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One way to try to get more dox from Wall Street banks and corporations.

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 05:21 PM
Target employees of the Fed first.


AnonCorp's purpose is to get the contact information of employees in major Wall Street banks and corporations to encourages them to leak information they have access to to the public.

Why wait for someone like Bradley Manning to leak stuff? Let's not be content with just waiting for a leaker, let's create them instead. We need moar info from banks and corporations like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, BP, Shell, Monsanto, any corporation involved in the military industrial complex etc. The CEOs and executives maybe evil, but these buisnesses have many people in them who are regular people, except with access to the dirt. Bradley Manning was a private and look at what he produced.

In this day and age, banks and corporations exercise too much influence and control over the government and they need to be targeted. Corruption can only thrive if it remains in the darkness.

Get the emails of employees in these companies and post them on here so that we can put pressure on them to leak the information they have access to to the public, especially the ones who are at a higher level in them. There's no point in contacting someone if they are just the secretary or the mailman. Don't use the email or contact form for customer support, that will be as waste of time, we need the emails of individual employees so we can contact them directly.

Find the emails of employees in major Wall Street banks and corporations, using things like search engines or Facebook, put their names on here, along with the company they work for, their role within it and their email. Do not post their phone numbers or addresses, we don't need to know that and that would violate their privacy as well. Be nice to them when you contact them as well, we want to win them over to our side, not scare them off. Appeal to their sense of humanity, that maybe a hard ask for someone on Wall Street, but it's worth a try.
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