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NWO / Illuminati / A basic understanding

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 11:06 AM
This is from a few years ago from when I had time to research, much more than I do now. I just found it today and thought why not share...This is a work in progress but I'm not sure I will get around to finishing it anytime soon. Maybe this will inspire some to continue down a similar path and put more info together and out there.

I believe that even though the New World Order is looked at like a science fiction novel, we can clearly see, if you put some pieces together a puzzle take shape. I know many have made threads dedicated to proving the Illuminati, or the NWO are real, but this is my own take on things and with my own theory.

Why Share My Thoughts?

- I have realized something that I believe to be key to this theory I'm proposing. The key, in my eyes, is dis info and good research. In many cases, just like with UFOs and ETs, sometimes stories and information can adapt new extensions and translations that are incorrect. In fact, this can be very misleading when searching for truth and doing research, and is the primary reason it has taken me a forever to come these thoughts. With an open mind, yet being very skeptical, you can look past the haze and utilize the vast information at your fingertips to clearly see the bigger picture. You must search very deeply, you must think globally, you must challenge the limits of research, and you must always remember that we have the key within all of us to stop what is in place and take back our home.

Jones, Icke, and Unnecessary Topics

- We aren't going to get into a hot debate with lizard ETs, Alex Jones or David Icke for that matter. People can understand the basic idea of the NWO, its existence and its purpose without getting into highly debatable topics. It's unnecessary at this point to discuss such things because the NWO is getting extremely careless and sloppy at this point in the game. They think they already have won and their strategies, which have long been placed, are unshakable in their eyes.

NWO Is Everywhere, Why?

- We hear of the NWO on the news, we see them in our history text books (new to me, guess I'm getting older), we have heard Presidents speak the term (Bush coined it), and we also read about them in newspapers, books, and magazines. The New World Order is being shown blatantly all around us. Why? Well maybe it is just a term used for those in power, most say. Maybe there is a global economy emerging? Maybe this is just a global government taking shape? Well hmm, is there really anyone in harms way here, is there really anyone trying to cause harm? There is a New World Order, and it has a negative, destructive agenda which is already in place.

NWO - Illuminati

- I do not think that the Illuminati and NWO are one in the same. I believe the Illuminati may be a group of individuals, in some type of power position, but I don't think they are the ones calling the shots at all. The Illuminati are most likely at this point, a small group of people that held on to a dying belief. The New World Order, hence "New", is rooted in Illuminati practices and beliefs but is a fresh set of minds from newer generations and is its own machine. A lot of information you get about the Illuminati is pure dis info, while not totally intentional in all cases, this is bad for truth seekers.

NWO - Overview

- Many should realize this, the NWO is indeed, vaguely speaking, a global economy and/or government. The real unseen problem lies in the specifics of the people controlling this global agenda. The NWO, especially Rockefeller and crew are into a different set of ideals that promotes the notion that the power holders should always remain in power and that they will always be superior. These elitists will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and remain in their positions, no matter the cost. These families, these people, that have held power for so long have kept their position with one tool, money. That is where all the talk of bankers pulling puppet strings comes in when regarding the pinnacle of power. Money controls the world, it "makes it go around"...and if you think, or have thought at one point that money may be the root of all evil, you are surely right. We are all being controlled by a weapon called fear that is funded by money. Remember, we are all being controlled by fear that is funded by money. This in a nutshell is how the NWO control us.

NWO Members

-This section is hazy in some areas and blatant in others due to lack of information and overabundance. This section like others is lengthy, due to the amount of available factual evidence we can look at. While it is obviously going to be impossible to point out all the members, we can understand who some are, and most importantly who the "big dogs" are that are calling the shots. Some of these members are now deceased, but they are the original idealists of the NWO, and more importantly the founders and financiers.

I won't get much into the specifics of each persons involvement in the New World Order in this section introducing you to members, that will be done in each section they are relevant to. This section is to familiarize you with the similarities of those that have held power for so long, and that are in power now. This should allow you to get a grip on the control these elitists have, and the tremendous power they really hold.

This list will classify NWO members into 4 categories, by what reason they belong, and in order of the level of relation. In some cases, there will be members for multiple reasons, these are the more powerful and important members. Members such as John D. Rockefeller may only have 2 categories, but they are listed twice to amplify their significance. These are godfathers of the NWO that will have such related categorization. Remember in a lot of these cases family members not listed will also be involved; such as wives and children. Some of these are in depth so you can get a good idea of the activities, abilities, money, power, intelligence, and overall ideals of these people. Make the connections as you learn about these powerful people.

