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Our Personal Freedom and our Servitude

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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 03:35 PM
It's becoming apparent that there is a growing belief,  by many, that most laws should not even exist. Regardless as to their legitimacy, any law that restricts a human being's freedom, created without his/her consent, should not be observed, recognized or acknowledged.  This includes any and all agents assigned to enforce such laws .

IMO, Any contracts and systems created for the purpose of restricting life and liberty, should not be obeyed.  This belief is strengthened by the fact that NONE of us were asked for our consent in participating in this social and legal matrix, yet before we were a week old, we were handed certificates and documents, forcefully and under threat, placing us in servitude before we could read, understand and decide for ourselves. Our finger prints and footprints were taken from us and used to bind us to this matrix of systems. Further more, no legal ground seems to exist to allow for the retraction of this fraudulent consent, without exile. 
 As children of God, we can not give man consent to place himself, or his laws, between us and our father. Originally, in the U.S., our so-called rights, were protected and structured to protect our PERSONAL sovereignty, while also allowing for the people to have majority control over the Governments affairs.  But now, all of our sovereignty is under legal attack and we seem to have no legal powers to retrieve them. And any attempt to reclaim and exercise your personal sovereignty, can result in a bullet being strategically placed in your skull. This is unacceptable.

 One day , a group of men, or an elected governing body,  took it upon themselves to manipulate and exploit the trusting public, and allowed for the mental, physical and spiritual poisoning of each and every one of them without their knowledge or consent. I don't know what year that began, but from that moment on, every single contract offered or enforced by these people (including the banks and corporations funding them) is null and void. Including all laws that were created to enforce them.

 Wether we agreed to consent to these laws and contracts without the full knowledge of their created intent, is not important. What is important, is to recognize that no man is bound or obligated to continue in servitude to them if they impede on his ability to live a sovereign existence.  Those of you who have been lent money only to find your entire economical situation intentionally manipulated and destroyed by the people who loaned the money (under the consent and protection of an illusory governing body) can testify to the unfair system to which we have all been born into.  Billions of contracts need to be rescinded or rewritten to remove the criminality of it's intent in execution.

 Every document assigned to us, when we were not able to speak, represent ourselves or agree to the terms and condition thereof, is a fraudulent document. All birth certificates are fraudulent documents of servitude to enslavement. Everything performed under that false and criminal identifying document is equally void.  Proof of this might provide an entertaining debate, but it is not needed. To continue to serve the obligations, duties, laws, social and economic structures under that fraudulent and void identity, would be self sabotage to our personal sovereignty. 

 Now, if a human being (lucky enough to realize his God given rights) continues to consent to prescribed restrictions of his liberty, that is his own foolishness to do so.

This does not mean that a sovereign human being should dishonor his/her agreements.  However, if those laws or contracts obligate someone, by force or threat, to surrender their liberty and life, that contract or law, should no longer be observed or considered until such a law or contract is changed to respect those sovereign God given rights.

  Re aligning yourself to the obligation and God given Gift of personal sovereignty is in your best interest. To forfeit it, one needs only to GIVE himself, his freedom and his safety to an illusory legal system of laws he did not write for himself or knowingly give authority for anyone else to write in his stead.

 Some might say that you have to obey the doctrine of your society and it's laws.  But that has no place in a time of lawless lawmakers. THEY work for us, not the other way around. So to treat them as administrators of your liberty and rulers of your destiny, is both cowardice and foolish. In reality, we are all wearing hand cuffs with a key hidden in one of our fists. See the key?

Any law placed before the people, should be one that either facilitates their pursuit of life, liberty and joy or protect their God given right to do so.

  No human being, at birth, should be placed under any contract or obligation that violates his/her sovereignty or places them in servitude to any governing or social structure.  Nor should they, upon realizing that they have been intentionally mislead in the terms of such contracts, be expected to fulfill their side of it.  A child does not have the mental faculties to agree and give consent to ANYTHING, let alone their allegiance to Country and Law. 

For anyone who thinks I have fallen off my rocker, let me tell you this. I am a child of God, and as far as I know, there is no legitimate document in existence, that shows my personal consent to be a citizen of ANY country. Therefore, any obligation to terms or contracts that is related to the strawman identity that I have been given, is not be considered worthy of fulfilling in disregard to personal sovereignty. 

