing...

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 08:41 PM
You say the USA could and most like is hiding secret technology, then you go on to say you have not heard of anything from the Chinese side. Have you ever thought that maybe China are doing the same thing as the USA?

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by EternalThought

The only secret technology I can think about would be HAARP, and the way Pakistan is being devastated by natural disasters makes you wonder.

How can US take down a Nuclear Armed Islamic Nation? Especially considering it is strong allies with China, who would back China in case of a new World War.

    Just to add, your thoughts regarding China not being able to catch up and get ahead of US is very flawed. Countries always surpass other countries technologically and militarily, even if one country is decades ahead. It is all about strategy, about "will" and resources. US is loosing resources, the "will" and strategically stuck in Afghanistan. Considering the facts on the ground, the fact that US is 14 trillion dollars in depth, and the fact that US is borrowing money from China, and the fact that US is decreasing military spending etc simply means it is plausible that China could get ahead any moments.

Keeping the above in to consideration, what secret technology could US have to surpass WMD? It is evident that WMDs won't help the US, even though it has more than any nation on this earth.
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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 09:18 PM
If HAARP can do what so many people claim it can, then why havent they used it on Iran?

I'm sure the USA has secret technology that we dont know nothing about, and we'll probably know nothing about until world war three comes and pass. then it will be in history books just like nazi technology during world war 2.

the freemasons, illuminati, secret societies, tptb or whatever you want to call them have planned for this, there is no doubt about that. but they dont care about the US, their main aim is to secure the middle east and assure israeli supremacy.

this whole 9/11, the invasion of iraq and afghanistan is to secure the region for israel.

in islamic prophecy it is predicted that the 12th imam will arrive and set up a caliphate that will stretch from asia, through the middle east all the way to africa. does israel fit in that scenario? no. the illuminati take islamic prophecy very seriously, becuase they know its not hogwash bull*h*t. they know about the black banners from khorasaan(afghanistan/iran). they know about the green banners from yemen. they know the mahdi is real.

the USA is meant to fall after the next world war, and thats when israel rises to dominate the world as the next super power. now you're probably thinking, israel? really? a super power? yes really.

the next world war's main objective is population reduction. the second is crippling every major power, and regional power in the world. this is the USAs job. they must set the world ready for israel to take control. 2012 will be the start of that coming shift. ZION, the messiah is meant to rule the world from jerusalem. and those zionists who control america are very radical when it comes to that belief.

thats why everyone must parcitipate in the army there. so they have the army, and the technology. and who knows how many soldiers will be sent there from NATO and usa when war breaks out. who knows

what ever secret technology america has will be transferred to israel if it hasnt already.

when america and her allies destroy the major powers, they will be destroyed themselves by other countries. it will happen so that israel will be the last man standing.

and in a world full of chaos, every man crying for peace, no safe place to be. then you know its time for israel to stand up and control the rest of the world population.

here is my prediction that will come true 100%, 9 months before dec 2012, a man named al sufyani will rise in eygpt after demascus has been destroyed. he will make an army and march conquering many arab countries. then he will make demascus his headquarters. he will claim to be a muslim. he will go to iraq and kill thousands of innocent civillians there. then he will go to mekkah and open the muslims prophet muhammeds tomb and steal everything there. he will rule for 9 months. this mans reign of terror will end after a loud scream from the sky. the mahdi will arrive and the sun will rise from the west. in that time a year will be like 10 years. thats when the 7 year tribulation will begin for the christians... but the mahdi is not the antichrist, even though christians are taught so by the modified bible!

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 11:23 PM

Originally posted by reatarded
Keeping the above in to consideration, what secret technology could US have to surpass WMD? It is evident that WMDs won't help the US, even though it has more than any nation on this earth.
edit on 18-1-2011 by reatarded because: typo

Lol, you missed the point... what secret technology you ask? well, it's SECRET! If we knew about it (WMD, etc), it wouldn't be secret. It could be from Area 51 or other possible extra-terrestrial encounters.
I do agree with HAARP hypothesis.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by reatarded

When it comes to nukes you are wrong. Russia has the biggest arsenel of Nuclear warheads. Apart from that though, their military does not compare.

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