You should clearly be able to already see that most of the money in this world belongs to only a handful of people, and all of them are involved in the government as well as banking.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild - This is the one man that you will have a hard time finding the truth about his involvement in the system. You need to look into how this single man sent a message to England that they had lost the war, the stock market crashed, and he bought up almost the entirety of the market before it was made known the message was a scam and the system bounced back. He then ended up owning the majority of the market and we today still live with the result of this, the largest monetary scam in our known history. This family to this day owns the banking system. They started Chase bank...they own the reserve, they own the media.

George H.W. Bush - Political Power/Money/Intelligence (41st President, son of a powerful banker, WW2 Vet, father had served on the board of directors of Brown Brothers Harriman for 22 years, was a millionaire at age 40 from oil, Skull and Bones member)

George W. Bush - Political Power/Money/Family (43rd President - 2 Terms, Oil Industry mogul with father, co-owned the Texas Rangers, announced the Global War on Terrorism, invaded Afghanistan and Iraq in the same year, President during the 9-11 attacks, served for the Texas Air National Guard, first Governor in Texas history to be elected to two consecutive 4 year terms, Skull and Bones member)

Nelson Rockefeller - Family/Money/Political Power/Intelligence (41st Vice President, formed the International Basic Economy Corporation in 1947, was President and later Chairman of Rockefeller Center, Inc., member of Westchester County, NY Board of Health for 20 years, in 54' was appointed Special Assistant to President for Foreign Affairs/AKA Special Assistant to the President for Psychological Warfare, in 1956, he created the Special Studies Project, a major seven-panel planning group directed by Henry Kissinger and funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, of which he was the then-president, Dwight D. Eisenhower asked Rockefeller to Chair the President’s Advisory Committee on Government Organization to recommend ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness of the executive branch of the federal government)

David Rockefeller - Family/Money/Intelligence (Only surviving grandchild of John D. Rockefeller, and current Patriarch of the Rockefeller family, served as assistant Regional Director of the United States Office of Defense, Health and Welfare Services, In 1946, he became the family's first and only banker when he joined the staff of the longtime family-associated Chase National Bank ("the Rockefeller Bank"), Chase National became the Chase Manhattan Bank in 1955, and is now currently called JPMorgan Chase, which is one of the oldest financial firms in the world)

David Rockefeller Jr. - Family/Money/Intelligence/Political Power (Philanthropist and leading 4th generation member of the Rockefeller family, succeeded his father as Chairman of Rockefeller Financial Services, member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, with which his father has had a longstanding association and is currently Honorary Chairman, Trustee of the Museum of Modern Art)

John D. Rockefeller - Money/Money/Intelligence/Intelligence (he is often regarded as the richest person in history, became the world's richest man and first American worth more than a billion dollars, founder of Standard Oil which was established in 1870 as an Ohio corporation, Standard Oil was the largest oil refiner in the world and operated as a major company trust and was one of the world's first and largest multinational corporations until it was broken up by the United States Supreme Court in 1911, he monopolized the Oil Industry, was an American Industrialist, revolutionized the petroleum industry and defined the structure of modern philanthropy, spent the last 40 years of his life in retirement, started the Rockefeller Dynasty)

John D. Rockefeller Jr. - Family/Money/Intelligence/Political Power (sole son among the five children of John D. Rockefeller, scrupulously careful with money, he stood out as different from other rich men's sons, major Philanthropist, became a Standard Oil Director, Director in J. P. Morgan's U.S. Steel company, after a scandal involving the then head of Standard Oil, John Dustin Archbold (the successor to Senior), and bribes he had made to two prominent Congressmen, unearthed by the Hearst media empire, Junior resigned from both companies in 1910 in an attempt to "purify" his ongoing philanthropy from commercial and financial interests, during the Great Depression he developed and was the sole financier of a vast 14-building real estate complex in the geographical center of Manhattan, Rockefeller Center, and as a result became one of the largest real estate holders in New York City, he was then influential in attracting leading blue chip corporations as tenants in the complex, including GE and its then affiliates RCA, NBC and RKO, as well as Standard Oil of New Jersey (Esso), and Associated Press and Time Inc, as well as branches of the then Chase National Bank, now JP Morgan Chase)

