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Why do we talk so much about the weather?

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 05:57 PM
Did you ever wonder, did you ever pause to think... why do we talk so much about the weather?

Is the need for sunscreen, umbrella, or coat so all encompassing in our lives that we really need to spend a great majority of our life searching for, receiving forecast about, and then communicating with others about how the temperature is going to basically stay within the same 10 degrees all week?

Is this really a basic need for the sustinance of life?

If you based the answer to that question on the time we spend discussing it the answer would be an overwhelming YES.

But I'm sure by now your mind is answering the obvious.

So why do we do it? What drives us?

Any communication is based on an overlay of common experience. If an alien were to land in your backyard tonight and sit down across a cup of coffee in your kitchen table, would you be ale to understand him if he spoke of the barkatask muching the sconatal?

Dewey, a major figure in modern educationally theory said to teach anyone you have to start at a point of overlap of understanding.

Imagine your knowledge... your sum total of life experience is a big circle and you are the dot at the center. Now lets say I have the same circle and dot.

Since we are both raised on the same planet and have a broad base of common experiences those circles will not be totally separate. The circles will overlap.

So when we start to talk about the weather with the postman, the worker in the next cubicle, and the cute shopping clerk... we are establishing a common overlap from which to base our conversation.

So how does this apply to political madness?

When you begin to have a conversation with the average american (or world citizen) their circle is quite a bit different from yours. Most likely their family, their school, their job, their church, their friends, their whole circle of existence has been indoctrinated by the mind-controlling media and educational system to purposefully strive to keep their minds FROM thinking about these issues.

So to sit down at their kitchen table, and try to tell them how "the global elite want to depopulate the planet through GMO foods and vaccinations then turn them into a transhumanistic mind-controled worker drone," would be equivalent to their conversation with a space alien.

And you would probably be receiving the same looks and responses.

To engage in any rational conversation you must first start where the circles overlap. Only by gradually building the common ground in the circles can you effectively present to them what you perceive is going on.

So, that's why we talk so much about the weather.

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