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NATO led a disinformation campaign against Serbs

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 11:55 PM
War Based On Lies
Remember when the war was just starting? and before the war in kosovo, Yugoslavia got started ? everyone in the media urgently painted and pointed the entire serbs as the brutal nazi killers?

All the claims made by the mainstream were false, as included in the article, nato and the western media led a major campaign of disinformation even before the war got started.

The whole war in Yugoslavia was started based on lies.

Losing The Mainstream News Battle

1999 Friday 2 April I was very tired still, and starting to get that achy feeling that exhaustion brings. We were losing the propaganda battle with the Serbs. TB called early on, and wanted a real sense of urgency injected into things. He had spoken to Clinton about the timidity of the military strategy. He had spoken to Thatcher [Margaret Thatcher] last night who was appalled that the NAC and Nato ambassadors discussed [with each other] targeting plans. He wanted the message out that we were intensifying attacks. I said we said that on Wednesday.

I told [Nato secretary general Javier] Solana if he wanted me to come out again, he just had to say. He said he loved the way we had "tamed" the media. I said we hadn't, we'd just made them think we had.

Wednesday 7 April

We were having some effect with the strategy for the right, eg Charles Powell and David Hart [former Thatcher adviser] were both going up, but the rightwing papers and commentators so hated us that they were determined to do what they could to help anything fail. If this was a Tory war, they would support it every inch of the way.

My comment
They bombed the news station in 1999 for this

But Milosevic [Slobodan Milosevic, president of Serbia] has total control of his media and our media is vulnerable to their output. So we can lose the public opinion battle and if we lose hands down in some of the Nato countries, we have a problem sustaining this.

If Slobodan Milosevic and the media at that time released something major that will hit NATO and amercia as the bad guys then that would have mean Half if not all European countries would have been opposed to NATO illegal war.

Friday 16 April we had "tamed" the media

I was up at 5.30 and got the 6.53 train to Brussels. [Nato communications director Jamie] Shea said he had been fascinated how we had changed our approach to the media as New Labour and he was sure there were lessons they could learn. I said we didn't have much time. I felt we needed more people, better integrated. We needed a strategic approach to communications, greater centralisation, so that all capitals felt involved in what we were saying and doing, and also felt obliged at least to know what the line here was, even if they then felt unable to toe it.

NATO Wanted To Use A Nuke??

He told me of a bomb they were intending to use that could destroy an area the size of four football fields, and then grenades would go off, and spread further. He said the Serbs don't know we have it. The question is do we warn them or just use it?

Ok thats it for now read it up the rest, i am pretty angry after i seen this article and can a bomb expert please tell me what can a bomb can do this kind of damage?

He told me of a bomb they were intending to use that could destroy an area the size of four football fields, and then grenades would go off, and spread further.

Well there you go this wasn't the first thing what came in there sick thick heads, they sided with the terrorists and america brought Islamic terrorists from the middle east, thus not only that these same terrorists used child soldiers and a report for the UN was ignored.

If your wondering about that bomb whatever the bomb might have been if NATO actually used it this would have been alot worse then Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Edited:I would appreciative if ATS users can help find out what this unknown bomb is?

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posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by Agent_USA_Supporter

sounds like cluster bombs to me, the video link shows explains this and mentions Norway PM talking about use of them in Yugoslavia and why they banned them.

above link shows a good (warning graphic) documentary from viewpoint of everyday serbs and kosavans
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