Winthrop Aldrich - Money/Political Power/Intelligence (uncle of David Rockefeller, his sister Abby Aldrich was the wife of John D. Rockefeller, Jr, he was an American banker and financier, scion of a prominent political family, and U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, appointed an honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire by King George VI, served as president and chairman of the board of Chase National Bank for over 20 years)

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 07:56 PM
Would like to just add that this is only a small part of where my research was heading. I was trying to make connections with people of power and show how a small handful of families own the monetary wealth here on OUR Earth. If you can understand the system for what it is, you can start to understand why we are heading for a collapse and begin preparing to survive the things to come.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 07:56 PM
Your confusing the NWO with the OWO. The OWO are the rich people who have ruled earth since civilization began. Think Louie XVI and all absolute monarchs. Today the Bushes and Rockefellers are major players. There is 6,000 of them. Their goal is Anarcho-Capitalism, or an unregulated free market. That way they can keep all their money and basically rule any nation through their pure economic power. Right now they are in charge and they are only getting richer. They use the military and police to control the people and rely heavily on panem et circenses. They no longer are under the sway of the Catholic Church either. They currently control the Freemasons.

The NWO is the plan of the Illuminati. The Illuminati were for all purposes founded by Pythagoras. Some famous members: Hegel, Goethe, Weishaupt, Simon Magus, and Robespierre. They started the French Revolution and created The Templars, Cathars, Jesuits, and Freemasons. They are Gnostics who believe the Christian God is the devil basically. And by reading the bible you can easily come to that conclusion as well. They follow a mystery religion that is quite similar to the Mithraic mysteries. They think Democracy is corrupt and wish to replace it with Meritocracy, which is not communism and is actually quite fair. Meritocracy would eliminate poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment. I personally side with the Illuminati.

The Illuminati is not yet even close to victory. It's still an ongoing war between the OWO and the NWO, however the OWO are currently winning. The Illuminati need the people to side with them to win, but the OWO have already made us weak and placid. The OWO are taking our rights, their the ones ruining our economy, their the ones sacrificing our soldiers so 6,000 millionaires can make even more money. Their the ones who invented trickle down economy(it never trickles down).

Here is information from the Illuminati itself. It has free books they have written, one was even banned by the Vatican. It has info about their history, their religion, and their political beliefs.

Delenda Est Carthago

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by HTorch22

I'm familiar with your views and I appreciate the knowledge you have added to the thread. I understand the time frames and bloodlines you are describin, along with the groups that have been created to hold power and execute ideologies. Thanks for the links too, I bookmarked them and will be sure to check them out.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 08:52 PM
From what I understand there are four main controlling forces in the World Order today which include English Freemasonry, International Zionism, French Freemasonry and the Vatican.

These four powers in the (New) World Order today appear to stem from English Freemasonry and French Freemasonry (which both offshoot from much older secret societies.)

English Freemasonry is considered to be mother of Freemasonry
-One world Idealism, Imperialism, Elitism, aristocratic. Capitalistic, right wing etc
-> British/Zionist Imperialism that follows ancient Babylonian traditions and creeds. Paganism, Idolatry, polytheism. the Cabala etc
Some initial known organisations involved were:
The Round Table - Cecil Rhodes
The Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs , Institute of Pacific relations
The Trilateral Commission
Bilderberg etc

On the other side of the coin
French Freemasonry -> 'The poor man's Fraternity', Social Democracy - Universal Democratic Republic - Socialism/Communism, Secular Humanism, Lucifarianism (via knowledge, man can become his own God), Atheism
Grande Lodge of France
The Vatican - Jesuits, Knights of Malta, P2 Lodge etc etc
European Economic Community -> European Union

It is my understanding that Socialist French freemasonry (which includes the Scottish Rite, York Rite) has been working toward infiltrating and destroying the Imperialist British/Zionist ‘Old Order’ and replacing it with the Socialist luciferian/atheist ‘New Order’.

Of course,could be wrong and I'm certain many will diametrically oppose the above.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by cams

Sounds pretty good actually. Those definitely appear to be some major players in the game, if not the main 4. I wonder what the Bilderberg group is up to this year...
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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by Smell The Roses

Yea you do a good job of putting a very intresting and intriguing theory together and that's your explanation that the Bavarian Illuminati and the group now known as the Illuminati are different, this is a very touchy topic with some members on this board...for the record i can't say for sure if they are or aren't so when i refer to the modern day Illuminati i use the term TPTB with it most of the time as too not confuse some....

Good topic.

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