A person, who upon realizing that he has involuntarily, ignorantly, or perhaps knowingly placed himself in jeopardy of losing life and liberty, is under no God given obligation to continue on that same path.

 Humans from all around the planet, should no longer participate in this matrix of dysfunctional social, political and economical systems designed to polute, mislead, enslave and kill them. You each must individually grant yourself ALL of the rights given to you by your creator. You each have the infinite power of God protecting, providing and clearing the path for your destiny, you might want to start taking advantage of it. 

To sit around complaining about Man, and all his foolish games, while being poisoned to death, spiritually, mentally and physically, is lunacy. It is also lunacy to inflict violence upon people who can not give you back what you already have.  

 I believe that any man who desires his own freedom, should not have to participate in the legal system to attain it. (FREEMAN societies need to understand this)

 Of course, these illusory governing bodies, will stop at nothing (including killing or imprisoning you) to force you to comply with their ideas of society. Even the brainwashed dependent citizens might aide in your persecution, this does not change the fact that they are committing a crime against you and your god given destiny.

 There is one 'myth' we all need to start letting go.  Man doesn't need laws to make him behave civil. We have millions of laws yet we seem to be days away from complete annihilation.  We need to exercise the freedom we always had, civility will follow.

 When you claim back your own, individual sovereignty , and come under the attack of 'law' Remember one thing, DON'T contract with any representative of any law that is being used to oppress, deny or threaten the loss of, your sovereign liberty. NOR should you combat them. Afterall your freedom is yours to give , so why fight for something you already have? Non-resistant Non-compliance is an art form we all need to learn. They have the might and the ignorance of those who use it, but we have God.  Need I tell you who wins in the end?

Any thoughts?

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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by Visitor2012

i am perplexed that someone other than Myself sees exactly what you are saying and have been saying the same for ten years now! if you revert to "juvenile laws" does it not state that a child has no mental capacity to make decisions.....? therefore how can we consent to being a citizen of a country duly indoctrinated by learning the rites of a country by means of pledge of allegiance in schools. Whereby stating children do as told to make others happy. Its simple conditioning using freudian or pavlovian tactics. As children we are taught this without knowing the reasons why and taking the pill without knowing what it is supposed to cure.
If by U.S law standards were upheld that a child cannot make a decision then therefore you are correct in the sound theory that we Can Not be citizens of a country until we can duly partake in "dutys required of citizens" and make rational decisions to ascertain if we want to be citizens. It is erroneous to assume a parent has sovereign right over what decisions we make a young constiuents also because therefore it would be deemed a dictatorship that controls our rights to govern ourselves (self sufficing sovereignty).
Then again in paradox, the guardians or parents do not have the true right to raise the minor as they see fit because the "governing body" has interjected its own agenda into the rights of free born humans( i use freeborn loosly bc no man has been born truly free since cave men).
Therfore you may be more right than you realize! The people that has let these laws get enacted are infact just ignorant and make laws out of fear and not logical thinking. One way that the people get duped is by the myriad of offshoot laws off of another thereby concealing the most basic and simple truth...... The constitution! All laws are supposed to be grounde in the bill of rights and constitution yet if you trace lineage of mandates and laws they branch off and are lost therefore any new law should be self evident that it should not infringe on Life,Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness.
In an age where we are supposed to be supremely endowed with reason why are we faced with blind ignorance? furthermore isn't it odd that President Obama was a consitutional lawyer, yet his administration trys to enact unconstitutional laws? Is it strange that this would happen.....NO IT ISN'T! The obamacare idea is driven by his agenda and hoping that nobody will oppose and it is based on agenda not what is best for the people. The Reason i state this is because it MANDATES and IMPOSES it will on the people and alienates and cuts them a little further from their inalienable rights to be free, rights to not be imprisoned by laws that seperate them from the true purpose of this land. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL and endure forte

posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by agentblue

The illegitimacy of our birth certificates alone, should bring serious and bold questions to the legitimacy of the contracts and laws bound by and to, the name written on them.

If we are all born in a casino full of rigged games, how can the Casino ethically bind us to their terms and govern our wins and losses when everything is being done with false identities, scams and fake money? Is this insane or what?

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