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Valdamar Valerian....Credible researcher, Disinfo Agent, or somewhere in between?

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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 08:49 PM
I am just hoping to get some input about Valdamar Valerian.

I haven't had much luck finding info about him though I've seen him dismissed as an outright disinfo agent.
And yet so much of his material seems to make sense intuitively..There doesn't seem to be much discussion here on ATS relative to how incredible his output of material was. I am now skimming through the Matrix I, around 800 pages, and it is filled with amazing material. From abductions, mutilations, UFOs, greys, zeta reticulans, Tall Blonde Aliens,Dulce, Area 51, Mind control, etc....the list goes on.

I really enjoy the material he gathered, at least what I'm seeing in the Matrix I, because it really digs beneath the surface of the study of UFOs and aliens and gets really precise in what it has to say about E.T's and their motivations for what they supposedly do:

1) sharing technology with governments in exchange for humans for experimentation
2) the different species of E.T.'s and how they often think as one collective entity (hive mind) as opposed to separate individuals like us humans do.
3) detailed study of human and cattle abducations
4) examining E.T.'s motivations for being here on Earth.. What do they want with us?
and much more

I'd guess that with so much information (at least around 5,000 pages just for the Matrix series) there's no simple yes or no answer regarding the credibility of his material...

I am just curious what others think....
When reading this type of info on aliens / ufos and it seems to make such intuitive sense, is this because it is in fact true? or was the information simply crafted in this way in order to appear as being true since logically, if aliens were here, this is how it would most likely play out.

The same goes for Bob Lazar.. When the man speaks, my gut tells me he's telling the truth and everything he says makes intuitive sense...I wonder, is this because it is in fact true, or is Lazar, just like Valerian, extremely good at presenting the information as it LOGICALLY and NATURALLY would be IF it were true and aliens were visiting us, and yet it is all a fabrication.

(needless to say this doesn't belong in the political madness forum. I have a bad habit of forgetting to put my threads in the appropriate forum...mods, please move, thanks)
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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 04:46 AM
I have not heard of Valdamar Valerian before, but a lot of the topic mentioned are explored by quite a few different researchers. It is hard to get solid, verifiable, peer reviewed proof of the situation. I do consider there are very strong arguments presented and is a likely possibility due to the amount of information presented. With all research in this area it is important to remain sceptical, but keep an open mind as anything is possible until proven otherwise.


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